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Under pressure

Hospital executive vice-president of corporate services and operations Peter Myllymaa says overcapacity issues have contributed to the hospital
Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch.com
Hospital executive vice-president of corporate services and operations Peter Myllymaa says overcapacity issues have contributed to the hospital's $2.4 million deficit.
By Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch.com

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is feeling the pressure of its overcapacity issues in its budget.

As of Dec. 31, 2013, the hospital was running with a $2.4 million deficit for the fiscal year that ends March 31, 2014.

Executive vice-president of corporate services and operations Peter Myllymaa the gridlock situation at the hospital has contributed to that projected deficit.

The regional hospital came out of gridlock last week after 50 straight days of running over capacity.

Myllymaa said the hospital is working with other agencies like St. Joseph's Care Group, and the Community Care Access Centre to find places in the community for the hospital's 48 alternative level of care patients and they're also working closely with the North West Local Health Integration Network to try to tackle the deficit.

"We're working with the LHIN to try to identify any funding that's available and funding for the systems as a whole as well as try to get patients moved out into the community where they belong," said Myllymaa.

Last year, the LHIN gave the health sciences centre $5 million in base funding when they were heading towards a deficit and ended up with a $2 million surplus.

The facility is also over budget in their earned hours; they are 3,800 over their hours budget.
Myllymaa said that can also be attributed to the overcapacity issue.

"As patients come in, you have extra demands on nursing, extra demands on laundry and the facilities to support that," he said.

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livewire says:
Thunder Bay needs to get the province to build a new Hospital for the tax payers of Thunder Bay. This would solve the gridlock problem.
2/28/2014 12:17:45 PM
67mike says:
@s to the duncan

Not sure what fantasy world you live in....but I dont think everyone at the hospital makes 100 to 200k salary....lol...it isnt OPG for cryin out loud.
2/28/2014 11:15:49 AM
Papercut says:
LU was allowed to open a medical school based on the fact that we have a huge shortgage of Doctor's. SO, the government is spending millions and millions each year to fund NOSM, in the HOPES that some, if not most, of the graduates will stay in our region to work.
I think that a good number of new Doc's will stay here and work. But, obviously many will leave and go elsewhere.....so this begs to ask: Is there anything wrong with a PREFFERENCE given to local students? I would have NO ISSUE with the NOSM biasing admission to the med school to favor local students. Fact is, they will most likely stay here.

The downturn in the US economy and Obama have made it much less attractive for our Docs to go South....so that helps.

One HUGE ISSUE is the fact that our "older" Doctor's have massive patient loads, some over 5000 pts! The College of Physicians apparently wants to limit this to 1500 pts in new Doc's practise's. Also consider that many new Doc's choose to work PART TIME.
2/28/2014 10:41:53 AM
rob20 says:
How about you start saving money by scaling back the salaries of the highly overpaid administration starting with the CEO
2/28/2014 9:27:59 AM
s to the duncan says:
stop paying $100-200k per employee & that $2.4 million deficit will go away quickly...
2/28/2014 8:45:56 AM
bttnk says:
So many people with so little knowledge of what is truly the root cause of the issues at TBRHSC and who has the ability to effect change.

1. The hospital is funded for 386 beds.

2. City council has about as much pull as joe the plumber with how, when and how much funding is allocated by the LHIN to the hospital. Funding goes from the government to the LHIN, then to the hospitals in the region.

3. This should not be a priority of city council as there is next to nothing they can do. Executives are well paid at TBRHSC to lobby for funding, this isn't councils mandate.

4. This has nothing to do with the event centre, and those of you that keep bringing it up are hammering home the overwhelming thought that people against the event centre are grumpy old men, clueless, or both.
2/28/2014 8:45:49 AM
mcnews says:
jimmyboy I hope you run for Mayor again so we can see more of these great ideas presented in your posts in real life. #shawty #youreajoke
2/27/2014 11:21:37 PM
jimmyboy says:
sit and hide behind your computer and make posts such as the one about Bombardier hiring which makes no sense...FYI they recalled 125 people this week not 7...its individuals like yourself who go the extra mile to show that you are incapable of actually making an intelligent post to the actual story line...touche' you are the man...;)
2/28/2014 1:15:07 AM
mcnews says:
Thank you tbnewswatch for not doing that story on Bombardier hiring 7 people for potentially a couple days or weeks? This truly shows there is some different decision making in the departments of this conglomerate.
2/27/2014 11:17:32 PM
caesarjbasquitti says:
Hospital crisis is tip of iceberg.

Our investigations, observe and suggest that that the hospital crisis is merely one symptom of a complex situation.

One contributing factor is the severe family doctor shortage. Family doctors provide an important key to providing health care services. The lack of family doctors and even important specialists has and will continue to result in complications, and admissions to the Hospital.

Solution: Suggest the government take control of doctor placements, ensuring enough doctors are here, and this will only be achieved if the government remove the competition between doctors, that the doctors union uses to restrict the supply of doctors and other services. (Observations made in 1989, at the Conference for the future of health care)

Dr. Bruno Scopacasa a resident of Port Arthur turned away by the health system in 1989, by the politics of the system.

Caesar J. B. Squitti H.B.Comm
Capital T Consultants

2/27/2014 7:16:01 PM
egertonyorrickdavis says:
BWAHAHAHA where to start...

1. Paragraph 3 is the only cogent statement in this dreck and you know it

2. Your "Solution" is to have the government control where someone is allowed to live ... OK Comrade!

Someone I might add who has just spent ~10years and likely more than $200k on tuition and living expenses during that time to then sacrifice more than you know to give people like you the best possible care they can. This person is supposed to also sacrifice their ability to choose where they want to live and work and raise a family?! OH wait they already do!! For 2-8 years of residency a computer decides

3. There is no "doctor's union" restricting supply...the government controls the amount of medical school seats and the number of residency positions via the funding they provide. Want more docs then talk to that government of yours, you probably won't like their answer...

4. You left out the end of your degree...H.B. Commedy
Yup if you check, it's spelt like that on yours too..
2/27/2014 8:23:41 PM
combatwombat says:
wow ..."government take control of doctor placements, ensuring enough doctors are here,"
a toast to Capitan Obvious!
...."Doctors Union" ...no such beast there is professional bodies but that is a different animal.
A Dr B "turned away " vague...whats that mean?

That's advice is as bad as mine...
"if a system doesn't... work start a war, then things get done...they really do!!"

signed Combat Wombat Combat Consulting.
2/27/2014 8:58:29 PM
pc says:
How is ordering a doctor into an area they do not want to be going to help anyone?
If they are not happy they will not give their best effort. They will try everything they know of to get out of the place. They may even move across the country or out of the country entirely.
From things I have seen in our small town I would be the first to advise any health care worker to avoid us like the plague.
People are rude, they fight their bills they threaten law suits or going to the college of physicians and dentists.
So no telling someone they have to go to a certain area is not going to work to keep them there.
2/27/2014 9:34:11 PM
humnchuck says:
You might want to acknowledge that you're promoting your cousin, eh Caesar?


If you're seeking to change the restrictions placed on foreign-trained doctors, you might want to petition the government and OMA.
2/27/2014 10:37:33 PM
JYDOG says:
There is no problem that diverting our funds into an arena can't fix, and once the arena is built, there will be no more hospital gridlock. 50 straight days of gridlock? Obviously some of those people will be trying to avoid illness if we have something to do downtown on a few more nights a week, ergo, no more gridlock. Maybe we need some overflow hospital beds down at the waterfront, maybe even at the unsellable Lyceum Theatre within comfortable bed-rolling distance of the newfangled arena! LET'S GET THE ARENA BUILT NOW & END THE HOSPITAL GRIDLOCK!!!
2/27/2014 6:56:19 PM
Iceman says:
Honestly I don't really care if the hospital is in a Surplus or deficit. I care if I need something done I get it fast and good. Lets cut back on other things, like Senators expenses etc.
2/27/2014 6:54:02 PM
whatelseisnew says:
All of town council needs replacing and it needs to be done NOW. For any of them to be even considering spending a dime on a hockey rink is completely asinine! Why is it that in Thunder Bay everything is backward, 100% half-assed or flat out neglected?
Let's all look at the Marina. What phase are they in? Will it ever get finished or is it finished? What are the humongous tourist revenue figures?
Our roads. Manhole covers dead centre of your passenger tire when in the right lane on all new roads (Golf links, fort william road/simpson; both are new). Endless stretches of patch jobs that may as well be ant hills or moguls.
Sewage plant is apparently only running on ONE pump (I overheard a couple city workers talking about this in uniform at Tim Hortons). I hope to god this winters snow doesn't melt too quick and I hope this isn't true.
Last but not least...The hockey rink (Events centre) that dreams are made of. Nightmares of how its going to get paid for maybe.

2/27/2014 6:38:11 PM
halfwaygorilla says:
I understand your level of worry about all of these things but the story is about the hospital and funding and gridlock....which has nothing to do with town council or any of the things you mentioned. Move your soapbox somewhere else.
2/27/2014 7:18:54 PM
musicferret says:
Lets see.... we ask the province for events centre money. Tens of millions of it. Isn't that the same province that doles out the healthcare $?

Seems to me that when council stupidly lobbies for fun-time hockey money rather than tell the province to fix the healthcare problem with the money, they are doing their citizens a disservice.

So this has EVERYTHING to do with council. They were involved in the construction and financing decisions of the hospital from the outset and could be part of a solution here as well.

Instead, they are worrying about a hockey rink. Idiots.
2/27/2014 7:58:43 PM
smartguy83 says:
Wow just wow...you make requests to the government, yes. But you do realize the government has sub-divisions. For example if you want special funding for health-care you sure as heck aren't going to the same people you would be going to infrastructure funding. Wow........
2/28/2014 12:41:21 PM
whatelseisnew says:
Soapbox? Worry? Absolutely! I may be a tad off topic but this town has serious problems and any federal government or provincial money NEEDS to be going into the hospital, not a skating rink or works of art that nobody is coming from far and wide to see.
Maybe you don't get sick or use the hospital (for which you are blessed) but for every Tom, Dick and Harry that live and breath should not have to die in a hallway while waiting for treatment because town hall has better things to throw money away on.
The million dollar light posts is what did me in. I no longer trust anyone in council...in fact I'm sure drunks know how to budget money better...and that isn't saying much!
2/27/2014 8:43:39 PM
jimmyboy says:
In case you are not aware....the city invested a cool $25 Million dollars into this enterprise...so city council should have been pushing our other levels of government to fix this sad scenario a long time ago and continuing up to present day....how you or anyone out there could state what you have posted is beyond me...???
2/27/2014 9:16:31 PM
smartguy83 says:
Um you can drive by and see construction daily at the Marina. So I would say that it is clearly not done?
2/28/2014 12:38:28 PM
jimmyboy says:
As of right now....Our REGIONAL HOSPITAL....has 414 in-patients....which is 33 over the number which the hospital receives funding for from the province of Ontario...which is 381 FYI...an odd number in itself...!!!
2/27/2014 6:25:32 PM
Ranma says:
We need more long term care beds for our elderly. How is it that they can pay into these services their entire life, and when they need them, they are told, "too bad, so sad"
2/27/2014 6:00:02 PM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
...hope some learn that many of the buildings built around here like the auditorium & now the hospital were built to small, yet the new arena is gung ho ahead & will be another size lacking facility.
when will this town learn NOT to build such a small building to suit?
it does come back to bite us in the butt here, but we never seem to learn & pay the price the hard way AFTER its built.
hopefully someone on council sees this b4 its too late again.
2/28/2014 3:01:10 AM
smartguy83 says:
The auditorium is underbuilt!?!?! WHAT!?

Go to a show...I have heard many, most recently Gerry Dee state that the auditorium is intimidating due to it's size....
2/28/2014 12:36:56 PM
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