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Union Gas restoring heat to Longlac residents and businesses

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Heat has been restored to nearly all affected Union Gas customers in the Longlac area, officials with the natural gas utility confirm.

The municipality of Greenstone declared a state of emergency Thursday morning after a loss of pressure to area natural gas supply left an estimated 800 customers without heat.

About 30 Union Gas workers spent the night relighting appliances and furnaces, and many of those technicians continued their work into Friday morning.

Union Gas District Manager David Sword says he understands there is more work to do, and how important it is to restore heat to the customers in Longlac who remain in the cold.

“People have worked really hard, but we work and live in these communities as well and know the value of having natural gas,” he said during an interview with CKPR Radio Friday. 

He added that more than half the homes have heat again.

Technicians were brought in from various locations around Northern Ontario, including Thunder Bay, Kenora, Timmins and London, Ont.

“We were able to restore services to more than 600 homes and businesses and we will get the balance of them today.”

(CKPR Radio)

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Arch Stanton says:
It does make you wonder why ON Building Codes do not mandate multiple heating sources...

It's not rocket science to have gas forced-air, a few electric baseboards and a wood-stove for when everything fails... as it does.

Ask all those folks in Toronto in December...
2/28/2014 11:54:58 AM
kaseybear says:
OK Arch... are you gonna pay for everyones wood stove and insurance to go with said wood stove... This is the only time in over 30 years that there has been a natural gas failure in longlac. And a couple baseboard heaters would not heat a house at 40 below. I had 2 comfort zone heaters running on the main floor and 2 kerosene heaters in the basement and it was hard to stay above 65 degrees
3/1/2014 11:31:10 AM
kaseybear says:
Being a resident of Longlac, I would like to send a big thanks to Canadian Tire in Hearst for bringing 300 heaters to Longlac after local stores depleted their inventory. Also a big pat on the back for the local heating and plumbing contractors of Dennis Baillargeon Plumbing Electrical & Heating, their crew worked for 24 hrs straight until the reinforcements from union gas arrived to help with the purging and relighting of gas equipment. These people spent hours out in -40 temps to rectify the problem as fast as possible! Also the Longlac volunteer fire fighters who spent the day digging out gas meters, some of which had to dig through drifts and banks over 4 feet deep!
2/28/2014 9:36:11 AM
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