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Friday December 19 2014
11:23 PM EST
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2014-02-28 at 15:25

Energetic and efficient

Thunder Bay Hydro president Robert Mace (left) hears about some of the upgrades done at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre to their heating and ventilation systems in the hospital
Jodi Lundmark,
Thunder Bay Hydro president Robert Mace (left) hears about some of the upgrades done at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre to their heating and ventilation systems in the hospital's boiler room Friday.
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By Jodi Lundmark,

The region’s hospital is reducing its energy consumption by 22 per cent after infrastructure retrofitting.

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre invested about $3 million into updating heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to be more energy efficient.

The work was completed in July and through saveONenergy Retrofit Program, Thunder Bay Hydro delivered an incentive rebate of almost $600,000 to the health sciences centre Friday.

The upgrades will also save the hospital more than 5.2 million kilowatt hours - enough to power 550 homes - annually; 22 per cent less than they previously used.

The hospital's executive director of capital planning and operations Anne-Marie Heron said the upgrades won't just save the hospital money.

"We continue to expand and augment our systems so at some point you will reach capacity. We have obviously emergency backup power as well so it's gives us a little more latitude ...for any hydro issues," she said.

The $600,000 will go towards the investment in the upgrades and Heron said they should see payback on the total investment in just two years with the energy savings.

Thunder Bay Hydro president Robert Mace said they have delivered about 250 rebates through provincial conservation programs like the Retrofit Program, but the hospital's project is by far the largest.

It's also one of the top five largest projects in Ontario.

"We're hoping obviously this size of this attracts some attention and the best thing that can happen for us and for our customers is if some of them look at this and say, 'I wonder if there is an opportunity for me, too,'" said Mace.

Anyone interested in the Retrofit program for their business can contact Thunder Bay Hydro and ask for their conservation team.

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Tiredofit says:
While I applaud the hospital for doing this, most residents in Thunder Bay have done dozens of things to reduce our energy usage and all we got was an increase in our bill. They raised the rates because they weren't getting the revenue they once did,

Why aren't we getting rebates? I've spent a small fortune on upgrading all my lights and other household items to be more efficient, so again, where is my flipping cheque???? I'd invest it back into more items...unreal.

Oh wait, I did get a $3.00 rebate on some lights once...
3/1/2014 7:23:02 PM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
The place that pays the VERY BEST SALARIES in town, 9in the whole North... and they still chose to run up a deficit, and blame it on us. What about cutting back on the $400,000 a year the manager there makes...does she get 6 months holidays per year like the admin head in Hamilton...most likely....its not Health Care, its Wealth Care.
3/3/2014 10:41:32 AM
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