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More Can-con

FILE -- MPP Bill Mauro (Lib., Thunder Bay - Atikokan).
FILE -- MPP Bill Mauro (Lib., Thunder Bay - Atikokan).
By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

Bill Mauro is taking a second stab at increasing Canadian content requirements for mass-transit purchases involving provincial dollars.

On Tuesday the Liberal MPP (Thunder Bay-Atikokan) introduced a private member’s bill at Queen’s Park that if passed would require municipalities to ensure at least 60 percent of the cost of transit buys be made in Ontario.

The bill would also require final assembly to take part in the province.

Under former premier Dalton McGuinty Mauro attempted to get similar legislation passed, but the requirement was reduced to 25 per cent.

“Our government has invested billions into mass transit in Ontario directly resulting in 1,200 new jobs at our Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay bringing the total workforce to approximately 1,400. While my previous work on this file has resulted in a 25 per cent Canadian content policy I believe we can do more to leverage even greater job creation in this sector, “ Mauro said in a release.

“My bill, the Buy in Canada for Mass Transit Vehicles Act, if passed, would accomplish just that.”

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trevor99 says:
Pc, more content equals greater security here for existing jobs and possibly more jobs. By investing in mass transit in Toronto it led directly to jobs here in Thunder Bay. I assume Mr. Mauro is trying to improve that.

As for S.Duncan

you are without question the most arrogant, condescending, egotistical poster on this site. You are smarter than everyone. Those who do not agree with your bombastic postings are beneath you and no matter what anyone says if you disagree they are wrong.

I fail to see why you waste your time on this site when you could be part of MENSA serving mankind in solving the origins of the universe making our need for energy obsolete and solving world hunger and disease.

You are the supreme know it all about everything.

I am humbled to be in your anonymous presence.

I would hope that Mr. Mauro, Mr. Gravelle, our MP's, all Premiers and the Prime Minister will call you before they take any action on anything. After all you do know everything.
3/6/2014 2:08:20 PM
pc says:
I fail to see how this move would benefit anyone in Ontario.
This gov. with its spend thrift ways is driving out manufacturing jobs.
Any company wishing to make a profit is leaving due to high energy costs for one.
In order to supposedly pay down the debt taxes are going up green energy is sapping money from all levels of consumers.
It is a good idea to demand Can Con but if Ont. has no large manufacturing how is this going to do anything but look good for photo ops near an election.
Just asking.
3/6/2014 4:19:38 AM
lori says:
s duncan, I am so happy that you are here to educate us all on economics. You simply are the one person who knows everything about everything as long as it is used to criticize the Liberals.

Now lets see.

Gov't X in Ontario puts out a tender. They say we are going to build a fleet of widgets but in order to get this contract you have to commit to build 60% of the widgets in Ontario.

Company A, B, C bid knowing the rules.

no matter who gets the job, 60% will be here. That is jobs.

You wish to call it protectionism, I call it brains.

If Keystone gets approved we will once again be shipping raw product south, creating little wealth and jobs in Canada.

if this passes, it will create more wealth and jobs here in Ontario.

Sorry if that doesn't make any sense to you. Things that benefit Thunder Bay rarely do.

3/5/2014 4:57:38 PM
S Duncan says:
You haven't a clue, have you?

I explained it in a nice simple way that even a 6 year old would understand but you chose to wallow further into your abyss of ignorance.

If you think protectionist tactics are "brains" you really show the world how inept your knowledge of economics is.

Ive read your remarks on this matter and its ok for you to be ignorant of even the most basic understanding of economics but its embarrassing to watch you continually humiliate yourself for touting policies that the whole world knows to be proven failures.

If you want to bury your head in the ground go ahead, but do the world a favour and bury yourself a little deeper.
3/6/2014 11:37:40 AM
S Duncan says:
here lori..

heres a primer for you on protectionism.


but before you can read that you have to pull your head outta the ground.
3/6/2014 3:14:38 PM
chezhank says:
A very noble effort by MPP Mauro.
However,this may open the Federal government to lawsuits under NAFTA,CETA.
In another news story we read:
"“We(FCM) did get 25 per cent Canadian content with the Canadian and European Union trade agreement so that 25 per cent should greatly help the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay,” Rydholm said."
Me thinks the Feds trump the Prov.
I never agreed with NAFTA nor CETA,but I am a voice in the wilderness.

mayor in waiting
henry wojak
3/5/2014 9:50:14 AM
chezhank says:
How is MPP Mauro’s Bill different from what happened with the wind turbines?

“TORONTO – The federal and Ontario governments are reviewing a ruling by the World Trade Organization that made-in-Ontario provisions of the province’s green energy laws contravene international guidelines.
The legislation required participating electricity generators in Ontario to source up to 60 per cent of their equipment in the province if they want to be eligible for generous subsidies.
Japan and the European Union argued the incentives were illegal because they discriminated against foreign firms, a complaint that was upheld by a WTO adjudication panel in December 2012.
Canada appealed in February, but the WTO dismissed it in a decision released Monday.
“As this is the first time Canada has received a WTO panel ruling arising solely from provincial policy or legislation, we will work with the Ontario government in order to respond to the decision,” said Caitlin Workman, a spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.”
3/5/2014 7:51:56 PM
glass half full says:
I personally have no use for Billy but I must say I do like that he is vocal enough to raise a few good points lately.

The support for the spring bear hunt - great job Billy

This latest conversation that he is starting - great job Billy.

I hope the Canadian content bill is passed if it even makes the second reading.

No lets focus on the wood industry and mining in our region next. We need meaningful employment Billy. ( remember elections time to speak out )

I am sure there will be a lot of photo ops for you if you can bring just one saw mill back on line?

All sarcasm aside good luck and I hate to say it Billy, good job.

Now I'm am going to go drink my self silly as I just realize that in one way or another I may have supported Billy...

3/5/2014 7:31:39 AM
damanisback says:
bombardier is dead set on manufacturing in mexico and "assembling" here in CANADA.As we speak the new frame for what used to be thunder bays bilevel is welded sandblasted and painted in mexico .so goes 100 jobs with it . Whats next?
3/4/2014 7:18:21 PM
lori says:
If your comment is accurate, then I would argue that is the point of this effort. More manufacturing here. Yellowsnow needs some help. This is not the first time Mr. Mauro has tried this and his first effort got the 25%. So not a total victory but partial, far better than what we are getting from Ottawa. Now he is trying again to get more. That is more protection for the jobs here in the city. There are two people who would complain about this effort.

Conservatives and NDP.

Every employee at the plant should thank this government for the money they have poured there and everyone of them should support this initiative, including the City of Thunder Bay.

So let's see our Mayor, Mr. Commisso and most notably, Ian, Paul, Andrew and the NDP rocketts get behind this and all of Council.

Let's see them support this effort. They sure know how to yell and scream at the government. Here's their chance to support 1000 or more jobs locally.

Time for them to step up.
3/4/2014 10:45:07 PM
S Duncan says:
Its not surprising that you and "mike" show up on this story touting how great the liberals are for doing this. You've both proven repeatedly that neither of you understand economics in the slightest way.

What this move is "protectionist". Practising protectionism does not help an economy at all because it prevents the expanse of your own. It is same as borrowing money from the bank and bragging to all your friends how much money you have in your wallet. It looks good to the simple observer but those who have access to your bureau report know youre just a sap.

Lets put it this way lori. Tonight pay your husband $20 to do the dishes. Tomorrow he can pay you $20 to do them. Keep it up for 30 days. Then you can say you "created" 2 new jobs and brag how much money both of you brought in this month.

Then when the monthly bills come in you'll both have all that extra money to pay them with Right?

Sorry You hopefully just learned what happens and why this move is stupid nonsense.
3/5/2014 12:39:38 PM
S Duncan says:

The reason you dont see Ottawa doing moves like this is because our country is led by an economist, one who has expertly led this country confidently through a worldwide recession that began in 07!

They know that protectionism is detremental to a healthy economy and is the equivalent of closing your shop doors because your hydro bill is too high.

You might start controlling your costs in the short term but when the monthly bills come in you might pay them for the first month but next month you cant because you closed your doors.

Everybody who understands what a healthy economy consists of knows that protectionist policys are ecnomic suicide. This becomes a defacto monopoly which ultimately limits the growth of technological and financial aspects of a company.

Protectionist policys spell the death of a nation in the same way the dishwashing/job creation plan in my previous example spells the (metaphorical) death of your household.

learn about protectionism!
3/5/2014 12:49:24 PM
Tiredofit says:
As noble as this is, it will only create the same on the other side, tit for tat.
3/4/2014 6:22:42 PM
tbayvoter says:
The USA already has a buy America policy.... If any federal US funding for mass transit is used then they are required to have 51% American content. So I see it as tat for tit per say...
3/4/2014 10:46:19 PM
tiredofit says:
The problem is, where does it end? We increase it to 51% they'll increase to 55% and so on. The point is when we start doing it, we run the risk of alienating other countries as well. The US is slowly becoming a second level trading partner with Canada, many European and Asian countries are becoming far more important than the US. Its' because of those protectionist practices that they are slowly falling behind.
3/5/2014 9:04:02 PM
YellowSnow13 says:
Must be an election in the wind!
3/4/2014 6:12:31 PM
mikethunderbay says:
Yah I guess the 25% was because of an election and so were the 1200 jobs. It's pretty funny, if they dont announce anything people complain, if they do, people bring out the election line. I guess what your saying is you disagree with trying to secure jobs for ontario (Thunder Bay) for provincial mass transit purchases? What a joke all the naysayers in this town are.
Another screen name complaining. Although judging by your name you consider yourself a joke, I guess theres no reason I shouldn't.
3/4/2014 9:14:05 PM
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