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Thursday March 26 2015
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2014-03-05 at 09:59

Morning fire

A neighbour watches as firefighters battle a Ryerson Crescent house fire next door.
A neighbour watches as firefighters battle a Ryerson Crescent house fire next door.
By Leith Dunick,

No one was home Wednesday morning when a fire broke out in a Ryerson Crescent home.

Firefighters said the blaze quickly spread to the attic of the bungalow-style residence, which presented difficulty trying to knock it down.
Acting platoon chief Dan Hyvarinen said when they arrived heavy smoke was billowing into the air.

“They were able to do primary searches through (the home). They hit some fire in the basement, but it had advanced up into the attic, probably by the chimney. Right now it seems confined into the attic area,” he said.

“It’s a struggle to get. It’s tough to get at for our guys.”

Hyvarinen said it’s likely going to be awhile before the flames are completely extinguished.

It’s too early to determine the cause.

“Nope, not at this time,” he said.

Four trucks and an aerial ladder were called into fight the fire.

“It’s going to be awhile to get it cleaned up, but it doesn’t seem to be advancing it any further. We seem to be holding it,” Hyvarinen said.
Damage is extensive, he added.

“I haven’t been inside. There’s going to be substantial (damage) because we had to pull ceiling down to get access into the attic area.”

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progress now says:
No one was hurt in this tragedy. Thank goodness.

3/5/2014 8:41:42 PM
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