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Council preview: Effectiveness of alcohol management program

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

People using Shelter House's alcohol management program are getting housing, health care and hope according to a new study.

On Monday city council will hear findings from The Kwae Kii Win Managed Alcohol Program: Towards Alcohol Harm Reduction, conducted by the University of Victoria's Centre for Addictions research of BC. It studied 18 people who use the Shelter House program and 20 who don't. Those in the program felt safer and showed improved mental health and well being.

The program, started in 2012, reduced contact with police, hospital and detox admissions by up to 80 per cent for those participating.

"This is striking and stands in sharp contrast to the harms this population is exposed to on the street," the study concludes. "The safety and stability provided by the program also enabled many participants to reconnect with family members and have greater feelings of self-worth and well being. It appears that as residents stabilize in MAP, they are more able to access health, social and cultural resources that foster healing and recovery."

Also Monday, council will vote on a $2.8 million contract to Tom Jones Corp. for Whalen Building renovations.

There's also a request from Coun. Larry Hebert that administration look into potential locations for a war memorial.

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The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Blunder Bay... City with the Giant Heartless. I'm ashamed of living here...yes, I want to move....
3/11/2014 5:05:46 PM
SomeGuy says:
A homeless person costs tax payers $130,000 a year. Just think about that and then you realize why these programs are important.
3/10/2014 7:48:43 PM
Reignmaker says:
The program doesn't just give people all this booze to drink. It's a harm reduction program where the participant is given a controlled amount a couple of times a day equaling, I believe, no more than one ounce per drink. They provide wine, I believe, or the Client can bring the stuff they want. They are not allowed to be given their dose when intoxicated.
Sorry to say, but those people outside don't necessarily belong to the program anymore than the cars parked in front of the Dental Clinic on Memorial belong to people at the strip club.
3/10/2014 3:02:29 PM
The Critic says:
I will never cease to be amazed at all the ways people come up with to spend other peoples money.

I guess as long as it's only wine though (or "stuff" they bring themselves - where are they getting the money for this by the way?) it's totally okay to be enabling these people. Spend away!
3/10/2014 11:54:18 PM
Dan Dan says:
This article is extremely deficient in that it does not in any way explain what the "Managed Alcohol Program" is. This program gives free housing and alcohol to alcoholics.
3/10/2014 11:49:40 AM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
Watch them renovate again, if and when they find a new tenant....lol...endless renovations to come, for these Goldilocks...government bldg. Renovations...new Thunder Bay growth industry. Can't mine the Ring of Failure...well, mine the taxpayer, instead.
3/10/2014 11:30:21 AM
jimmyboy says:
Another $2.8 million for this building...one can only imagine what a huge amount of $$$$ the city is going to have to go good for to restore the ROYAL EDWARD ARMS heritage building...I'm guessing 15 to 20 million...
3/10/2014 10:24:53 AM
JubJub says:
tbnewswatch should do a story on the 'crack kits' that are also being handed out at the shelter. Yes, that is correct - pick up your glass crack pipe with lip balm, screens, matches and other tools of the trade just byoc. I understand harm reduction - but harm reduction without the means to get people cleaned up is simply enabling.
3/10/2014 10:18:16 AM
orig junkyarddog says:
Another case of good money after bad .Now I agree these citizens need help with their addiction alcohol & drug. But feeding them more booze is not the answer.And like {"tired says; methadone clinics and addiction facilities...we are losing our city"} .is hitting a homerun. The cure is not to coddle these people.but to help them find the will to beat the addictions.And thats not by feeding the problem with more booze and drugs just to make it go away from the council table for another year. with 2/3 the cost of the cost of this initiative ,your tax rate would have stayed 1% or more lower this year. Just my thoughts Doug Powell
3/10/2014 10:06:29 AM
Brutus02 says:
Maybe we can build them some new housing at the Marina. Hell throw in one of those over priced works of imported art. Just raise our already inflated taxes maybe we can also add another council to make sure they are fairly represented on City Council.
3/10/2014 9:53:06 AM
ring of fire dude says:
Maybe that's why the City is renovating the Whalen .
3/10/2014 6:02:28 PM
Wild West says:
Tired, you are completely correct. it have many friends on our police force, and they tell me they spend more time than ever at the shelter for drunks. they have become a taxi service shuttling drunks around Thunder Bay. This program doesn't work, you can make the numbers look however you spin it
3/10/2014 8:28:23 AM
tonytiger says:
So your friends on the police force anecdotally told you that there are lots of drunks around the shelter, so you feel licensed to pass judgement on a completely beneficial program without those pesky facts and truths getting in the way? Brilliant!!! Ignoring reality doesn't make it disappear.
3/10/2014 7:03:54 PM
JYDOG says:
Should we continue to just idly stand by, whilst watching addicts brutally suffer grave effecting from their desperate attempts to internally process copious quantities of noxious products, which were never designed for human consumption, causing them all to quickly wither away to dehumanizing ends on the streets, when this obviously viable alternative exists? This program does something about a tragic situation too many of us casually ignore. Not only does their creative stratagem minimize the strain on emergency and policing services, but it also gives addicts a place to get sane while they grow stronger to where they are no longer crippled by this affliction, which can only be seen as a positive.
3/10/2014 12:24:21 AM
tired says:
I do not buy this for one second...I have driven past the alcohol house several times since its inception, all I have seen are intoxicated people passed out on the ground or fighting...tourism Thunder Bay says...Come to our great city, the first, second and third round is on us...what a joke...take a drive around town, our main industry has now become methadone clinics and addiction facilities...we are losing our city
3/9/2014 7:52:00 PM
tonytiger says:
You say you drive by the shelter area and see intoxicated people laying about, but unless you have specific knowledge about them or their situation, how do you even know they are even part of the managed alcohol program? The program only has like a dozen participants, and there are several hundred who are known to use the shelter at various times. If the program was expanded we might very well see many less out causing trouble as they would have access to palatable alcohol instead of hand sanitizer or floor cleaner, which of course affects them in the sick and violent ways we now see and they would also have somewhere to go instead of passing out in gutters on the street.
3/10/2014 3:16:13 PM
SomeGuy says:
Why is the Whalen building under constant renovations? Was it not just 2 years ago they reno'd a good portion for Tornado Medical.
3/9/2014 7:45:22 PM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
For those on the system,
make them take a random pee test...

If they fail, they don't get their monthly monies from the government...easy peazy.
3/9/2014 4:16:05 PM
Undrgrnd says:
Hardly an original comment and the issue has beaten to death in last few years. And it always comes back to the same issue; if we can demand government assistance recipients take drug tests in order to receive tax payer money, then we should be able to demand all persons who receive tax payer money to take drug tests including politicians. Needless to say this is where the argument has stalled.
3/9/2014 7:43:24 PM
Baor says:
Welfare recipiants get their money for doing absolutely nothing. Opinions may vary, but even politicians have to do something to get their money. Your argument actually stalls by comparing those who work with those who do not.
3/9/2014 11:56:12 PM
deanc12 says:
You take a random pee test , or better yet maybe call one of your relatives employers and tell them you suspect a family member may have a addiction problem (we all have one)and they should have a pee test. Tell the employer they should force them to take rehab, fire them and put the family on welfare. After rehab you may get a second chance.
3/9/2014 10:28:52 PM
TB4life says:
sure spend 2.8 million on people who made a bad choice and have the people who made good choices pay for it sounds so fair.
3/9/2014 4:07:59 PM
hadenough says:
Really? Did you actually read the article or just the headline and looks for the $ amount.

The 2.8 million is for renovations to the Whalen Building, c'mon now.
3/9/2014 8:04:03 PM
CM Punk says:
The heading should rather read:
The effectiveness of this current council and where is the city going?
I think most people want to know that at this moment in time.
3/9/2014 12:35:04 PM
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