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Show of support

Thunder Bay
Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com
Thunder Bay's Ukrainian Credit Union Limited branch manager Oksana Harapyuk.
By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

A little flag has gone a long way for people in Thunder Bay looking to support Ukraine.

The local Ukrainian Credit Union decided to sell the Ukrainian car flags to show support and donate funds to protesters there.

"The idea came spontaneously right after the deadly clashes at the end of February," branch manager Oksana Harapyuk said.

But almost as soon as the bank brought the flags in, all 100 sold out. Harapyuk, born in the former Soviet Union and in Thunder Bay fro 16 years, said it's not only the thousands of locals with Ukrainian heritage showing support.

"I get very emotional when I drive and I see other cars with Ukrainian flags and they beep and show Ukrainian support," she said.

It's also been emotional for Harapyuk's family watching events unfold She said they're all hoping that Crimea will remain with Ukraine and there won't be a war with Russia.

"It's touched us deeply,"she said.

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While the flag campaign, which raised $500, is over the credit union has two accounts set up for Canadian Ukrainian Social Services and Canada Ukrainian Foundation for donations.

But even voicing opinions on social media can help.

"Believe me Ukrainians are reading those and they need all the moral support they can get from all over the world," Harapyuk said.



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Today1 says:
Canada would be in the same senerio if France decided to take over Quebec....
Russia is Canada's neighbour as well, and they have been challenging Canada abot the Arctic borders....we may be lucky to have the USA on our other border
3/12/2014 11:29:58 PM
progress now says:
The US has always challenged our claim to the north. You will recall the Manhattan incident in 1962. Scandinavia also challenges Canada in this respect.

3/13/2014 8:03:33 AM
Tbaylifer 1 says:
It is sad in this day and age when an internal countries dispute gives a reason for another country to invade and occupy that country. Russia should get out of Ukraine and leave Ukrainians to work out their own problems. Lest we forget.
3/12/2014 4:42:52 PM
progress now says:
Interesting post.

May I ask what your thoughts of the circumstances of the overthrow of the elected government are?

Also, your comments on the nature of the new leadership would be very interesting. Not often are oligarchs so warmly welcomed by the media, and almost never in Eastern Europe. I am not partisan, only perplexed.

I would add as a side note that Sevastopol is a port for the Russian blue water fleet. The Russians have by agreement the right to 25,000 personnel there. My understanding is they have a little over half that...if there is evidence to the contrary I would very much like it pointed out. I don't deny it, but there should be evidence to support the allegations somewhere.

I am delighted that Russia is reportedly allowing Ukrainian border overflights to demonstrate their position that no forces are massing there. Perhaps proof can be established in this way - one way or another.

I find the nature of the news reporting on this, so far, to be incomplete.
3/12/2014 11:28:13 PM
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