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Saturday May 23 2015
7:53 AM EDT
2014-03-13 at 15:10

Opening of Marriott TownePlace Suites faces another delay


The opening of the new Marriott TownePlace Suites in Thunder Bay is facing another dely.

The  hotel chain had previously announced plans to open the Thunder Bay location by this Friday, but now reservations will not be accepted for any dates before May 16.

The five-storey, 148-room hotel is being built along the Harbour Expressway. It was originally supposed to open before Christmas.  The project was put on hold due to problems with the concrete subfloors.

The city's chief building official says the concrete on several floors began to shrink, crack, and even had holes punched through it. The hotel came up with an accepted solution to reinforce the floors on all of the upper levels using steel and plywood. 

Hotel general manager Derek Jones says they're continuing to carry out that work. 

But with more than 100 rooms to repair and refinish, it's taking longer than expected. 

Jones says they hope to have the work complete and their occupancy permit approved by mid-April, and then open their doors soon after that.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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mystified says:
Thanks for the heads up.
I will never recommend that place to those I care about.
3/14/2014 11:31:01 AM
RicknB says:
Who did the testing on that concrete when it was being poured?
Seems to be a huge fail!
3/14/2014 9:12:07 AM
reese says:
I do not think the concrete came from out of town The article says concrete shrinking
Likely cause is the swamp it is built on
The city was founded by fur traders,beaver live in swamps not good ground
3/13/2014 9:31:40 PM
localboy says:
Because, moisture typically causes shrinking?
3/14/2014 8:29:29 AM
cm punk says:
Tbnews had a story back in November 2010 about the Hilton hotel being built by the airport.
Whatever came of that?
3/13/2014 4:26:16 PM
Me n My Opinion says:
And here I thought it was only City of Thunder Bay projects that experience delays. At least that's what I was lead to believe in reading this comment forum over the last couple years.
3/13/2014 5:15:07 PM
progress now says:
i asked the same questions. The prevailing consensus seems to be that it is dead.

This is more informed rumour (if there is such a thing) than fact. You can have your pick of reasons, the one I like is that they couldn't own the land, only lease it, but there is other speculation.

Keep in mind rumours happen in an information vacuum.

Construction was meant to begin a long time ago.

3/13/2014 6:51:56 PM
nvjgu says:
That's what happins when you use cheap out of town unqualified people as in licenced trades people.
3/13/2014 3:42:09 PM
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