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Home Avenue raid nets police marijuana, cocaine and cash

By tbnewswatch.com

The combined forces drug unit is reporting a major drug seizure.

Officials with the special drug unit -- a combined forces squad that includes officers from local, regional, provincial and federal police forces -- announced that they had raided a Home Avenue home Wednesday.

As a result of that raid, police seized nearly two-and-a-half kilograms of marijuana and a small quantity of cocaine.

Police estimate the drugs seize represent a potential street value of about $50,000.

Officers also found more than $15,000 in cash.

Two men and a woman now face charges in connection with the Home Avenue raid.


(Thunder Bay Television)

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AndersonSilvasLeg says:
I don't think it could even reach that amount when you factor in the weight of the bags and/or paraphernalia.

Just want to throw out there that marijuana is not a gateway; it's your peers who are the gateway.
3/18/2014 12:23:38 PM
razor_burn says:
Not even close to 50k. LOL.
3/17/2014 5:32:43 PM
codvx87 says:
@Ranma, you need to understand how street value is calculated before you start whining about inflated numbers.

If someone sells the oz to a guy for 150, then that guy sells it to someone for 300, the street value is 450, and so on. It's compounded for the money exchanges. durp
3/15/2014 11:11:01 AM
Blister-foot says:
25000 grams will never have the street value of $50,000! You would have to move to the Yukon and sell $20 joints on the street for the next 2 yrs...I don't see it happening, lol.
These inflated values look great for the prosecutor & the media...but they are ridiculous.
3/15/2014 2:19:35 PM
tonytiger says:
Actually someone paying $400 an oz is not unheard of, and that'd be about $15/g and the police are saying $20/g. Wrong, sure, but not as outlandish as it'd first appear. The truly outlandish part is arresting non-violent people for possessing a non-lethal plant.
3/15/2014 5:36:42 PM
Glyder says:
"The truly outlandish part is arresting non-violent people for possessing a non-lethal plant."

Yeah, cause dealers only have everyones best interests at heart, and would never, ever do violence. lol
3/17/2014 9:26:39 AM
JYDOG says:
kinda like police would never do violence either, eh?
3/17/2014 9:17:06 PM
Blister-foot says:
3/15/2014 8:30:51 PM
Ranma says:
Potential street value of 50k? What?

So I take it the police think that Marijuana sells for 600 dollars an ounce?

These over inflated numbers do nothing but show how out of touch they are. By raising the price of your suspected catch, all you are doing is showing how incompetent you are.
3/14/2014 6:17:12 PM
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