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Hyer hosting open houses focusing on nuclear waste storage

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Fifteen municipalities and First Nations are engaged in a process to bury Canada's nuclear waste. 

But MP Bruce Hyer (Green, Thunder Bay - Superior North) believes the decision should involve a wider range of voices.

The Green Party member will launch a campaign next week to hear regional opinions on nuclear power, and burying nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario.  Hyer will hold open houses in Terrace Bay, Marathon and Nipigon from Wednesday to Friday. 

Because of the gap in Ontario's transmission corridor near Wawa, Northern and Southern Ontario are on two independent energy grids.

None of the energy generated from nuclear power passes that point to the Northwest. Hyer points out that this region is being asked to bury waste that it has nothing to do with.

Along with Schreiber and Ignace, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization has identified several other potential sites for further study. 

Nipigon, Manitouwadge, White River and Hornepayne are also under consideration.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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Responsible says:
The fact is.. Canada has nuclear waste that needs to taken care of. Where it is now was meant to be a temporary storage some 40-50 years ago. It would be very irresponsible of us to leave it for our kids or grand kids to take of. I would feel a lot safer if it was deep in the ground, where is came from, in the proper containers and rock.. What if it's left where it is? although the storage containers it is stored in right now can with stand a lot of abuse as shown by their tests, Isn't it more of a threat to us all if it were to get bombed by terrorists? Or got hit by a major tornado ? Of course safety to the people and environment come first. So to me, the safest place is in the best place..Deep down in the most stable rock in the country. Some of you are saying it is southern ontario's problem.. It's not.. It is all of our problem if something serious were to happen.
3/20/2014 4:31:01 PM
Dockboy says:
Remember, this nuclear waste is deadly for twelve thousand years. Short term gain (jobs),long term nightmare.Let southern Ontario figure out their own problems and keep it down there.
3/17/2014 12:27:39 PM
Watchmaker says:
The amount of recharge from deep bedrock aquifers to surface water bodies is actually quite low (bordering on non-existent) and the fears that a deep bedrock repository for nuclear waste in the Canadian shield will somehow leak and contaminate the Great Lakes are largely groundless. The REAL risks lie with the transportation of the waste to the repository. Rail or road - both have significant safety issues associated with them.
3/17/2014 7:46:38 AM
caesarjbasquitti says:
Why store them at the head of the great lakes...that if there is a leak, will contaminate the water all the way down...?

Why not store the material, in or close to the same mines that produced the material ?

In the future technology may make this material refinable...?
3/16/2014 1:09:31 PM
itiscoldhere says:
At some point in time, this nuclear waste WILL cause irreversible damage to our forests and lakes, and to our people and their children. This is our HOME and we need to stand up against the bribes for our land and water.
3/16/2014 8:57:56 AM
maggie says:
I say keep the garbage down where it belongs. We have clean air and clean water lets keep it that way
3/15/2014 7:42:27 AM
Dan dan says:
This isn't highly radioactive material they're talking about, like spent fuel rods. This is minimally contaminated stuff, like used gloves and masks.
3/15/2014 1:10:38 AM
oscarmyerweiner says:
And your point is.....
3/16/2014 9:19:23 AM
oscarmyerweiner says:
Another joke! Hey well pay you if you take our nuclear waste, its safe, trust me ? Keep your chump change and your waste. I have to ask is this billed on our hydro bill? Maybe under hush money and if this actually happens around our area I'd like to see an audit done, maybe check a few over expanded bank accounts too. I wonder if the community will be able to vote on this potential hazard that will definitely destroy our water and land. Think about the tomorrow and our kids kids and not your bank account!
3/15/2014 12:50:07 AM
reese says:
All waste should be returned to its source of ogigin
This includes trash from fast food outlets and these coffe hangouts
I often pick it up and throw it there parking lot
Scarborough is a good place for nuclear waste
3/14/2014 9:25:05 PM
animiki says:
Southern Ontario is essentially useless for this sort of thing. The region is seismically active and has far too high a population density.

That said, there's all of Northeastern Ontario, whose geology is much the same as that here in the NW. There's no reason to send this material a long distance, by road or rail, out of the region where the power it generated was used. That said, it has to go SOMEWHERE; it can't remain on-site at the generating plants, which are on the shores of the Great Lakes, indefinitely. Now THAT would be a huge disservice to future generations.
3/15/2014 8:39:54 AM
Watchmaker says:
Wow. The ignorance of groundwater flow dynamics and the science behind the long term storage of nuclear waste is staggering here. While there is cause for concern, base your arguments on defensible, science based positions, not on rhetoric, incorrect information or hearsay.

For what it is worth I don't trust Mr. Hyer at all with this issue - in the past he has placed a lot of stock in hearsay, rhetoric and has openly dismissed important things like statistics and data.
3/14/2014 6:37:40 PM
progress now says:
I am with you somewhat.

The problem with scientists representing AECB. AECL etc. is that they will tell you what we know but not what we don't know.

We are told certain rock formations are stable. Formations that have been stable for thousands of years may not be so stable into the future. That makes your arms tingle or it doesn't...its about your comfort level.

Also the Great Lakes is a sink. There is plenty to consider. Experts don't agree so you look for the ones with no axes to grind.

The truth is we backed into a mess with nuclear power.
3/15/2014 8:16:39 PM
Stephen says:
Of what should be of concern here is: how will be the waste be transported? By rail or truck?
Either way, it's a long way to move it, and that's where the real pitfalls lie.
3/14/2014 5:53:40 PM
tbay87 says:
I'm not sure who's generating the nuclear waste is the most important question (there will be economic benefit for wherever it is buried anyways: it's kind of like saying Thunder Bay shouldn't cut down trees to produce paper we don't use).

The really important question is the environmental risk, regardless of whether it's the Northwest's nuclear waste or not. I know we're on top of the Canadian Shield, but burying nuclear waste so close to major waterways is more than a little scary (in the USA at least they looked for a spot in the desert).
3/14/2014 4:44:33 PM
mystified says:
Well Bruce, you can tell them to keep their garbage in their own backyard and don't try sucking the North into being the dummies who would think that the 2 long term jobs is awesome.
Bury in at the parliament buildings. There is lots of green space there.
3/14/2014 4:34:28 PM
laughingwater says:
I pray that this nuclear waste storage does not land anywhere near the shores of lake Superior. Our area is too wet and acidic for there poorly welded storage containers. Don't hand down this fate worse than death to our future generations. Once an accident happens, there is no turning back. These things leak all the time, money is not worth it.
3/14/2014 3:45:09 PM
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