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Friday May 22 2015
5:59 AM EDT
2014-03-26 at 17:33

Province provides city with half-a-million dollar boost for physiotherapy


Access to publicly funded  physiotherapy is being improved in the city.

The province has given Thunder Bay funding to support two new clinics.

For senior citizens and those under the age of 18 access to publicly funded physiotherapy was made easier because of a two-and-a-half year $588,000 funding boost.

The clinics are Closing the Gap and Fairway Physiotherapy.

The province is also funding the Community Care Access Center to provide $60,000 more patients in-home physiotherapy to help reduce the wait list.

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hotchoc says:
PC, I apologize in advance for defending the government but I am troubled by your posting. I do hope your health improves though. You obviously live in a small northern town. You must recognize that the process of attracting any kind of specialist to small towns has been a challenge for decades. Is it possible that the physio provided in your town is only 2 x a week because there is not enough business to stay in the town full time.

You are correct in your assessment that your riding includes more than Thunder Bay, but let me ask you. If you agree that Thunder Bay is doing well, is it your assertion that Mr. Gravelle has failed because your town is not?

If the only bar you use is your town then the assessment is not about the large picture, only about you individually. That may make you vote one way or the other but it is rarely an accurate view of the situation. If T.Bay is doing well, then Mr. Gravelle has been successful. That position is just as accurate as your negative one.
3/28/2014 7:10:36 AM
pc says:
If TB was doing great then I would not have a problem with the rest of the riding getting nothing to show for voting for the Libs.
But no small town except maybe Nipigon is benefiting.
And with wait lists all along the north shore the size and length would seem to show that if even one town had full time physio the waits would be less. I do not think every town should have full time physio but maybe Terrace Bay could be the centre so that people in Manitouwadge or Marathon did not have to make the trip to TB.
For many it means taking days off work, and staying over night which adds to the cost since we do not get travel grants for physio trips.
Do the politicians not realize the cost this puts on a family?
Some days the trip is just not worth the pain of traveling to get the help so you don't go. This adds to the healing time.
Also if we all travel to TB for physio wouldn't this put a further strain on the physio dept. in TB and cause wait lists there as well?
just asking.
3/28/2014 1:09:34 PM
pc says:
Yes this is great for TB. The liberals are getting things done for TB. So Gravelle is wonderful again during this election year.
But the riding is more than just TB. It goes as far east as Marathon.
So why is the money going to only TB.
My small town has physio 2 days a week and the wait time is a year. And if you are desperate they get you in possibly in 5 months.
Try waiting to get in if you have vertigo and the dr. thinks physio might help with the problem.
Vertigo went away but now I am on the waiting list for mobility problems which would be helped greatly with some physio.
Oh well I guess a wheel chair is my next investment.
Isn't health care wonderful in the caring hands of Premier Unelected Whynne.
3/27/2014 7:34:34 AM
George Street Economist says:
You don't complain when the taxpayers of Thunder Bay or the rest of Ontario subsidize you and others being able to live in Marathon (or whatever town you live in). Do you honestly think the town you live in produces enough in taxes to take care of the roads, police force, equipment for the (probably) volunteer fire department, schools, medical care, parks, and more without outside help?

So then why complain when Thunder Bay gets a pittance from the provincial government? Do you honestly expect the same services in your little town as those who live in Thunder Bay? Should the people in Thunder Bay expect the same service as those in Toronto?

Or are you prepared to pay in taxes what it actually costs to support you in that small town?
3/28/2014 1:12:12 AM
pc says:
when the mills and mines were running I am sure the towns on the north shore paid their fair share.
I do not complain about the subsidies that TB gets. I am just saying that maybe if the physio was in a centralized town for people in the towns along the north shore it would put less strain on TB facilities.
Also when we have to travel to TB we spend quite a bit of money not only shopping but in motels and meals. This is not covered by any grant so it comes out of our own pockets.
We use the OPP for policing and much of that comes out of the town budget. Maybe it is subsidized but don't come off as if TB is paying for every town in the riding.
I do not expect or want every service TB has. I would just like to be able to travel an hour to get to Physio instead of taking pain pills just to make it to TB for physio to stop me hurting.
That to me defeats the purpose.
Maybe the next government will think all Ontarians matter.
3/29/2014 1:14:21 PM
Ed itw says:
Stopped going to Fairway when the building owner put up the parking gates. I guess they figure their a "big medical center".
3/26/2014 8:15:18 PM
trips says:
at what age does a senior citizen become a senior citizen?
3/26/2014 7:00:38 PM
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