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Wednesday October 22 2014
7:06 PM EDT
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2014-03-27 at 11:38

Icebreakers begin to prepare frozen lakes for shipping season

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The thick ice on the five Great Lakes this winter has caused concerns about a delay to the start of the shipping season. 

But officials with the Thunder Bay Port Authority remain confident about it opening up next week, with the help of several icebreakers.

Harbour Master Guy Jarvis says the Canadian Coast Guard has two icebreakers, the Samuel Risley and the Griffin, which are both currently working on the lower lakes. 

They're trying to get those river systems and channels open so that the entire St. Lawrence Seaway is open for business. 

Jarvis adds that starting Thursday morning, they will be bringing two American icebreakers into the local port.

Jarvis says there has not been a delay so far, as the seaway is not really open until March 31. 

But because of the massive ice coverage this season, there are plans to bring a heavier icebreaker into the Great Lakes, one that is normally used on the East Coast. 

He's hoping that ship will reach Thunder Bay by the end of next week.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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