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FILE -- McKellar ward Coun. Paul Pugh.
FILE -- McKellar ward Coun. Paul Pugh.
By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

Paul Pugh is disappointed that a plan for a youth centre in his ward fell through.

The McKellar councillor said there was community and council support to move the Indian Friendship Centre and a new youth centre into the former Port Arthur Prosvita but no support from the federal and provincial governments.

"If you don't have the financial support it doesn't matter how you feel about it you still don't have the financial support," he said.

He thinks using community centres could be a temporary solution, but they're too small to house youth programs permanently. At some point the city is going to need a new building for its youth.

"This city needs to put some serious funding and some serious energy into a proper youth centre," he said.

Pugh also wants to see that building end up in his ward.

"It's central and it makes sense to put things in a central location," he said. 

Pugh thinks the city will keep its partnership with the 50-year-old IFC as a new location can be found.

Council had committed in principle to an $8.1 million partnership with the Indian Friendship Centre to turn the former Port Arthur Prosvita into a new home for the IFC and a youth centre.

While the city backed that with $2.5 million, the federal and provincial governments weren't willing to match.

The city had a $57,000 hold on the High Street building until the end of the month in order to keep up operating costs while the city tracked down funding. The money will be lost.

A report is expected next month that will possibly outline some options.


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S Duncan says:
Pugh might be disappointed but McKellar ward in more disappointed in him for his performance in this and every other issue since his election.

Pugh, believe me, the disappointment is all ours.
3/31/2014 5:54:23 PM
Stephen says:
Yeah... those youth centres don't really work very well. I understand that good-hearted people build them with the best intentions, but they don't solve anything.
3/30/2014 6:07:04 PM
racine says:
Pugh is disappointed and said that "at some point the city is going to need a new building for its youth" Has he ever seen the size of the Boys and Girls Club? There are areas for all ages, abilities, and cultures. Computers, kitchen, gym, craft areas, you name it. Oh maybe he hasn't seen....its not in his ward.
3/30/2014 5:16:30 PM
orig junkyarddog says:
I am to the opinion large groups can be prone to troublesome issues, for instance fights group mentality, segregation of certain nationalities. Thus the reason It would more beneficial to have neighborhood youth clubs, which also covers a larger demographic of children, and therefore much better for the ones this is most important for all the young people of our city everywhere. This city has many properties that can be used for this. Doug Powell
3/30/2014 10:03:28 AM
mystified says:
I don't know why the city should be worrying about youth centres or other such facilities. If these kids need something to do they can all Join the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Air Cadets, Sea Cadets etc.
There are lots of volunteer positions available around the city to fill in some of their time. If they are old enough, they could get a job.
It looks like the old man/lady down the street could use some help with shovelling some snow to make it easier to walk without tripping and slipping.
There is no need to spend taxpayers money on parent responsibilities.
3/29/2014 5:51:02 PM
S Duncan says:
mystified says:

There is no need to spend taxpayers money on parent responsibilities

You're correct.

But aren't you continually going on and on about how the taxpayers should be paying for welfare hockey?

Do you just want the taxpayers to pay for things you want or should we just let each individual decide how they want their non essential dollars used?

So, stop being a hypocrite.

No welfare dome with welfare entertainment, and no welfare youth centers.

Pugh needs to go... far away.
3/30/2014 4:23:11 PM
jimmyboy says:
This was "HOBBS" pet project if anyone's...it was he who openly stated to the media that he was going to make this another shovel ready project during his term as mayor...another boondoggle lead by HOBBS to the tune of our lost $57,000.00...thanks for that...!!!
3/29/2014 1:24:56 PM
Jack Frost says:
Disappointed !!

Paul Pugh is disappointed that a plan for a youth centre in his ward fell through.

Pugh also wants to see that building end up in his ward. -- Why exactly ?!

The city had a $57,000 hold on the High Street building until the end of the month in order to keep up operating costs while the city tracked down funding.


The greatest disappointment of all though to each and every McKellar Ward TAXpaying resident and voter, is non other, than this very own "for now" current ward councillor
"bleeding heart" Paul Pugh himself !!

Hopefully, this will all change come October
2014 with a new and more practical McKellar Ward representative, putting the interests of all the McKellar Ward's TAXpaying residents and voters first and not last as demonstrated by this Paul Pugh.

Remember the devastating flood of 28 May '12, and still NO flood protection and or prevention as promised for all McKellar Ward !!
3/29/2014 12:21:18 PM
spazz says:
Ranma: my understanding is the youth center would be open to all youth and would be sharing the building with the IFC. They would have had a hand in administering it, but it would not have been excluding anyone.

If you have information to the contrary, a link would be appreciated.
3/29/2014 11:09:41 AM
djs says:
The city had a skate park put into the Marina...why not create the youth centre in the same vicinity? Why put it in the middle of nowhere? Are there not other programs available for youth in town already? Could they not be funded for expansion? I agree with an earlier comment about always building the "Cadillac" structure when it isn't necessary. There should be more money put into upgrading and repairing what is available in the city for our youth and promoting each to help the youth be more aware of what is available to them. I have no clue what is out there for this community's youth....do they???
3/29/2014 10:48:01 AM
outofgas says:
I didn't think Underground Gym got any city funding in the past few years.. or maybe that has changed.
3/29/2014 9:09:42 AM
tsb says:
They don't have an accountant. The city can't give money to organizations without charitable status and an accountant because they are unable to account for the money. The city has told the gym this many times and they refuse to hire third party accounting and fill out the required documentation, so that city is not legally able to give them any funds.
3/29/2014 5:21:43 PM
hadenough says:
Thanks for posting this. I know this to be correct but lack the energy to post a reasonable response that no one else would read.

Peter is a great guy who really cares about the kids he helps. I don't know his reasons for not taking the next step.
3/31/2014 1:28:04 PM
Ranma says:
There are quite a few youth centers in the city that fight for funding, and all of them cater to everyone, not just one racial group. If the city would actually fund these centers properly, instead of trying to gain special interests, we would not have so many issues with our youth.

Or is the city saying that only one particular group of youths NEED, or DESERVES our help, and everyone else has to fend for themselves.
3/28/2014 10:09:00 PM
progress now says:
Interesting comment:

"It's central and it makes sense to put things in a central location,"

If I understand the patter, isn't the whole of the city being funnelled to the waterfront? Wouldn't youth want to be there too? What earthly reason would youth want to go to McKellar ward, or any other ward for that matter? Hope its not an age discrimination thing.

Apparently he is not keeping up to date with where it is at in this city.

Prince Arthurs Landing is the place. Its fit and proper.

3/28/2014 9:33:24 PM
tsb says:
Prince Arthur's Landing is in McKellar Ward. The dividing line between McKellar and Current River runs between the arts centre and the train station.
3/29/2014 5:22:59 PM
cm punk says:
Pugh looks bewildered about it all.
Oh well, I am sure that the taxpayers are going to get the wrong end of this one.
A new bridge and event center dreams, this council will make sure their legacy is cemented.
Hopefully not the same kind used at the Marriott hotel
3/28/2014 8:08:54 PM
Kam River says:
Councilor Pugh, should be supporting the people in this ward.

He has 3 youth orientated groups in this ward
(1) The city youth centre in Vicky Ville
(2) The Underground Gym
(3) The program run out of Minnesota Park

Why is he turning against those three group. That received city funding.

There is no need for Pugh's Mega Youth Centre.

If I had children in these three programs I would be asking why the Ward Councilor. wants them closed.
3/28/2014 7:43:42 PM
barrows says:
There is also Our Kids Count which has an after school cooking program for kids and they also have a program for young parents, which is there for these "kids with kids" who need this type of help. There is also a after school program run out of Ogden School by Biwannse. Lots going on in this city for youth.
3/30/2014 5:07:21 PM
Jon Powers says:
The Councilor from McKellar Ward is dissappointed?

What planet is he from!

Does it make sense to put "Our At Risk Youth" on a 1 hour bus trip one way to get to this place?

Keep our youth in their neighbourhoods.

Don't relocate them!

Councillor Pugh: Stop spending money your city does not have!

Great Story!
Get Posting Everyone!
3/28/2014 7:41:31 PM
halfwaygorilla says:
The proposed site is in McKellar ward.
3/29/2014 6:52:16 PM
Spartan says:
Just as well. The Indian Friendship Centre and the City had good intentions of establishing a youth centre. However, in my opinion they should of started with what was there, utilize the existing building and facilities. No, they wanted a Cadillac right off the hop without thinking it through. Grand visions are good however you have to pay for it yourself.
3/28/2014 5:48:56 PM
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