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Saturday May 23 2015
11:00 PM EDT
2014-04-02 at 16:15

Pedestrian crosswalk installed across from new consolidated courthouse


A new set of pedestrian signal lights by the new courthouse will be operational starting Thursday.

The city's infrastructure and operations department installed the new signals at a crosswalk in front of the Thunder Bay Courthouse on Miles Street between Brodie and Archibald Streets.

Pedestrians are encouraged to use the crosswalk and motorists are asked to use extra caution to obey the new signals.

The courthouse will be completely operational by April 14.

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NowayJose says:
Cross the street at May & Miles or Miles and Vickers and walk the short distance to the new courthouse.
Sad to say but if I have to start and stop every 20 metres, someone is going to get run over.
4/3/2014 2:14:43 PM
Grammy says:
Sure could use one of those on Dawson Road for the School kids dodging 4 lanes of traffic to catch a bus
4/3/2014 10:02:03 AM
publicdomain says:
About time!! I hope the city installs one of these where there are daily problems: Algoma Street at St. Joseph's hospital. There have been multiple accidents involving pedestrians. People don't walk to the corner of either Red River Road or Camelot to cross, they run across somewhere in the middle of the block. People won't stop crossing, so we have to make it safer for both drivers and pedestrians.
4/3/2014 7:02:09 AM
YellowSnow13 says:
I hope it is one of those lights that only stop traffic when somebody presses the button and not a stop at 2:00am with nobody there. Well, in that area at 2:00am there is probably somebody there.
4/2/2014 8:39:13 PM
tsb says:
It's a three-phase traffic light, likely synced to the lights at the May and Vickers intersections just to make the addition an even bigger inconvenience.

When your commute time is 15 minutes, a 30 second delay at a light is 3% increase in time, and that is simply unacceptable!!
4/2/2014 5:53:28 PM
S Duncan says:
If I make $45/hr and get stopped at that thing for 30 seconds 4 times per day. That's 2 minutes/day (if you can keep up?)

in one month that's 60 minutes or $45/month.

that's $540/year. If I work for 20 years, that's $13,500.00

If you write me a check now for that amount I'll happily stop at it and let your pals stroll across gaily for 30 seconds.

if you aren't prepared to pay me, then be prepared for me to complain about it.
4/2/2014 10:02:49 PM
Eastender says:
Duncan, you are a riot.
4/3/2014 8:36:17 AM
sky high says:
Well that's all majorly hypothetical seeing as a certain someone doesn't have time for work when all he does is blabber online all day. The closer truth is that YOU are the one who'll be gaily staggering around that crosswalk, and you'll be doing it just to slow all the working people down. Can you calculate for us what you'll cost the taxpayers of Thunder Bay?
4/3/2014 8:44:52 AM
unionbay880 says:
You post 40 comments on this site per day, each taking approximately 30 seconds, 95% of which are pointless rubbish.

If (and that's a big IF)you make $45/hr you waste 30 seconds 40 times per day. That's 20 minutes/day.

That's 600 minutes or $450 per month that's $5400/year. If you work for 20 years, that's $108,000.

If you can keep up?

4/3/2014 12:56:30 PM
tsb says:
Why are you crossing this intersection FOUR times per day? And that is assuming it is red 100% of the time. Based on my experience with the crosswalk at Intercity Mall, it will only be red about 5% of the time, if that. And I don't think I've ever seen the crosswalk in the middle of Red River Road turn red, though I assume it does since I've never heard a complain about it.
4/3/2014 9:04:50 PM
Enquirer says:
Two amazingly spot on posts this week, tsb!!!!

This is a complete and utter infringement on my enjoyment of this city when increases in my daily commute are consistently added.

It is a 3% increase in wait time today, tomorrow, they outlaw motorized vehicles in the city!

I think the white elephant in the room here is the obvious lack of a plebiscite on this issue. I >DIDN'T< want this crosswalk added! Think of the expenses this cost not only in >MY< tax money but the costs in precious time I have to wait at this light now!

This is nothing more than heavy handed tactics by city council and the foot traffic lobby group.

For far too long people who drive get the shaft while walkers and cyclists enjoy all the benefits! NO MORE I SAY! Let's stage a rally! Bring your noise makers, bring your complaints, and let us retake our freedom!
4/2/2014 10:12:26 PM
jb says:
Just out of curiosity, is this an actual crosswalk signal or is the city re-purposing traffic lights like the other crosswalks in the city?
4/2/2014 4:47:13 PM
mystified says:
Oh this is going to be so painful for some residents. Having to stop for a pedestrian is as painful as watching out for a bike in the bike lanes.
There should be way more controlled cross walks in this city. Something is needed to slow the self righteous drives in this city.
4/2/2014 4:43:56 PM
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