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Busy times ahead

Quorum Corporation president and federal government grain monitor Mark Hemmes addresses the Thunder Bay Port Authority
Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com
Quorum Corporation president and federal government grain monitor Mark Hemmes addresses the Thunder Bay Port Authority's annual lunch.
By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

It’s going to be a busy year for the local port, a grain industry expert says.

Everything that could go right or wrong did last year as the largest grain crop in the country’s history is still making its way through the shipping system. The 75 million tonnes is now getting out of farmers’ bins, and sometimes even off the ground, out west and filling up elevators in Thunder Bay.

Quorum Corporation president, and grain monitor for the federal government, Mark Hemmes said once the ice and snow melts across the country, good things are on the way for the industry.

“I see this probably one of the best shipping seasons that we’ve ever seen,” he said. “We’ll move a lot of grain.”

But the ice and snow need to go. Hemmes was speaking at the Thunder Bay Port Authority’s annual lunch to launch the shipping season. But for the first time ever, the lunch had no season opening to celebrate. Port Authority CEO Tim Heney said elevators are starting to fill up with grain and he’s hopeful the season can begin next week.

“Things are improving we’ll our fingers crossed that we’ll see the first grain ships by Monday,” he said.

Hemmes isn’t expecting another record year but averages show that crop production is increasing.

“We’re working our way toward a new era in Canadian grain production,” he said.

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moi says:
I just flew back into Thunder Bay yesterday,the 20th. Trust me--the lake won't be free of ice and snow anytime soon.Still looks like an ice cube. Try "grain ships by May 21st" instead....
4/21/2014 9:01:31 PM
Eastender says:
Optimism vs reality?
4/21/2014 10:55:31 AM
nvjgu says:
How could he say he hopes the first ships on Monday, It's Monday and the lake is still frozen. Not a breaker in sight. What is he talking about.
4/21/2014 8:12:39 AM
tbayfinn says:
There was an icebreaker out in the bay yesterday....also, the lake is open out past the Sleeping Giant...here is a lake ice map for you http://ice-glaces.ec.gc.ca/prods/NAIS25WCT/20140420180000_NAIS25WCT_0007625891.pdf
4/21/2014 10:31:34 AM
tbayfinn says:
Also here is a live ship tracking site that shows 5 ships just off Thunder Bay http://www.n8dnx.org/live-ship-tracking-62/
4/21/2014 10:35:37 AM
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