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Green MPs predict minority House with more party colleagues

By Chase Kruger, for tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- Elizabeth May has no delusions of forming a Green Party majority government, but the party leader does believe a power shift is on the horizon.

Speaking to tbnewswatch.com during a recent Thunder Bay visit, May predicted that an election in 2015 would give her party significantly more seats than the two it has now. Currently May and MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay - Superior North) hold those two Green Party seats in the House.

“I don’t expect to form a majority government and that I’ll be prime minister,” May said. “But I do think that it is very plausible that we have a caucus of at least 12 Members of Parliament."

Twelve seats is a modest representation in a legislature that features 308. But Hyer believes Canada is in for a minority government, a situation that he also believes gives a 12-seat party a unique position.

"I think the Green Party with an increased number of seats is going to hold a key position in helping with policies, ” he said.

But in order to become one of those MPs, Hyer will have to defend his seat under the Green Party banner.

Hyer was elected to the Thunder Bay - Superior North riding as an NDP member. After a falling out with his former party, Hyer served as an interdependent before joining the Green Party.

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Stephen says:
j_northey allow me to add that it is possible to mine or make paper without screwing up the planet.
All these "It's OK to pollute because it creates jobs" idiots don't realize that if industry is done the clean way it actually creates MORE jobs.
4/24/2014 9:45:25 AM
Gord says:
Why do people make the leap and believe that just because you run for the green party you know any real facts about environmental issues?
4/23/2014 9:12:07 AM
Greenstoner says:
Yes, I agree with you j_northey, at least with the part about the Greens not being as opposed to industrial activities as much as public opinion supposes. But, public opinion is what it is, and the message will not get out adequately. I don't think Bruce will get elected.
4/22/2014 8:19:51 PM
tsb says:
The Greens won't win. So many of their supporters (students, new Canadians, and the middle class) are going to be left unable to vote due to Conservative election reform.
4/22/2014 5:43:03 PM
S Duncan says:
I predict they wont win as well. In fact I gave about 8 predictions about our Federal election/politics but they were so good they managed to hurt the feelings of the comment reditor they couldnt bear to display them.

Anyway tsb, why would anybody not be able to vote? Is it too difficult for students, new Canadians, and the middle class to actually have to show ID to vote?

Can you imagine the gall of those dreadful Conservatives to actually pass a law that people must show ID to vote? People dont have to show ID to get a licence, cash a cheque, rent a movie, buy a fishing licence, or when a police officer asks you for it, right?

and the next federal election is only 1.5 years away, thats simply just not enough time to actually procure one of the 40 some odd pieces of ID that one could use to receive a ballot.

any self respecting Canadian should be in favour of showing ID to vote, unless you dont actually want a fair and honest election?
4/23/2014 10:50:25 AM
j_northey says:
Actually, Greens are not opposed to mining so much as opposed to having it done in a way that destroys the environment and leaves nothing behind but costs and nightmares. A shame more parties won't stand up that way as we have all seen what happens when companies are allowed to do as they will in the name of profit without limits to the damage they can cause. Requiring them to, say, fund a cleanup via fees that are charged while the mine is in operation rather than counting on them to do so after the fact (when no profit is there for them) would help. The demand for minerals and mills is high enough that they would still occur with decent regulations vs subsidizing it (which is in effect what we do when we don't charge appropriate rates).
4/22/2014 3:29:10 PM
The Critic says:
Thanks for pontificating on the issue but mines are already required to have closure plans.

And no, the demand for "minerals and mills" isn't currently high enough to justify many of the mines that were planning on opening in the region.

Ontario isn't as safe a jurisdiction to do business in as it once was - high power costs, high taxation, tons of regulations, constant risks of blockades, etc.

The last thing we need is the Green's further meddling with this process, if things like jobs/economic stability matter for the region.
4/23/2014 12:11:41 AM
terwilliger says:
He as voted in when he was orange not green. He will finish off the podium
4/22/2014 1:48:26 PM
pc says:
I honestly do not think Bruce can win in this riding.
We are a resource rich area and the Green Party is against anything that might harm the environment.
What would happen to the mining and mills that are left here. And what about more mines opening.
These are jobs and they are necessary for people who wish to live in the area.
Bruce is a nice man to talk with but I don't think he will win this riding again. At least I hope he doesn't.
4/22/2014 11:26:42 AM
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