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TownePlace Suites by Marriott Hotel officially opens in Thunder Bay

By Chase Kruger, for tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- After numerous delays, a long-awaited new hotel has opened its doors in the city.

The new TownePlace Suites by Marriott hotel officially opened its doors on Tuesday.

The hotel, located on the Harbour Expressway, in front of Superstore, has five floors and 148 rooms.

The hotel is designed to accommodate people who are staying in Thunder Bay for longer periods of time.

“The intention and the brand position of the hotel is more of an extended stay product for people” said Mike Jackson, the senior vice-president of operations for Easton’s Group Hotels.

“This kind of a hotel environment is ideal for people who are staying in Thunder Bay but don't necessarily want to get into an apartment situation”.

Jackson also feels that the hotel is in a perfect location that fits what the company envisioned from the start due to its proximity to places like the Intercity Mall.

An official grand opening ceremony for the hotel is still in development.

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Robert Bob says:
Finally a new place for all the out of towner highly paid Consultants to stay. Super Store right next door in case they feel like actually cooking something other than Coffee or Popcorn in their new lLong term suites. Its going to be full up soon for sure with all the high priced talent from down South.
5/5/2014 11:51:55 AM
rocketship says:
I almost passed on reading this article...Wow!!!
Marriott Hotels are always first class, and this one is going to have exactly what I'm looking for..... a fully furnished unit which I'll need for approximately 3 months!!!
I'll be in town in a couple of weeks, and will be interested in seeing what they have to offer.
5/4/2014 7:05:30 PM
anvil of crom says:
LOL an oh so innocent story leads to the continual internet sandbox battles I see here day to day.
My daily entertainment no matter how benign a story might be.

Reminds me of how this society is lacking a good cupfull of bleach into the gene pool.
I bet some posters here(not all)
yell at the sky when the rain drops on their heads, thinking that will make a difference.

5/4/2014 2:08:39 PM
ibrando says:
So somebody coming to the city, let's say a tourist, and wanting to stay at the Marriott instead of one of Thunder Bay's other dive "Super 8 Motels" will be turned away because they prefer long term stays?
5/2/2014 2:23:00 PM
DougMyers says:
I never once said or insinuated that.
We have plenty of mid and high end hotels. Why would a short stay tourist pay for a long term style hotel.
Apparently you think they are set up the same. Long term will be set up more like a home with a kitchenette and more space and separation. Along with this comes higher costs.

You are just looking for a way to tie in an unrelated rant to this story.
5/2/2014 10:05:35 PM
ibrando says:
Doug Myers,
Another brilliant comment. "It clearly states in the article that this hotel is for long term stays, not tourist." The hotel is DESIGNED to ACCOMODATE people who are staying in the bay for longer periods of time. Are you that naive to suggest that the hotel would not accept short term stays by tourists?

Nice try though.
5/2/2014 9:53:57 AM
DougMyers says:
Are you suggesting that the extensive market research that this hotelier did was flawed and that their marketing for long term stays would actively attract short term tourists?

That's like suggesting that someone actively seeking an apparment would choose to buy a house. It could happend, but unlikely.

Nice try though ;)
5/2/2014 1:02:55 PM
bay of blunders says:
Ibrando, don't too your horn too quickly.

Doug Myers made a very clear and accurate observation regarding the article and he is correct. These suites are fully equipped with an office type area, full kitchen with ceramic cooktop, oven, microwave etc. They are geared for people doing business here or working here for a company for longer periods of time and these suites are expensive on a one night basis and are better priced for long term stays. Nobody is goint to pay an extra 80$ per night for a suite if they can stay at a regular hotel for much less. As others have stated this has nothing to do with the event center. Get off your silly high horse and settle down. This is located where it is so these long term guests will have fast access to the superstore and mall and other nearby busineses for convenience. I sure hope you don't work in any field that involves marketing. Bonsoir!
5/2/2014 11:43:49 PM
Girardin says:
You have no clue about the reality of the business, and just because you want to tie something into your idea or opinion doesn't mean it is even related. This hotel is more for families or patients staying in tbay for longer extended periods, first and foremost. The company saw a niche market it could make money on and jumped in. After that it will be for travelling business people or short term educators etc. but mainly for families of reserve residents staying in tbay for medical reasons. It has absolutely nothing to do with any tourism or entertainment venue, and will be ill suited for anyone wanting to just spend a night. Go learn before you spout off.
5/3/2014 12:15:43 AM
DougMyers says:
You must be taking comprehension lessons from Duncan.

It clearly states in the article that this hotel is for long term stays, not tourist.

In addition the city had nothing to do with the choice of location. It was done after careful studies but the hotelier.

Nice try though.
5/2/2014 8:33:29 AM
tsb says:
Yeah, Innova Park is just a short walk away!
5/2/2014 7:25:02 AM
Jack Frost says:
Nice short stroll for the many "bus loads" of tourists to the proposed 100+ million dollar
"Welfare Hockey Dome", especially in January and February...

Hmmm... Great "city" foresight and planning again !!

LOL !!
5/1/2014 8:23:18 PM
paddlenut says:
I'm pretty sure the International and highly successful Marriott Hotel chain's planners and market researchers would love to have you on board for your sage advice.
5/2/2014 7:15:12 AM
mystified says:
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
5/2/2014 8:25:51 AM
SomeGuy says:
This has nothing to do with the Events Centre.
5/2/2014 8:50:48 AM
john says:
What tourists attending a hockey game are in the City for an extended stay? It says in the article that this hotel is an alternative to an apartment. Don't you think being in a grocery store parking lot is the ideal location for this type of facility?

Not once was this hotel ever linked to the events centre. But thanks for picking up that football and running with it.
5/2/2014 9:12:11 AM
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