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Highway 527 reopened

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

Highway 527 is reopened after being closed for nearly four full days.

The highway was closed on April 30 following a washout one kilometre south of the Kab River Bridge that led to a fatal motor vehicle collision.

The Ministry of Transportation had been working for three days on repairs and opened the route south of Armstrong and Gull Bay First Nation to a single lane early Sunday afternoon before getting both lanes completely opened later in the day.

The reopening comes one day after Gull Bay First Nation chief Wilfred King declared a state of emergency in the community due to the limited access available with the highway being closed. King expressed concern about the ability to get people medical care with the highway being inaccessible.

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ranma says:
Sibley and Silver Islet were cut off for a week in 2012 after the massive rainstorm. They didn't call a state of emergency.
5/5/2014 5:49:29 PM
sideways says:
A state of emergency is and can be declared so that agencies and resources are on standby or heightened state of readiness. It cost nothing for one to be declared only if systems are activated. The fact is a state of emergency is a proactive response . I applaud Chief King in his decision. If politicians would stop being worried about ignorant peoples concerns and declare the emergency sooner then when the poop hits the fan systems are ready and we do not have the lag times seen. Of course you people will be the first to complain when emergency systems take time to respond to your disaster or emergency.
5/5/2014 4:07:03 PM
hey_buddy says:
So, if the reopening of the highway was ONE DAY after Chief King declared a state of emergency, why was the 'state of emergency' even declared?
5/5/2014 9:52:57 AM
nvjgu says:
State of emerg. after only four days with out a road. What did the other people do that use that road.
5/4/2014 10:18:20 PM
mystified says:
Did this affect you?
Oh, I forgot you only complain about the world.
5/5/2014 5:07:36 PM
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