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Heading to the dump? Police want you to secure your trash

A line forms as police check loads Tuesday afternoon.
Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com
A line forms as police check loads Tuesday afternoon.
By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- People heading to the dump this week are being reminded to secure their loads.

Tipping fees at the landfill site are being waived until May 11, meaning thousands of vehicles will head out to Mapleward Road to take advantage this week.

But when they get to the dump, police will be there to make sure loads are secure, otherwise drivers will face a $160 fine.

"We're going to try and spend as much time as we possibly can out here," Thunder Bay Police Service traffic Sgt. Glenn Porter said Tuesday afternoon.

"It's worth your while to take that ten minutes and tie it down and cover it up."

That's a message Porter thinks people in the city are starting to get. Now in their sixth year, police used to hand out around 30 tickets per day during the free week seeing all kinds of non-secure loads.

"Things that just defy common sense," Porter said.

But this year the number has dropped to around a dozen tickets a day so far.

"Those (days) are gone so it is working," he said.


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ou812 says:
Another sting operation by our boys in blue. Isn't there more important police work to do?

For the next one the city will offer kids a free Freezie day then the cops will sit and wait to bust kids for not wearing helmets
5/8/2014 8:39:19 AM
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pc says:
They should do this constantly. Loose load get a fine.
We were driving into TB and a piece of that blue styrofoam sheet flew up and hit the light on our vehicle. $150 for just the part. Not to mention the labour to fix it.
Tie down your garbage or get a fine.
Sounds good to me.
5/8/2014 7:02:37 AM
NowayJose says:
I support the police 100% on this.
While moving last fall, I loaded my truck several times with everything from A-Z. I drove it (one that was actually road worthy), with a covered and secured load. While in line at the landfill, an officer approached my truck, while checking out my tag. He asked for my driver’s licence which I produced. He then asked if that was my current address and I responded no – I just moved and the change was in process. I then produced my new insurance card. He was satisfied and let me continue. As a bonus, he was very polite and courteous.
During my stop (sorting materials), there were 5 people charged with uncovered and/or unsecured loads. Reason for my post? Rules are rules, laws are laws. Look up these and follow accordingly.
P.S. Years ago, while driving my motorcycle, an unsecured piece of plywood almost took me out. I was behind a pickup truck.
5/7/2014 2:20:33 PM
Ringettemom says:
I think the issue isn't so much secure dump loads. The police are ticketing every infraction they see while you're waiting in line, stuff they would never stop you for on regular streets while driving. Windshield cracks, headlamps, licence plate lights etc. make sure all your ducks are in order before you go!
I work with several people who have complained. I'll stick to my country dump!
5/7/2014 1:35:51 PM
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oscarmyerweiner says:
Tarp it and strap it what's so hard about that. If the load looks dangerous it probably is so why even attempt it in the first place. Good job to all those with common sense.
5/7/2014 12:18:11 PM
mitsukosouma says:
Taxes.. Taxxeesss!!!!

5/7/2014 10:18:13 AM
snotzky says:
Right on TB police traffic unit. If you look at the way out John St Rd, or on Mapleward, you'll see the results of not securing your loads. Garbage in ditches on both sides are far as one can see. Maybe these fines can help pay for the cost the city incurs to send staff into the ditches to clean up the debris. Maybe the traffic unit should monitor these loads more than 1 week a year. The city cofers could use the extra revenue.
5/7/2014 8:38:04 AM
Girardin says:
Ohhhh timscott, do you think the city workers clean up people's' private property? Ok

5/7/2014 6:11:56 PM
Rnadeau says:
Lived on john st rd for 9 years no city employees come to clean up the roads or ditches. You're wrong
5/7/2014 6:22:32 PM
Tannoy says:
Good ticket every single person who is too selfish to think of other drivers when they take off with a truck bed full of loose junk!
5/7/2014 8:31:58 AM
waves says:
I am guessing the police don't have much better to do. If you make it to the dump and did not loose any of your load that is clear evidence your load was secure enough.
Why fine people that did not loose any part of their load? Just in case? Really?
5/7/2014 5:46:56 AM
AndersonSilvasLeg says:
Do you *really* think everybody is infallible like that? All that it takes is one wrong move and your "secure load" comes right off.

Had an unsecure load before that I *thought* would be secure (going by the logic presented from your comment), but alas, it wasn't and then got decked with a fine come inspection.

Are you really that above everybody else where you can't take 5 minutes to make sure everything is secured properly?

Prevention is the key. You don't want to have an accident and then find out later that all you needed to do was something silly to be prevented, right?

Then again, if people don't want to be taught something, it's pretty evident.
5/7/2014 12:28:18 PM
gyco 60 says:
I guess for someone who has lived on John St Rd since 1999,this is a very respectable program, Taxes well spent,
5/7/2014 5:24:35 AM
Shane Caker says:
Ah yes. The annual free dumping but pay a big fine for an insecure load week. With the lineups and the fines, I'll gladly go to the dump at any other week of the year, thanks.
5/6/2014 11:11:04 PM
DougMyers says:
Or you could go during the free and and JUST SECURE YOUR LOAD. A tarp and a couple of straps or a rope is all it takes.

It's pretty simple to do and yes you should be fined if you cannot follow the rules.
5/7/2014 10:44:13 AM
Shane Caker says:
I didn't realize that securing my load would eliminate the incredibly long line up and wait times. Saving ten or twenty bucks is not worth an hour of my time. But thanks for the advice.
5/7/2014 6:35:55 PM
DougMyers says:
Nice back pedal but I was referring to when you said, and I quote
"The annual free dumping but pay a big fine for an insecure load week. With the lineups and the fines, I'll gladly go to the dump at any other week of the year, thanks."

So yes, secure your load and no fines. It's pretty simple and my advice was and still is valid.

Your welcome
5/8/2014 10:28:27 AM
Ozone says:
Just another police and city tax grab. Trust me nothing is "free" in this town.
5/6/2014 11:05:54 PM
unionbay880 says:
Police run radar in a school zone=tax grab.
Police watch an intersection where people run stop signs=tax grab. Police check vehicles at an area and time when people notoriously overfill their vehicles dropping garbage everywhere=tax grab. It seems like anything that inconveniences you is a tax grab. I'm sure you wouldn't mind picking garbage out off your lawn every day. Well why don't you head out to Mapleward and pick up all the litter? That way the city wouldn't have to pay anyone to do it. Saving money paid by, you guessed it.......taxes.
5/7/2014 11:41:56 AM
hadenough says:
Sure it's a tax grab. It's a tax on being stupid.

Lots of applicants willing to pay that tax in this town.
5/7/2014 10:15:13 PM
Twood says:
I would like to know if the city is making sure that the free dump week is used by only city tax paying people of Thunder Bay,cause the reality is that's not the case people outside of t-bay can't wait for free dump week,if they want to dump and pay like everyone else no problem but not during free week,it's time t- bay stops treating these outside municipal area's like tourists of Thunder Bay.
5/6/2014 8:54:48 PM
DougMyers says:
What people are you speaking of?

I can tell you that residents or Oliver Paipoonge and residents of Neebing have unlimited free use of the landfills in their communities. Why would they go out of their way to use the landfill in the city of Thunder Bay?

A very ignorant comment from another uninformed pessimist.
5/7/2014 10:41:59 AM
Ringettemom says:
People outside of Thunder Bay have their own dumps, dumps they don't have to pay to use.
5/7/2014 1:31:34 PM
James Gang says:
they don't have to pay?

but we do?

that stinks on ice!
5/7/2014 5:42:03 PM
DougMyers says:
They do not have garbage pick up and must bring their garbage to the landfill on their own, thus no fee to use it.

Big difference from the city where you pay higher taxes and have your garbage picked up.
5/8/2014 10:26:30 AM
spooner19 says:
Who are you talking about? I live outside the city why would i drive all the way in, wait in line, just to dump my garbage for free? All rural areas have there own dumps and pretty much all free anyway. Seems like you need to do some research before posting silly comments.
5/8/2014 10:05:23 AM
enos012 says:
Common sense? You mean like an officer that told someone that grvaity isn't a tie down? Yes I have seen many insecure loads(even long hauler, with some loose log, which really had me real nervous at times) but there is also common sense on what a secure load is and going overboard. BTW gravity does a wonderful job at keeping tied down to the planet....
5/6/2014 6:02:29 PM
tsb says:
You've never hit a pothole with a truck full of garbage have you? If we weren't tied down we'd have lost some of it. Roads are rough these days.
5/6/2014 10:34:42 PM
hadenough says:
Yes, common sense is a good thing. So are obvious facts. Facts like in years past the roads leading to the landfill were littered with everything from garbage bags to mattresses, all things that defied gravity when traveling at higher speeds rather than stationary.
The road still has garbage along it but nowhere near as bad as it once was. Perhaps it has something to do with actions of police at the landfill or maybe the laws of physics have been suspended for those routes.
5/7/2014 6:57:49 AM
Spartan says:
I was surprised when I got to the dump Monday morning and realized what was going on, the free dumping week. Anyway, pulled up to the pleasant officer, told him I didn't realize it was the free weekend, hence the long line ups. He then asked if he could take a picture of the load, which was branches and quite high. I thought for sure I was going to get fined. No fine, he said he like the way it was strapped down and tarpped and perhaps using the picture for training purposes.
Sargent Porter is right for the five minutes it takes why would you not do it and save a $160.
5/6/2014 5:37:32 PM
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