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Smartphone app aims to help students combat bullying

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Thunder Bay's Catholic District School Board launched a new smartphone app Wednesday for use in their schools. 

The app - called the TBCDSB Safe Schools- is designed to make it easier and more accessible to combat bullying and was designed in co-operation with Crimestoppers.

The new app's goal is to provide helpful insight on what to do if you are being bullied or if you see bullying happening.

It also has an anti-bullying pledge you can take, a links to the Kids Help Phone, and an anonymous way to contact Crime Stoppers if a serious form of bullying is taking place in these schools.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play respectively.

Find it by searching TBCDS Safe Schools.

(Thunder Bay Television)

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gremlin says:
Unfortunately "bullying" is something that comes in many forms & effects all age groups. "Cyber-bullying" is just another form of it.

One of the "BIGGEST BULLIES is GOVERNMENT". What do you think the SEAT-BELT LAW is?

Before anyone gets their panties-in-a-knot, I do believe seat-belts save lives "most of the time". With that said, whatever happened to "personal choice"? Why can't people be allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to wear them?

The government uses INTIMADATION by way of FINES to get people to CONFORM. This is BULLYING pure & simple.

Please spare me the BS about "saving health care costs". This is a "cash grab" by government PERIOD.

5/16/2014 9:07:06 AM
Tannoy says:
Why not make it so the app can notify teachers of bullying in progress so students can report it without giving up their identity?
5/15/2014 1:55:49 PM
humnchuck says:
Reducing bullying is a great thing. Curious what the result and use has been of the public board's app to do the same thing, launched last year?
5/14/2014 5:37:48 PM
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