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Friday May 29 2015
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2014-05-18 at 14:55

Wynne accepts debate

FILE - Kathleen Wynne speaks in Thunder Bay in April 2014 announcing a framework agreement regarding the Ring of Fire.
FILE - Kathleen Wynne speaks in Thunder Bay in April 2014 announcing a framework agreement regarding the Ring of Fire.
By Matt Vis,

THUNDER BAY – This time the Ontario Liberals are in for a debate in the North.

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne released a sttatement Sunday afternoon confirming she will participate in a northern leaders’ debate from 1:15 to 2:15 p.m. on May 26 at the Valhalla Inn, hosted by the Northern Ontario Municipal Association, the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities and the Northeastern and Northwestern Associated Chambers of Commerce.

Prior to the minority government budget being rejected by the two opposition parties, Wynne challenged Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath to a debate if an election her called.

At the time, Hudak and Horwath both said they would welcome an opportunity to debate Wynne.

Horwath has lived up to her pledge of saying she would take on a debate “anytime, anywhere,” releasing a statement later Sunday confirming she will also be taking part.

During the 2011 campaign, then-Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty skipped a similar debate. Hudak and Horwath still debated one another.

Messages have been left with PC campaign officials in regards to Hudak's status for the debate. The party was given until 8 p.m. Sunday to accept, but have yet to confirm.

The public will be able to purchase tickets to the luncheon debate. Details will be forthcoming.

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Murphy says:
@yqtyqt why does it make you so upset about public servants and unions? Have you ever worked in a Union or trade..were you laid off during the cut backs? The credentials aren’t any different than private vs public.
Benefits are better privately I know this first hand. I've been on both sides. Clearly I support Public Servants and Unions/trades. If you really believe taking that all away is going to solve our issues you really need to take your blinders off. I can think of some other issues that weigh heavily on our tax system and cost tax payers a fortune but it's easier to throw the ones working under the bus.
Public Servants have been on a pay freeze for some time now. While everything is going up their salaries haven’t moved.
You don’t have to work in a Union/trade, don’t “hate” it simply because you didn’t get a chance to experience it. It is all about personal choices.
Jealousy is a terrible disease.
5/21/2014 10:26:57 AM
Murphy says:
Public servants have been slashed in the last 15+yrs...ppl complain about our hwy maintenance, about hwy 61 intersection or w/e the special of the day is. Do you realize that the ppl who maintain our hwys are NOT public servants they are a 3rd party service because the govmt thought it was a GREAT idea to slash the public servants to gain votes from easily persuaded people like you. Alot of the work is done by 3rd party companies and not Public Sector b/c they slashed so much knowledge and figured it was cheaper to Contract out…now they realize that was wrong and it's costing tax payers a TON of money than being a knowledgable owner. So w/o knowing real facts you ignorantly agree and vote for it and you get what you deserve. You get 3rd party NON UNION companies charging 3x to do a job that all they care about is turning a profit at tax payers expense.
You so badly want to believe that it is the “public servants” that are the leaches. You get what you pay for!
5/21/2014 10:16:31 AM
TWM says:
I'll admit the liberal political track record in the province is certainly less than stellar but Hudak's 1 million job plan seems like a throw of the dice. Firing 100,000 public sector employees and reducing the corporate tax rate by 30% hoping on a trickle down to create jobs is a plan we've seen fail federally. Instead of creating jobs, businesses are diverting their savings into off shore accounts and the price services will pay for the elimination of 100,000 jobs will be telling on communities across Ontario. Hudak's interests lies with corpoarte development, less oversight and more self control, there too, we've seen failures to ensure compliance and prosecution of law violations. I believe Hudak's plan will not take Ontario of the "welfare list" but keep it on it for some time to come.
5/20/2014 2:37:07 PM
yqtyqt says:
So what you're saying is that "Ontario is closed for business".

"If you're entering Ontario, apply to the civil servants union, pay your hefty union dues, and vote liberal (and don't talk about public debt)".

The province has "deep sixed" so many manufacturing jobs and scared away private sector investments with corporate tax rates, the highest hydro rates in Canada (aka green energy act), union loving, tree hugging, welfare supporting, debt dependant policies. Would you invest your own money in Ontario when the cards are stacked against you when most of those with a job cross the border for cheaper goods and services. Seriously would you, I think not.

5/21/2014 8:14:34 AM
maxumpat says:
Wow! They are going to debate for a whole hour. That should be more than enough time to solve all the issues facing us in the "North" and enough info to make an informed decision.

By the time they get over mudslinging at each other, the hour will be up!

5/20/2014 12:57:12 PM
Murphy says:
@ trevor99. You couldn't be more right...well said.

Too bad Mr Hudak hasn't responded I would love to ask him about his plans for the North, for unions, for public servants. Explain it better because I don't seem to understand how his plan will fix everything....100k people (who want to be working) and putting them out of work seems like a bigger burden. Especially when there are other areas that are draining us.

5/20/2014 10:45:23 AM
yqtyqt says:
Public sector employees running to protect their own jobs. I have no sympathy for those that squeal their way through life at the tax funded trough and feed on taxpayers dollars. Sorry for your bad luck, but there are too many hard working people that don't enjoy the good life that public servants do. Seniors who struggle under the weight of taxes and out of control hydro bills while the govt squanders & billions on getting re-elected. Our own finance minister Sousa occupies a seat bought for him with $1.1 billion taxpayers money.

5/20/2014 11:16:53 AM
gremlin says:

The burning question is "which leader has the courage to take on all the public sector unions". We know for a fact that on average they (public servants including nurses, teachers, police, firefighters etc) make 25% more than non-union workers. In addition they get the "very generous benefits & pensions" that are unheard of in the private sector.

The final insult to the tax-payers is the FACT that PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS HAVE THE HIGHEST WORK ABSENTEEISM RATES in the entire workforce.

By taking on the unions "the savings would be in the BILLIONS".

Another question to ask is how will they deal with the issue of "unfunded liabilities".
5/20/2014 9:10:34 AM
yqtyqt says:
I agree with you 100%.

While the rest of the country gets out of the recession with private sector jobs and dollars, the main industry in Ontario is public sector jobs. Ontario has increased its well paid civil service from 900,000 jobs to 1.2 million jobs. At the same time, its watched it businesses pack their dollars and move out of province or country.

There is wealth in Ontario, but its a poor place to invest from a cost side. Taxes / hydro / wages.

The large public sector unions own Ontario and they and the Liberal government know it.

I also agree that the $280 billion debt tag doesn't include the unfunded future pension & benefit liabilities owed to its own employees. It seems a little strange that the Liberals are promising an Ontario pension plan when its own employee pension plan is vastly underfunded.

The Liberal sheep (some of the usual ones on this website) will continue to vote for more spending, debt, taxes and lies. They're all followers & cant think for themselves
5/20/2014 11:05:04 AM
Curious says:
I think before any new person jumps into politics, maybe something should be known about them. Maybe a background check be made public or something. Wouldn't want to be voting for someone new if there is issues the public should be informed of. Do voters know anything about this person??
5/20/2014 7:38:47 AM
trevor99 says:
yellowsnow-- I would ask all three leaders why they promised to move the gas plants. All did in an attempt to win those seats.

As for taxes, whether we like it or not the truth is far different. Ontario has the lowest tax rate on the first level of income in the country. The rates are easily accessed on the web. And the information shows we have the highest amount for that first level so the song highest tax is false. I dislike facts that are totally wrong.

As for this debate. I am looking forward to it.

The north has done quite well in my opinion. I look forward to hearing how the others would do better after voting down one of the best budgets ever for our region. I was actually considering altering my vote in this election but not now.

We have the Tories promising to decimate our local economy and the NDP calling an election to try and get a few more seats and risking making Mr. Hudak Premier. That should scare everyone. I know it scares the heck out of me.
5/19/2014 11:01:13 PM
yqtyqt says:
But only one party did and then lied about and covered up the facts. They still won't come clean on the issue.

Wynne claims ignorance, Billie & Mikie remain clueless, and the taxpayers continue to pay.

As for taxes & other relevant fiscal data, Ontario is overtaxed, over-governed, over-extended, and over its debt capacity. We've been lied to far too often and our economy is the very weak and shaky. The road to prosperity doesn't run through Ontario with the current liberal party in power. We're in big trouble and require some serious belt tightening. Bankruptcy doesn't thrill investors nor does massive public debt.
5/20/2014 11:11:23 AM
Truthandjustice says:
Typical liberal supporter. What about the personal taxes on higher income brackets including the health care levy. In the top bracket Ontario residents pay higher rates on income versus most other provinces. The only provinces marginally higher is Quebec, and Maritime provinces. Every other province and territory pays lower personal taxes. Not good for a province that used to be the economic hub of the country. Truly we have regressed under the liberals. I am fortunate to make a good living and I pay a lot of tax and I'm ok with that but enough is enough. Easy to go after higher income earners to pay for liberal incompetence. No more they deserve to go this time
5/20/2014 12:47:30 PM
Shortpeter says:
You have a middle class candidate. Libertarian. I guess working in a library, she is probably lower class pay wise.
5/19/2014 9:48:11 PM
nvjgu says:
Let's get some middle two lower class people in politics. You know people that know what it's like to have a $300 hydro bill, or someone that knows what it's like to go into the food store with only 200 knowing full well they need 350.
5/19/2014 8:54:59 PM
pc says:
since she did the challenging it makes sense that she be the first to accept.
5/19/2014 3:59:53 PM
Ed itw says:
I suggest they do it inside the bear pen at Chippewa.
5/18/2014 11:43:33 PM
Jack Frost says:
Same ol', same ol' !!

Bla, bla, bla, bla...
5/18/2014 10:46:18 PM
YellowSnow13 says:
Too bad I won't be in the city at that time. I would love to go and see it. Maybe ask a question. Like Why should I vote for you when you spent a billion dollars on NOTHING? Or When are you people going to stop trying to tax us to death. Even then Ontario has the highest probate fees in Canada. Or how about When are you government people going to start doing what is right instead of just buying votes? I have more.
5/18/2014 4:54:11 PM
yqtyqt says:
Those are close to the exact questions that need to be asked. But they never will be.

Yellowsnow the burning question that needs to be asked is how can the government operate differently, so that we are not jeopardizing our future and that of our children & grandchildren. This government is so addicted to spending, borrowing, and BSing the public, that all trust in any provincial politicians has long been destroyed. Voter apathy is the hope of the liberals.

Big problems like the one we currently have, require big solutions/decisions and big changes in how governments operate.

Anyone who runs a budget deficit whether they be a government, a business or a person cannot do so indefinitely. Someone, sometime has to pay the price for the spending orgies. Everyone knows that the bills have to be paid sometime and it will be painful.
5/19/2014 10:05:24 AM
jonthunder says:
How do liars debate?
5/18/2014 3:13:29 PM
Zelig says:
Very nicely done.
5/20/2014 1:24:36 PM
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