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2014-05-25 at 10:10AM

Pushing ahead

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

RING OF FIRE, Ont. -- Noront Resources continues to transition from exploration to development in the Ring of Fire.

The company recently bought Cliffs Natural Resources’ camp, a move that Aboriginal Affairs vice-president Glen Nolan said now means 200 people can work at the site. Cliffs suspended all of its activity in the region late last year.

“It’s a relatively modern camp and it will help us to have a facility there,” Nolan said.

The deal depends on an environmental assessment to make sure there are no liability issues but Nolan said Cliffs will clean up the site if there are any concerns.

Noront has also signed a 21-year lease with the province, which will help the company start developing the area.

“It just gives us more opportunity to create infrastructure,” Nolan said.

That infrastructure will eventually include a permanent camp and an airstrip but that work needs to wait until the company’s environmental assessment on its Eagle’s Nest project is complete.

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