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Area First Nation plans protest over nuclear waste storage talks

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RED ROCK, Ont. -- Red Rock First Nations is  planning a protest for next month over ongoing talks of nuclear waste storage within the region. 

Chief Pierre Pelletier says traffic on the trans-Canada highway junction near the Nipigon River Bridge will be slowed down on June 20 as his members hand out information pamphlets to drivers.

“We don’t even want to discuss nuclear waste being (stored) in our territory,” Pelletier said during an interview with CKPR Radio Friday.

“We want to stop the talks and just say ‘no nuclear waste in Northern Ontario.”

The Nuclear Waste  Management Organization continues its process to find a community willing to allow a geological repository to store nuclear waste.

Nipigon, Schreiber, Hornepayne, Manitouwadge and White River are all still involved in that selection process.   

(CKPR Radio)

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dan dan says:
People think that "nuclear waste" means barrels of glowing green goo. In fact, what we're talking about is low-level stuff like used gloves and boots. It's going to be stored far, far below the surface. This is simply nothing to get excited over.
6/3/2014 12:31:29 PM
Jeannied says:
Lol um it is also spent fuel, which is highly radioactive for thousands of years.
6/4/2014 11:02:51 AM
MamaH says:
Nuclear power is NOT a safe alternative to other sources of power generation. It produces unsafe hazardous waste that we have to store forever and ever...and ever. I have no interest in having such hazards stored in my back yard nor should you Nipigon, Schreiber, Hornepayne, Manitouwadge and White River. I feel so incredibly strongly about this that I may even join the protest.
6/2/2014 12:56:16 PM
anvil of crom says:
what is "your" backward? 20 feet away or 40 miles?
Some of this is NIMBYism in the extreme.
6/2/2014 10:30:26 PM
Drayton lad says:
Notice how every town or city that is looking to host a study or being receive to the idea is finacially in trouble or very close to it.They all eye free money to be had.I highly doubt the citizens of these areas will allow the councils in their district to proceed with-out high protests.Trade tourism dollars for nuke waste dollars makes absolutely no sence and the anti nuke waste movement WILL win.
6/2/2014 8:48:31 AM
No DGR says:
The granite of the Canadian Shield is rock that fractures. It is not as safe as the rock in Southern Ontario (limestone covered with a layer of shale). It will pollute the ground and water. Money talks it seems. Ignace is still in the running and Dryden is getting money to study the Ignace proposal also.
6/1/2014 5:04:54 PM
SomeGuy says:
Why don't we want the nuclear waste?

We live in a geological stable area. Billions and billions of dollars infrastructure investment in the area. Guaranteed jobs until the end of time in geological stable area.
6/1/2014 8:52:12 AM
The Spoon says:
Any location close to Lake Superior (world's largest body of fresh water) should be all of our concern.
5/31/2014 4:51:30 PM
PolarBear says:
I fully support this protest. I believe nuclear waste SHOULD not be stored in NWO
5/31/2014 12:21:44 PM
Thundereye says:
Great Job Red Rock First Nation! It's always been a very bad idea. It takes thousands of years of storage for the nasty waste to be almost safe. What container has mankind made that stays sealed and lasts thousands of years??
5/31/2014 9:23:39 AM
bkr9812 says:
Why are they being allowed to do this? Is this not illegal? This is nonsense.
5/31/2014 1:22:24 AM
blah blah says:
nuclear energy is the only way at the moment to solve the energy crisis we will be facing in the near future. Storage of waste is very safe and secure. More damage is done from coal oil and gas than nuclear will ever produce and safer. Time to educate yourselfs and get on board.
5/30/2014 8:16:19 PM
The Badger Mountain Hermit says:
They want to dump their garbage here because they think we're dumb.
5/30/2014 7:24:11 PM
chbaker says:
I'm with them 100%.
No nuclear waste near the Great Lakes.
5/30/2014 7:20:41 PM
Have_My_Say says:
I think maybe it's time for the non natives do the same thing..Maybe some should hand out pamphlets just before or just after the natives road block/slow down.. Natives, whites, blacks, yellow , purple.. We all live on the same land and use the same government roads , use the same hospitals, arenas, OPP, etc etc.. everything OUR tax money pays for.. We need to start living like equals.
5/30/2014 6:49:18 PM
jimbob100 says:
Someone please tell Schreiber the same thing. That town already took money from the firm for agreeing to store this waste!!!!! I believe it was over $200,000.00 dollars. This is was people should really be aware of. Chief, please hear it for yourself,you won't believe your ears.....
5/30/2014 6:48:46 PM
reese says:
This is like your neighbour throwing his pet waste in your yard
not nice people JUST SAY NO
5/30/2014 5:21:56 PM
unheard says:
about time
5/30/2014 12:49:34 PM
unknowncronik says:
so u mean a road block?
5/30/2014 11:45:44 AM
Duncan Debunker says:
While I don't believe they actually said that, I can't imagine how else they intend to slow the traffic down.

Also, if your goal is to get people to lend an ear and be sympathetic to your cause, I don't believe interrupting them mid-route to shove pamphlets in their faces is the most effective and efficient way to go about it.

That being said, I ask myself why is it that the First Nations are always the most vocal and often the only ones defending environmental rights in Canada? We like to criticize their methods (and perhaps rightly so), but what other group has been so aggressive in protecting the land that we share? Who else is standing up AGAINST dumping toxic, potentially dangerous waste in our backyard?

I encourage the leaders of these small towns to gather every bit of available research and present to their communities the facts and reach an informed consensus. Ignore the temptation of greed. Our grandchildren will thank you for it!
5/30/2014 4:45:47 PM
Bulging Beyond Belief says:
Lovely how the highway can be slowed down for information pamphlets that will end up being litter
5/30/2014 11:25:47 AM
TooShort says:
5/30/2014 11:19:42 AM
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