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Meet the Candidates: Michael Gravelle, Liberal

Michael Gravelle, Liberal.
Michael Gravelle, Liberal.
By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

Michael Gravelle is the only MPP Thunder Bay-Superior North has ever known.

First elected to the former Port Arthur riding in 1995, the Liberal candidate has had a stranglehold on Thunder Bay-Superior North since the electoral map was redrawn prior to the 1999 vote.

His 19 years of public service has taught the former parliamentary assistant and publicist the value in working directly with members of the community.

“I knew the most important aspect of any elected official is helping constituents on individual matters and it means a great deal to them,” Gravelle said. “I have never forgotten that my job is to represent my constituents.”

Despite such a lengthy career, Gravelle, who has served two terms as Minister of Northern Development and Mines with a stint as Minister of Natural Resources in between, insists he is as energized and focused as ever.

A battle with cancer has given the 65-year-old a new perspective as he returns to the campaign trail.

“When I first got diagnosed I think I thought this might be the end of my run at politics,” he said. “When I got through the treatments and began to feel substantially better I got a greater sense of how much this job means to me.”

Gravelle views work done on northern highways as one of his most significant accomplishments. Not only do the projects improve safety, they create local jobs.

He has become one of the figures most closely associated with the Ring of Fire mining project, a development he believes is critical to the future of the entire province.

Gravelle regards health policy was one of the defining issues of this campaign and says he is eager to continue to work to improve quality of care and service locally.



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GSP says:
Gravelle is a hard-working, real person that cares about his community and his ENTIRE riding. Even if you're the most diehard PC, NDP or other supporter, I think you would struggle to come up with any thing negative to say about Mr. Gravelle's performance as an MPP and Minister. Oh and I'll save you the trouble, don't blame the liberals for the collapse of the forest industry. Ontario and Canada surplused too much cheap lumber and paper for too long with high labour costs, transport distances and energy to contend with.
6/4/2014 7:08:57 AM
Greenstoner says:
yqt: Yes a personal attack - always a very positive rebuttal. Thank you for your insight. The fact is that the Liberals have mishandled the forestry file throughout their entire tenure. And speaking of tenure, do you have any comments on their success with tenure reform? Another complete failure!
6/3/2014 10:27:18 PM
nvjgu says:
Everything Mr G has been I charge of has tanked. If all he's got on his resume is twining the hwy after 19 years I what him out of there.
6/3/2014 3:22:47 PM
realist says:
I really wish this guy was running in Thunder Bay-Atikokan.
6/3/2014 1:41:48 PM
Greenstoner says:
I really get a kick out of his latest radio commercials, taking credit for the start-up of the Terrace Bay pulp mill. Did he forget that he was the MPP when Kimberly-Clark/Neenah Paper shut down the mill? Prior to this shut down they were seeking any kind of help from the province (MNR) for a secure wood supply. Silence and no action. The forest industry crumbled under the Liberal leadership (or lack thereof). Then the misguided actions regarding Buchanan (a famously pro-Liberal supporter) of forgivable loans and unpaid stumpage fees. And now Gravelle wants to take credit for his work with AV Terrace Bay? Priceless.
6/3/2014 12:35:01 PM
yqt says:
"The forest industry crumbled under the Liberal leadership (or lack thereof)."

The forest industry has crumbled all over the continent, you gonna blame the Liberals for that to?

Green-stoner, yup, your name says it all.
6/3/2014 4:08:13 PM
dman31029 says:
He's been a very hard worker and a good voice for our riding. I'd like to see him in again.
6/3/2014 11:46:17 AM
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