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Meet the Candidates: Derek Parks, PC

Derek Parks, PC
Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com
Derek Parks, PC
By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

Derek Parks might not have lived in Thunder Bay for the past two decades, but he’s adamant he understands the issues facing the Northern Ontario city.

Parks, who’s running for the Conservatives in Thunder Bay-Superior North, said he’s anything but a parachute candidate.

“I actually volunteered. No one sought me out for this position. To the party’s surprise, I stuck my head out and said, ‘Can I go back home and give this a shot?’ They said, ‘Would you be willing to,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, sure,’” Parks said, after jumping into the race after the original Conservative candidate, Tamara Johnson, was dumped by the party for controversial statements she made about First Nations business practices.

Parks says years in the mining business, developing projects from Labrador to Manitoba makes him a perfect fit for Northern Ontario.

“I’ve been successful bringing mines into operation, which I think is a key thing for Northern Ontario at this time. I mean, we grew up and watched forestry go downhill. Our fate is going to be tied to the mineral resources and getting those jobs going,” the 38-year-old said.
The red tape, which has hindered development in the Ring of Fire, must be cut, he added.

“Even talking with local junior miners … they’re not even interested in working in this province,” Parks said.

Parks, who took time off from campaigning to get married last month, says he’ll support funding for a proposed $100-million event centre in Thunder Bay, if the city asks.

“I would lobby on that behalf. But the reality for that situation is that everyone is going to be coming to the table. I will push that mandate, but I don’t know if that will get funded at the provincial level. I’m just being honest for the people of Thunder Bay,” Parks said.

He’d also like to see hospital gridlock addressed, calling it a crisis created by the Liberals.

“They shut down two hospitals to make one hospital with fewer beds. I think a Conservative government, when elected, would focus on getting those issues addressed. It’s one of my main concerns in this area.”


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Budd Garrett says:
Tamara Johnson is running for Thunder Bay North with the Libertarian Party. It is sad how our local media does not include her in the debates, shows who they do not want in. The truth she is speaking must really hurt to get such resistance from the current establishment.
6/4/2014 4:34:51 AM
illuminati_nation says:
Lay off 250 000 government workers? Sure, that would give Hudak room to create 2.5 million McWalmart jobs.
6/3/2014 11:42:21 PM
Robert Bob says:
Who is Derek Parks, you ask, the candidate that will come in third in this election. Hudak has not a Clue for Northern Ontario policy. A good start would have been to lay off 250,000 Government workers. Lets bring back Tamara Johnson at least she was outspoken and willing to take some political risk as a PC candidate.
6/3/2014 1:02:37 PM
Jeannied says:
How come I don't see her signs around town or in front of businesses?

She gets a lot of likes in these posts but let's face it, it's the same small handful of people over and over again. There isn't a large following of this person because people are not into supporting a small minded whiner.
Parks stepped in but no one up here is going to vote in a PC anytime soon. No one wants hudak in there.
6/4/2014 10:50:08 AM
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