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Meet the Candidates: Tamara Johnson, Libertarian

Tamara Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North.
Tamara Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North.
By Kathleen Charlebois, for tbnewswatch.com

Tamara Johnson has stuck by her personal policy of saying what’s on her mind.

Polarizing and controversial, she says the current Ontario government “cannot pander to one group of people because [they’re] afraid that they may threaten to blockade a road down the road.”

Johnson adds that she was specifically referring to the northern First Nations communities that would be directly impacted by the Ring of Fire infrastructure.

Now running for the Libertarian Party in the Thunder Bay – Superior North, she originally represented the Progressive Conservatives but was forced to resign in February after similar controversial statements about First Nations businesses.

Johnson’s time away from the provincial election campaign was short, as she was adopted by the Libertarian Party soon after her departure from the Tories.

“They have social left values, but fiscally they’re on the right” Johnson says of her new “I’m okay with that.”

In response to recent Ring of Fire job training, she says “I strongly stress that I would hope that job training would be available for all types of people and not just one group of people.”

She also says that the revenue should be shared with all northern communities, adding that she didn’t understand why there would be revenue sharing at all, because “the treaty specifically excluded minerals.”

Two other issues affecting voters are the proposed event centre on the city’s North side and overcrowding at the regional hospital.
Johnson says she doesn’t think there should be an event centre.

“I’m not anti-hockey, I’m anti-increasing taxes for people that may not use the centre, and I don’t think it’s the right time.”
Johnson was much more critical of the hospital gridlock issue, calling it “a failure.”

“It doesn’t function as a city hospital and it doesn’t function as a regional hospital,” she said.

“I think we need to give people choices when it comes to health care, and if that means a little privatization, why not?”


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thetruthisinthemiddle says:
Each to their own. We all have various opinions regarding any number of topics. Tamara, I say good for you in expressing views which many think but do not dare speak. Exactly because of the backlash that you are suffering. The fact that others can speak without fear of such a public outburst is reprehensible and basically forced censorship of further points that should be made. Freedom of speech is not one sided. Speaking for or against a groups ideas, governments, and actions; be they spoken or just plain obvious, is not Racism. Many applaude your points; one, some or many. As to those who disagree with her "to each their own" , everyone has the right to an opinion and calling it racist is just a way to avoid the real issues.
6/14/2014 2:03:43 AM
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justforthistoo says:

Thunder Bay currently in second place. Says alot.
6/9/2014 10:20:32 AM
varga says:
She knows she is running for a Provincial position and not for city council...right??
6/4/2014 11:41:22 AM
Jeannied says:
Why would anyone vote for someone who is clearly very off base with her general knowledge about how not only politics in Ontario works but the situations with social and economic issues NOT involving pointing fingers at Fort William First Nations? FWFN is not even in her riding, I don't get why that's all she wants to talk about.
6/4/2014 11:06:05 AM
Berzerker says:
she is talking about the laws of Ontario. The taxes that we and businesses have to pay.

It appears its you that is so far off base you cannot even understand the topic.
6/4/2014 5:21:00 PM
orca says:
I have a feeling she's going to give Foulds and Gravelle a run for their money. But she's not going to win because of zero support from FNs.
6/3/2014 9:38:21 PM
Jack Frost says:
So sad all the other candidates are not half the man that Ms. Johnson is !!
6/3/2014 7:30:55 PM
gremlin says:
She didn't give "smooth slick polished answers" but rather "short straight-forward answers". She wasn't there to dazzle anyone unlike Foulds or Gravelle with his oratorical skills (you could tell who's been in government too long).

Most impressive was that she didn't back-down from her previous comments. More kahunas than the 5 guys up there combined.
6/3/2014 6:59:19 PM
Hopper says:
I would never cast a vote for someone who is so unaware of real issues. It's dangerous to spread such misinformation and diatribe. It's ignorant to propagate racism. Fort William First Nation isn't even in her riding. The things she says on her Facebook page and allows others to post is disgusting.
As an armed forces member I respect freedom of speech but I would never vote for anyone spreading such awful views.
6/3/2014 6:41:03 PM
The Beaver..... says:
she says it the way she sees it and she is right...that in itself is a
novelty not to be found in in the self centered politicians of old.
6/3/2014 3:35:35 PM
MistakeByTheLake says:
someone who tells it like it is, most people hate the truth.
6/3/2014 3:01:14 PM
TWM says:
also the truth... you do not drift upon land and announce that you discovered it when there's people living on those lands. Because their politics are different, their cultivation methods are different,they don't have roads, rail systemsdoesn't mean it's free to negotiate them from their lands/minerals. It is a miscarriage of justice when one group has no experience negoitating through unheard of methods and lead to believe they have a place on their own land while being correlled into reserves. The land was stolen forcefully.. some people hate to hear the truth, you're right
6/10/2014 1:35:43 PM
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Robert Bob says:
Refreshing political insight for sure. Does the Libertarian Party field a candidate in every riding. Maybe Tamara and the other fringe party types can form their own "northern" ontario party and give the other three parties a run for the money.
6/3/2014 1:10:51 PM
Tannoy says:
Dizzy Dizzy
6/3/2014 12:21:17 PM
shortpeter says:
maybe she means delisting services from OHIP as the Wynne Liberals did with eye testing that you now have to pay for out of your pocket. That was when you should have begun complaining about 2 tier, when it actually happened
6/3/2014 12:19:57 PM
djs says:
"A little privatization"??? So, does this mean that she is for a two tiered health care system where the rich get access to faster and better services because they can pay for them?
6/3/2014 12:05:14 PM
yqt says:
What's wrong with that?

If someone wants to pay $5 for a band-aide, and you can't.......really, who's problem is that? Yup, just as I thought.
6/3/2014 4:10:27 PM
S Duncan says:
Why shouldn't people be able to buy health care for themselves?

Do you think everybody wants to die while waiting 18 months to see a specialist?

Good health care is available, but when government takes it over, all they do is mess it up. We used to have great care in this province but even the most distanced from it know that it is failing miserably.

If I can afford better care, why should I not be able to get it? I can pay for private or semi-private rooms in the hospital, a tv if I want one, or other options if I need to, so why cant I pay for a Dr. to give me the care I want?

Could it be that you harbour a HATE for people who have more money than you? Do you HATE people having the option of better care because of it?
6/3/2014 4:52:41 PM
SomeGuy says:
They shouldn't be able to buy health care because it creates two tiers, the haves and have nots. The best health care should not be reserved for the ones with wealth. We treat everyone the same regardless of social and economic standing.

You paying for a private or semi-private room has no impact on your care whats so ever.

Nearly the entire developed world has socialized medicine for a reason.
6/4/2014 8:32:38 AM
Me n My Opinion says:
Two tier is actually a good way to enhance health care. The key though is to ensure that the lower, or "free" tier, provides a level of service that we expect now. Make Doctors work in the public system for a certain amount of time before being able to work on the private side. If the level of service we've come to expect now can be sustained and at the same time allow people to pay for enhanced care, that takes away some of the strain on the public system. It's a win win. The key is to ensure that the current standards don't slide backwards, that's all.
6/4/2014 10:48:59 AM
S Duncan says:
Those classes exist already. They are not created by health care practises, they are created by people that work hard, make sacrifices, and those that do not.

Doctors treat everybody equally, that is their job, so pretending that they wont is foolish and just fear mongering.

So tell us again why should people not be able to purchase the level of care they wish to purchase? Since we already pay taxes based on income, the people who make more money are already paying far more than those who don't.

Is that fair? Should the hard working have to continue paying for the non?

What you are doing is choosing to hide behind what you think is normal instead of actually allowing freedom and free markets to provide the service that people desire.

If you were remotely familiar with health care service in the USA, you would realize that you get what you pay for. In Canada we get what other people pay for, and its no longer working.

If I can pay more, why cant I get better service?
6/4/2014 11:01:28 AM
Stucky says:
You can pay more for service, just move to the USA. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
6/4/2014 1:10:45 PM
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SomeGuy says:
America is first in health care spending and 37th terms of quality of Health Care. The free market system only works when there is a choice.

When you need an emergency and when it's life or death than it does not work. The health of a person should not be a commodity, a persons financial standing must not determine if they live or die simply because the size of their cheque book.
6/4/2014 2:57:51 PM
Paris Milton says:
S Duncan says: " Why shouldn't people be able to buy health care for themselves? "

A Libertarian should ask : Why shouldn't all people be able to buy health care for themselves ?

Because the political policy regarding Health Care of both the Libertarian Party of Ontario and Canada is that health care be privatized.... no universal health care... just more busine$$ for insurance companies ( as WAS the case in the USA until the recent option of Obamacare )

As explained in their platform,( and more) a two tier health system would only exist until full implementation of free market 'you pay health care' .

" Nonetheless, getting government entirely out of health care is the only way to provide the greatest access for the most people to the best available treatment at the lowest possible cost. That is the policy of the Ontario Libertarian Party."

notice.... " The most people "... unfortunately, no mention of the rest and no Health Minister either.

6/4/2014 3:16:07 PM
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