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Council Preview: Phase 3 budget on Monday’s agenda

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- Changes are coming to city council Monday night.

Administration is requesting an additional $1million be budgeted towards Phase 3 of the event and convention centre study, necessary to have the project “shovel or project ready for funding applications to the federal and provincial governments in September.”

The cost includes nearly $400,000 towards design fees and costs related to the hydro substation on Camelot Street.

It also includes close to $240,000 towards areas such as environmental assessments, a geotechnical study, survey of the proposed site and additional parking and traffic studies.

The proposed switch to on-street surface parking created the need for further examination to determine the implications.

Other costs include a little more than $220,000 for an owner’s representative as well as about $175,000 in legal fees involving the letter of intent with Thunder Bay LIVE!

If approved, the increase would bring the cost of Phase 3 to $2.9 million and the total of all phases to $3.8 million, including funds received from FedNor and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.

Also Monday council will be presented a report on future recommendations for the Fort William Gardens. If the city does build an event centre, the report states that the ice surface and seating at the Gardens should be removed to make the space more flexible.

If the recommendations were followed, the building could see around $10 million in upgrades including an all-purpose sports floor, a walking track and retractable bleachers.

Council will also be asked to approve $2.2 million to Nadine Contracting for the first phase of the city's May Street reconstruction.



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Jon Powers says:

" We voted for a $25 MILLION commitment to the hospital "

You are dead wrong!

Thunder Bay Rate Payers paid $35.Million($25.Million Loan Plus $10.Million interest on it to pay back the bank) for our new TBRHSC.

I do agree that a Plebiscite is needed here for this subject.

Great Posts Everyone!
6/6/2014 1:21:12 PM
shuckyshark says:
so, they're asking to spend $1 million and we haven't even broken ground yet...yeah, this is a cost effective project that will stay within budget...
and if you believe that, I've got a golden horse for sale in Florida...pay me now and I'll tell you the location.
6/6/2014 9:00:44 AM
progress now says:
Of course, none of this could have been brought to public attention before the "scientific survey" on the event centre.

What does it take for our city council's arms to tingle?
6/5/2014 11:28:54 PM
dynamiter says:
If this project is contingent on getting provincial and federal funding and will not go forward without it, why is the city requesting $400,000 to do a design for the relocation of the Hydro substation. Why not leave the substation there where it is functioning quite nicely. The next thing they will be requesting big bucks to purchase some land to relocate this substation to as there is not suitable city owned land close by. Finally the relocation cost is approximately 8 million dollars and that could be even higher the farther the move. So if we total it up, the city is spending 8.4 million tax dollars for no good reason simply to locate the event center on the waterfront. What other behind the scene deals have been made? And this is all because they made a deal to ensure that a hotel would be built on the waterfront?
6/5/2014 11:22:17 PM
spazz says:
if the event center becomes a reality they will need to have that planning in place already. I can only imagine the howling here on the forums if they said "Ok, we're ready to go, we just have to do this relocation design first." they are just doing due diligence and having all costs and procedures accounted for.
6/6/2014 1:12:13 PM
tudor says:
Is it safe for me to assume that most of these costs would have been borne anyway and that they are just moving them up earlier. I cannot imagine they forget about some of this stuff and I am not a supporter of the project at all but I would not jump to the conclusion that this was a gross error.

I do have a concern that we are not being provided the chance to vote on the issue.

We voted for a $25 MILLION commitment to the hospital. We should at least have the chance to vote on way more money for a hockey rink. It is presumed arrogance on the part of council to suggest they know what is best for us.

yes, many people want this but many people do not and we all pay taxes, not just the supporters. This is a divisive issue and the concerns of those opposed should not be dismissed merely as not wanting change or holding T.Bay back.

Those arguments are the arguments of the weak who have nothing else to offer to support their respective positions.
6/5/2014 10:36:18 PM
grs says:
I swear, this must be the absolute first well articulated, well thought out post from someone against the event centre on this site ever. Well done!

Congrats on resisting the urge to accuse of incompetence, criminal activity, and corruptness of city officials.

Congrats on not typing whole sentences in caps lock with multiple exclamation points.

And congrats for not stating that the proposed event centre is going to wilt the daisies, cause cloudy days 80% of the year, and steal our children to bring to Boko Haram in Nigeria.
6/6/2014 8:41:40 AM
Wolfie says:
6/6/2014 3:04:22 PM
signman says:
I also believe a news conference should be held ASAP by Tim Commisso announcing that the proposed Event Centre is dead!

It is totally unaffordable, and not wanted or needed. Ramming this project down the taxpayers throat has failed miserably and admitting this mistake by the lake is the right thing to do!

The Concerned Taxpayers of Thunder Bay would like the city to pay more attention to our roads and neighbourhood needs.

The city has tried unsuccessfully to close Dease and Heath pools on several occassions.
Dease pool is 100 years old and needs to be replaced and Heath pool needs to be upgraded.
These are the types of things the city should be doing to help keep the kids on the right path and off the streets.

The list is endless of what the city really needs.

If this 109th ranked city continues to pursue this unaffordable and undesirable Event Centre our city will continue to fall apart at the seams.

It is time for Mr Commisso to admit his

6/5/2014 9:16:39 PM
Tbayvoter says:
Food for thought for those spinning this as an Economic booster... The following link have no interest in any aspects of any building... Just researching facts. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/why-funding-new-sports-stadiums-can-be-a-losing-bet-1.1378210
6/5/2014 7:40:14 PM
Tbaylifer 1 says:
Tbayvoter: I could not agree more and would hope city council would read the link you posted and hope you passed it on to them. I hope city council votes to end this madness before we all get soaked for years to come. It's not too late. Vote to shut it down.
6/6/2014 8:50:34 AM
Eastender says:
Not only is it food for thought, it is the main reason for scrapping this idea.
When anyone tries to tell you that this will be an economic booster for this city, they either dont know what they're talking about or they're downright lying through their teeth.

Thanks for the link Tbayvoter.
6/6/2014 9:39:27 AM
Jon Powers says:
To All!

How come our enlightened elected City Councilors haven't O K'd an economic displacement study for the FWG?

How many jobs are going to be lost in the former "S-Core" when the FWG gets "Re-Purposed"?

How much more money to operate with the "Next Miss-take By The Lake"?

Why keep it open?
Why not sell it?
Why not demolish it?

This is nothing more than a scam!

Great Story!
Get Posting Everyone!
6/5/2014 7:29:29 PM
tiredofit says:
Quote: Other costs include a little more than $220,000 for an owner’s representative as well as about $175,000 in legal fees involving the letter of intent with Thunder Bay LIVE!

Let me get this right, we are supposed to cough up $220,000 for an owner’s representative?????

The way I read it, we need to pay their representative a salary (I'm assuming)?

$175k in legal fees to draft up a "letter of intent" for LIVE!????

Ummm... call me confused, but those cost should be absorbed by LIVE should they not? I realize it's a detailed document, but don't we have a freak'n lawyer on staff for that kind of stuff?
6/5/2014 6:57:43 PM
Wolfie says:
"Let me get this right, we are supposed to cough up $220,000 for an owner’s representative?????

The way I read it, we need to pay their representative a salary (I'm assuming)?"

Incorrect assumption. The city will be the owner of the events centre. Therefore, the owner's representative is representing the city. Basically, it is a hired person brought on to negotiate with Thunder Bay Live on behalf of the city. Much like Bob Rae has been hired to negotiate the Ring of Fire on behalf of Matawa.

You're right though... the city needs to do a better job of explaining this.
6/6/2014 3:10:15 PM
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