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How to: Vote

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- It’s almost time to vote after a long provincial campaign.

Voters across Ontario will determine the next provincial government on Thursday, five weeks after the election was called.

Are you unsure about voting procedures in Ontario? If so, or you need a basic refresher, we have you covered.

Who can vote?
Anybody who is 18-years-old, a Canadian citizen who resides in electoral district and has not already voted is eligible to head to the polls.

Who can you vote for?
The province is divided into 107 ridings, each with multiple candidates looking to represent the area in the provincial legislature. Voters have the option to select one candidate from the riding in which they live.

Where do you vote?

Within each of those ridings, there are many different polling stations. Voters are assigned a designated polling station that is closest to their residential address.

When can you vote?
Polls open at 9 a.m. ET on Thursday and anybody who is in line prior to polls closing at 9 p.m. ET can cast their ballot
If you were unable to vote at an advance poll and can’t make it to a polling station you can still vote.
In that case, voters can request a special ballot to either vote in person before Thursday or can mail a ballot.

What happens when you show up to the polls?
Each polling station has a list of eligible voters. Voter registration cards were sent out in the mail earlier in the campaign and they list the voters’ name, address and a specific polling station.

When you arrive at the polling station you must have proper documentation to confirm your identity.

Those who are on the voters’ list need to bring their voter card and present a birth certificate, passport or any government issued document, financial statement, student card or employee identification card.

If the voter card is not present a second piece of identification is required.

If you fit the above criteria of an eligible voter and aren’t on the list and didn’t get a card you can still cast a ballot.

Eligible voters not on the list need to have one piece of identification with both a name and residential address such as an Ontario Photo Card, driver’s license, motor vehicle permit or statement of government benefits.

In addition, a second form of ID is required. That can include anything from any government issued document, financial statement, cheque stub or T4 slip, hospital record or post-secondary documents.

Once you confirm your identity, you are ready to vote. By law, voters in the province have many rights, including that their vote is confidential and free of interference. There are accessibility and interpretive aids available at polling stations.

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TWM says:
Voting is a right and recently, we've lost so many rights and freedoms little by little, we should hang on to the right of voting. If you don't vote, you're inadvertantly voting anyway for a party that less voter turnout favors. Just spend a few minutes of your day, and cast your ballot and forget the nonesense of "how to vote for none of the above" or "decline my ballot" it's your right... use it
6/11/2014 4:40:25 PM
NowayJose says:
Three clowns......three parties?
My money should be spent better!
I will vote outside of the “famous three” or decline my vote.
6/10/2014 8:31:31 PM
Fred Brown says:
Find your election candidate, then email, call, tweet or leave them a post on Facebook here:
6/10/2014 1:07:44 PM
fastball says:
Meet the new boss....same as the old boss.
6/10/2014 9:41:36 AM
caesarjbasquitti says:
The Emperor's New Clothes ?

The electoral system is a fraud.

New, better, best, improved; reality is that we do not have a democracy, and our 'free vote' enslaves us.

As in the childhood story, "The Emperors New Clothes"....the King, in this case the Queen is being deceived by those who tell her something that is not true. She is not wearing a golden cape, in fact she is naked. Those around her convince the King that only those who are stupid cannot see the beautiful golden cape, except for a young child who sees reality for what it is.

We need a new electoral system.

Ms. Wynn, won the majority vote for the job as party leader on the third ballot, on the first two she lost.

We need a better electoral system, this one only creates non elected dictators...perhaps a three party coalition with no one in charge except the elected members would be better.

Better yet would be run-off elections or voting for a Premier directly, and voting for three people to represent us locally...
6/9/2014 11:01:22 PM
animiki says:
Note that you can, if you wish, "Decline" your ballot. This is a formal process, recognized under the Elections Act, that allows you to register, receive your ballot, then immediately state you're declining it and return it to the Returning Officer. This individual is supposed to mark it as "declined". It won't be spoiled and WILL be counted as a vote for "none". This is a great way of indicating that you don't support anyone in this election (which, frankly, is kinda where I am). If enough people do this, then a significant block of unallocated votes will be sitting out there which MAY (emphasis MAY) make politicians give some consideration as to what to do to tap into this chunk of disgruntled voters. You can see more at http://www.declineyourvote.ca/

Note that I'm not advocating that anyone should do this or not do it; it's important to simply know that it's an option if you're simply unwilling to vote for any of the candidates/parties.
6/9/2014 10:45:20 PM
unheard says:
not so much all the same,
more like all for sale
6/9/2014 7:33:48 PM
Tiredofit says:
doesn't matter who we vote for, in the end we are putting an idiot in power. They all enter politics with the same good intentions, however in the end, their all the same.
6/9/2014 3:19:14 PM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
...at least IF you vote for whom u want,

u can vote the idiot of YOUR choice into office
6/9/2014 5:50:57 PM
NowayJose says:
Yes, I understand Tiredofit but if we do not vote, we cannot complain. The party I am voting for is one that calls it like it is. Change has to happen……..
All the best to you as you settle for “the norm”.
6/9/2014 8:33:57 PM
eventscentre says:
You're exactly the type of person who won't vote, and then you'll whine about the government the rest of us elected. You think you know more than any politician in the history of politics, and yet you probably haven't taken a basic economics course.
6/9/2014 9:02:30 PM
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