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Issues and Answers

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THUNDER BAY -- Watch the entire Issues and Answers 2014 debates for Thunder Bay - Atikokan and Thunder Bay - Superior North.

These videos are also available for viewing in the video section with the past TBT Newshour episodes. The first video player below features candidates from the Thunder Bay - Atikokan riding, while the video player below it features Thunder Bay - Superior North.


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lori says:
You have to be truly desperate in a campaign to come up with something like that, but it was there. Mr. Wilson is now taking credit for our new hospital. He did mention Mr. Jobbit and Mr. Caddo, but he told the boys in the south that he ( Harold Wilson ) would not be able to sell a retrofitted hospital. So why didn't we name the hospital, the Harold Wilson Hospital. Lied in his brochure about the coal plant closing and now he was instrumental in bringing the hospital here. Funny in the past 15 years, I don't recall hearing his name mentioned once as having anything to do with it. Desperation breeds desperate acts I guess.
6/9/2014 11:29:41 PM
trevor99 says:
I did not need another reason to not vote for the NDP but I have one now. In another debate today, NDP candidate Mary K was challenged on the HST. Mr. Mauro said the NDP do not have the ability to get rid of the HST on hydro because she would need Federal approval. Mary tried to dodge the statement, stammered for a moment than in a moment of pure clarity said, that the NDP leader would begin discussions with the Prime Minister.

So there we have it. A cornerstone of the NDP platform gone out the window after being challenged once.

The million jobs plan for the Tories. Diced and sliced by everyone as pie in the sky. Their main platform plank shot up.

Not much of a choice left. I cannot vote for Mr. Mauro but I surely would if i could. I won't vote for the PC man after Timmy parachuted him into the riding and the NDP have shown their spots and they are not pretty.

Tried and true Mr. Gravelle. Hopefully a twin victory again on Thursday. We'd be crazy not to after what I heard.
6/9/2014 4:17:35 PM
j_northey says:
A shame you are not considering the Green Party. If you disagree with our stands that is fine (that is the point of democracy) but I would hope you would consider us. As you can see we do respond and pay attention to what people have to say. Unlike others we will stand up for our riding first without fear of being kicked out of our party.
6/9/2014 8:40:28 PM
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