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Field of greens

Part of Oliver Paipoonge
Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com
Part of Oliver Paipoonge's Rubin Industrial Park Phase 2 could see a medical marijuana operation.
By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

OLIVER PAIPOONGE, Ont. -- An industrial park in Oliver Paipoonge could get a little more green if a local company gets its license to produce medical marijuana.

Bryfam Enterprises approached Oliver Paipoonge council in May to let the municipality know their plans to apply for a license under the federal marijuana for medical purposes regulation, one of many companies across Canada looking to become a producer.

Mayor Lucy Kloosterhuis said the request caught council by surprise.

"We didn't seem to have a problem with it we just had never thought of anything like that being in our municipality," she said.

After council's many questions were answered, mainly on security concerns, Kloosterhuis said that the business is a good fit for the municipality's Rubin Industrial Park expansion.

And it's a quiet, clean use of some of the land there. IF the license is successful, council will have to add medical marijuana producer to its industrial uses in municipal zoning bylaws. That will also mean a public meeting. But Kloosterhuis said it shouldn't be a problem.

"For us it's just a waiting game until it gets approved," she said.

The license allows companies to buy seeds, grow plants, dry them, destroy them and sell, ship and transport marijuana.

Kloosterhuis said Bryfam told council that no sales would be done on the property and that product would be locked in a safe every night and monitored by a security system.



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unknowncronik says:
use the new arena at the marina as a grow show if its gonna be empty so many days each year?
6/15/2014 6:25:48 AM
Eastender says:
Never heard of any body high on marijuana beat up their wife, or become beligerent and look for a fight. Never saw anybody miss work, or die from liver damage. I have worked with people who smoked mj on a regular basis, and have never observed any difference between their work and any one elses. There are no people occupying ER space at the regional on account of overdosing on mj.
I see a lot of people laughing and enjoying themselves for no apparent reason. I often wonder, what they have been smoking? Hangover? Non existent!

So, yeah, lets glorify alcohol, and demonize marijuana!
6/13/2014 11:37:44 AM
jpm1953 says:
Dan Dan,is that what Nancy Reagan told you to think?
6/12/2014 9:11:10 PM
Greenman says:
Did their site selection have anything to do the postal code for the area?
P0T 2G0
6/12/2014 5:07:31 PM
nopatience4stupidity says:
6/12/2014 3:52:03 PM
oscarmyerweiner says:
Legalize it and be done with it. I don't smoke pot but I see nothing wrong it. Treat it like alcohol and tax it as well, end of story. Nobody is forcing anyone to smoke it, for this to be a crime is just criminal itself.
6/12/2014 2:02:29 PM
dillon says:
I don't smoke it either, but it's actually hilarious that alcohol is legal and pot isn't.
6/12/2014 4:09:50 PM
bay of blunders says:
I'm going to be totally blunt here. I think this opportunity is good for the region. On a high note,I believe most people will finally allow such an operation to grow without negativity as most people today realize that marijuana actually cures and eases many diseases. If i see one opposition to this i will be rolling in my chair laughing. This is no longer just a pipe dream.

Great Story.
6/12/2014 2:02:28 PM
fastball says:
I can't believe you couldn't find room for "joint" or "bong" in that post.
6/12/2014 4:11:09 PM
TBDR says:
haha blunt... i see what you did there.
6/12/2014 4:52:20 PM
zeppelin says:
No ones going to be able to break in, if you were building something like this would you make it accessible to the public? and it's going to be grown indoors obviously, we live in Thunder Bay not California, Duh. Great clean way to make money, I'm actually surprised more people aren't doing this. Anyone who opposes this is or thinks it will be an issue is an idiot.
6/12/2014 1:32:59 PM
ranma says:
dan dan there are a LOT of peer reviewed studies that show the benefits of medical marijuana. Why else would big pharma be doing the best they can to make synthetic canaboids to help in the fight of cancer and other diseases.

Someone needs to check their NRA, and DEA badge at the door.

And tbnewswatch, your censorship is horrid.
6/12/2014 1:22:45 PM
bay of blunders says:
Ranma, the comment you make about big pharma is incorrect. Big pharma is trying to design drugs in the lab to mimic a plant or create a genetically modified plant in many other cases so then they can own the rights to the plant or drug because everyone knows big pharma cannot make money off naturally occuring plants or drugs. If you didn't invent it you cant own it. That simple.

IF it was not for big pharma and the big wigs in parliament and provincial governments being paid off by big pharma marijuana would be legal already and millions of people would not be dead and consuming billions of health care dollars fo complications and cancers they would not have if pot was legal. Always follow the money. It will always point the finger to those who cause the problems in society.
6/12/2014 10:06:33 PM
wasaya says:
I agree about tbnewswatch...people can talk about druggies and hoodlums, (see comment by nitesky) but I can't talk about alcoholics in that same vein...nice touch tbnewswatch
6/13/2014 7:48:38 AM
cariboukid says:
rob20 - just like all the drunks going for late night strolls by the bar...
6/12/2014 12:31:45 PM
unknowncronik says:
lol, this town cant even leave a bike repair station alone for a month without it being ruined & you honestly think nobody will try to get into that field??

6/12/2014 12:13:22 PM
Bienriff says:
People always get worried when they hear about a Medical Marijuna Grow operation. I was shown one a couple of weeks ago in Victoria BC. It is safe, everything is grown indoors underground and it is like trying to get into Fort Knox. The revenue generated is very high, apparently the owners are paid a monthly sum to operate it and then make money from selling it to clinics. Let the area develop and prosper, it also provides employment.
6/12/2014 12:04:51 PM
rob20 says:
There's going to be a lot of potheads going for late night strolls by that farm...
6/12/2014 8:52:08 AM
Rubenicky says:
6/12/2014 12:10:54 AM
Stephen says:
I'm on my way.
6/11/2014 11:04:19 PM
Nitesky says:
Perfect. Just perfect. Why not provide a map while you are at it? Now the hoodlums and druggies will be there constantly with their rolling papers
6/11/2014 8:26:58 PM
jb says:
This isn't going to be an unsupervised crop in some field that anyone can just walk up to.
6/12/2014 3:36:10 PM
Cletus Van Damme says:
The feds sure Bogart those licenses!
It should be much easier to get this rolling.
6/11/2014 7:33:42 PM
wasaya says:
lol...get this rolling (pun intended?)
6/12/2014 12:28:01 PM
nvjgu says:
Won't that impede on the non medical marijuwana operations that are out there.
6/11/2014 7:30:47 PM
dan dan says:
Now, if only we could have an objective peer-reviewed study that says marijuana has any medical benefit whatsoever, that might make sense.

All we have is subjective evidence from self-interested stoners looking to feed their habits through legal loopholes, in addition to the overwhelming empirical evidence that chronic marijuana uses causes permanent cognitive impairment.
6/11/2014 7:00:53 PM
dillon says:
6/12/2014 2:58:28 PM
jb says:
Talk to someone suffering through cancer treatment.
6/12/2014 3:32:01 PM
john says:
6/12/2014 3:33:07 PM
Eastender says:
Dandan. Do you have "Reefer Madness" on a continuous loop in your VCR?
6/13/2014 11:16:22 AM
eventscentre says:
I can just imagine the opposition to this in this city that is stuck in the fifties.
6/11/2014 5:41:52 PM
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