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OSPCA could bring low cost spay and neuter clinic to city

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THUNDER BAY -- The Ontario Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals has expressed interest in setting up a low cost spay and neuter clinic in the city. 

According to the OSPCA website, thousands of healthy cats and dogs are euthanized annually due to the number of stray, abandoned and unwanted animals.

By having your pet spayed or neutered, that can ultimately help the animal pet population stay at a healthy level.  

Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario SPCA Kate MacDonald says they have travelled to Thunder Bay to speak with people who can help them establish a clinic that will help serve people in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.

MacDonald says so far the numbers of stray pets have dropped in places where the clinics are set up.

MacDonald adds that they also have a strategy in place for First Nation communities, where they can bring their mobile spay and neuter clinic on site, to assist and curb the problem.

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henryalbertluci says:
I cannot wait for this to happen!!! Thunder Bay and surrounding areas are so in need of this. Many people just do not bother with getting their pet altered at all because of the high cost. We owe this to our pet family!!
To at least not have to euthanize such great numbers of animals every year. Some people are adopting puppies from reserves because of the out of control dog situation there as well. This also puts a strain on the already over loaded pet population in Thunder Bay. I think a low cost spay/neuter clinic is long overdue in Thunder Bay! Bring it on!!
6/20/2014 10:54:04 AM
dynamiter says:
How about local vets contributing for free their time and resources to do this job? I find it really ironic that these people who profit from animal owners wouldnt contribute 1 day a month or 1 day a year to do volunteer their services to do free spaying and neutering for the OSPCA. Do the math, the need divided by the number of operations that could be done per day divided by the number of vets in town would equate to the number of volunteer days needed. It is not like they are taking away from their business, these animals will be destroyed.
6/19/2014 10:57:33 PM
murillorules says:
Well, why don't you 'contribute' and 'volunteer' some of your time or money to make this happen? It's always easy to single out the veterinarians but why should they be the ones shouldering the cost of this endeavor? A lot of pet owners have plenty of $$ for their consumer junk and bad habits, maybe a bit of responsibility for their pets should be encouraged.
6/20/2014 9:55:04 PM
dynamiter says:
I have and I do. And I know what it costs to take your animal to the vet. I know that there are a lot of clinics and therefore a lot of vets in this city. I wonder why we have to bring in Doctors without Borders - aka out of town vets to set up low cost neutering and spaying. I also believe that if the current fees for owning an unaltered pet is not discouraging the proliferation of unwanted animals then perhaps that fee needs to be double to $100 with the excess fees put towards neutering and spaying.
6/21/2014 7:27:27 PM
Curious says:
Vets aren't going to agree t this. Their interest is making money and this would drastically cut into other profits.
6/19/2014 10:25:21 PM
tomato says:
Good, it's about time they actually do something in this community.
6/19/2014 10:22:37 PM
donnybrook says:
A little more elaboration on this story would be nice. Where are they planning on setting up a spay/neuter clinic? Rumor has it they're working with the FWFN to set it up out on the reserve. Is that going to be of benefit to people on this side of the non-operational bridge?
6/19/2014 6:54:56 PM
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