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Report: Gravelle, Mauro to retain cabinet seats

By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

According to the Toronto Star, both Bill Mauro and Michael Gravelle will keep their seats at Kathleen Wynne’s cabinet table.

The newspaper, citing inside sources, says Gravelle will retain his Northern Development and Mines portfolio, while Mauro will take over the Ministry of Natural Resources. Mauro was named Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing late in the Liberals last term prior to the June 12 election.

The cabinet shuffle is expected to be officially announced on Tuesday afternoon at Queen’s Park.

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orig junkyarddog says:
Congratulations to my friend Michael, Who has always done excellent job for his constitutes, Congratulations to Bill who is doing his part for the region.
Doug Powell Candidate for Mckellar Ward
6/24/2014 2:12:58 PM
REG says:
Does't matter what Tim Who Dat wanted!!
6/24/2014 2:06:43 PM
King Farouk says:
Didn't Hudak want to roll the MNR and MNDM into one ministry?

6/24/2014 10:44:29 AM
Curious says:
Congratulations to both of you! Glad to see she recognizes your commitment and that you both are passionate about doing what you can for your constituents.
I know for a fact that without your intervention Mr. Gravelle my mom would have spent the rest of her days rotting in a hospital that didn't give a darn as long as they were collecting $2,000 a month and receiving absolutely no care other than what I provided daily.. We are so fortunate to have you supporting our community!
6/24/2014 9:17:48 AM
Blah blah says:
S Duncan have you posted anything positive, ever. Living with you must be a treat.
6/24/2014 7:18:02 AM
Meta says:
Good news for thunder bay!
6/24/2014 6:20:04 AM
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