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Wednesday May 27 2015
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2014-06-26 at 15:06

Under pressure

The hospital is facing a $5.6 million deficit projected for the end of the year.
Jamie Smith,
The hospital is facing a $5.6 million deficit projected for the end of the year.
By Jamie Smith,

THUNDER BAY -- Being constantly over-capacity continues to put pressure on the hospital's budget.

Despite now having 425 patients, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is only funded for 395 beds. That, along with the overtime costs for staff dealing with the patient increase, has the hospital running a $5.6 million deficit projected for the end of this year.

It was a similar story last year before the province kicked in one-time funding and savings in supplies allowed executive vice-president of corporate services Peter Myllemaa to present a $19,000 deficit for 2013 to the hospital board Wednesday evening.

Given that the overall budget is around $300 million, it's pretty balanced. But if the hospital sees the same volume again this year, it will face a similar problem.

"We're facing the same pressures going forward," he said.

Myllemaa said more long-term care beds in the city is starting to relieve the pressure a little.

And administration is always working with the Ministry of Health and the Northwest Local Health Integration Network to try and find solutions.

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tudor says:
Tired, you don't have to preach to me about the event centre. I am all in with you on this.

They don't mind spending tens of millions on this project but cry because supposedly the province is not giving them enough money.

This city knows one way to operate. One hand out to the province and continue asking for more no matter how much is given, and taking their other hand and handing the taxpayers wallet over to any project that they think is needed. They have no problem spending other people's money.
6/30/2014 10:07:56 AM
tudor says:
It is shocking how ill informed people are. Papercut got it. It was Harris who forced the amalgamation and designed the number of beds. Harris wanted one hospital, at the PA General. The bed #'s were not going to change. We fought to get a new facility. Clete is so out in left field to blame Boshcoff for this, he must be a Hobbs supporter.

This is a North America wide problem. I know we are the centre of the universe and everything should be perfect but this challenge is everywhere. It comes with an aging population and our god given right to have the gov't give us everything for nothing. We are entitled to every single test, procedure, bed space etc. We are owed it.

Of course as people always do they need to blame someone and a nameless, faceless, gov't fits the bill. They can then pretend this isn't a far more global issue and they can inundate us with hyperbole that is as irrelevant as it is just plain dumb.
6/27/2014 10:15:00 PM
Tiredofit says:
So instead of deciding whom we should blame, perhaps we should start concentrating on who can fix the dam problem.

As I stated earlier, lets take the money that we "may" get for the proposed Event Centre, spend it on fixing up the hospital. Does the bottom line of some hockey mogul really matter that much to the city admin?

You make a number good points. But in this day and age, we'll spend millions on a "what if" scenario for the Event Centre, when we could donate that money to a vast number of worthy causes in this city that can actually do some good with it, instead, we make them sit in front of council begging for it.

Let's hope those making the decisions are the ones stuck in the hallways when the time comes... that way everyone can walk by and get a good chuckle...
6/28/2014 4:09:43 PM
Watchful says:
And it is still the Libs who do nothing to help out
6/27/2014 9:19:20 PM
Kam River says:
Please people:
Tell Mike and Bill not to spend one more penny on the Events Centre.
Aldo and Hobbs do not get it.
We need every avail Provincial dollars spent on the Hospital not their "Party Pit"
Whether, you are a new couple with a family on the way or older with elderly Parents.
The Hospital is where you want your provincial dollars spent.
Not a "Party Pit call the Events Centre"
6/27/2014 7:55:50 PM
enos012 says:
So what are you trying to say? They build this 'big' hospital that still can't function properly at the cost of the government and tax payers. They worried too much about dressing it up and making look pretty instead of it's intended purpose. Maybe he thought by now people would finally take the resonsibility of living a healthy lifestyle and taking better care of themselves.
6/27/2014 7:17:18 PM
CLETE says:
Let's not forget it was Boshcoff who also wanted one one smaller hospital. So lets not forget that at election time.
6/27/2014 11:12:33 AM
papercut says:

For those of you with short was Mike Harris and the Conservatives who fought us tooth and nail....and gave us a hospital that many feel is much too small.

6/27/2014 9:42:21 AM
livewire says:
Go after the FED'S for the Money!
6/27/2014 8:28:51 AM
Watchful says:
Thunder Bay wanted the Libs, you got them, so live with it
6/26/2014 8:40:07 PM
Eastender says:
I have consulted with the oracle at Delphi, and have been given these five words. HEALTH TAX INCREASE. WYNNE, MAJORITY.
6/27/2014 9:49:49 AM
iceman says:
If you work out the math, that is $1933 per person per day. Now if that includes all costs, doctors medicine, heat , hydro etc, it actually sounds okay
6/26/2014 4:08:26 PM
j_northey says:
So, given how it is set up what is the hospital to do? Send patients away when they go over 395?

Our system is broken and needs serious fixes. Sadly, the same old people are in power and will continue to do the same old stuff.
6/26/2014 4:07:57 PM
thunderbaycouncel says:
How can people even talk about the proposed EVENT CENTER when this is happening! this is far more important than a structure that will cost us money and many generations to come! Spend the 15 million to renovate the Fort William gardens which is a staple in our community and spend a quarter of what it would cost for the event center to renovate the LPH!!! there are 1000 bed there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/26/2014 3:51:51 PM
djs says:
I am not positive, but I believe that money for the hospital does not come from our municipal funds, but from provincial funds. People in the north need to write letters to our MPPs, to the Premier, to the Minister in charge of health. We need to make our provincial government recognize the work this hospital is expected to do for such a large area. The only way money for the Event Centre can affect the hospital will be in the $$ that the provincial government MIGHT give for the structure--now THAT is money I would rather see better spent on our medical crisis in the North.
6/27/2014 9:01:18 AM
Tiredofit says:
Sadly, this is a provincial issue, however with that said, how about we take the monies that the Province has promised (or not) for the proposed Events Centre and apply it to the Hospital.

Health Care is far more important than a freak'n Hockey Moguls bottom line if you ask me.
6/27/2014 9:59:54 AM
NowayJose says:
Thank you Tiredofit! I agree with you 100%
Sad to say, there are too many others out there who do not possess our sense of logic!
6/28/2014 12:56:25 AM
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