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Driver fined $2,500

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A truck driver who was the subject of national attention following a near head-on crash north of Nipigon last January has been hit with a hefty fine.

This dashboard camera video went viral last winter after a transport driver on Highway 11 was forced into the guardrails  to avoid colliding with another transport that was passing a snow plow.  The popularity of the video eventually led to it being featured on the comedy show Tosh.O.

After examining the video, police laid charges against 31-year-old Akmal Hayat of Milton, Ont. 

Hayat has been fined $2,500 after pleading guilty to careless driving.  

Two other charges, failing to remain and failing to report an accident, were withdrawn.

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sudbury yahoo says:
A fast moving owner-operator from Milton. Too many of these irresponsible guys on the road. Wonder if he's insured? Wonder who would insure him?
The MTO had better start cracking down on these guys.
Professional driver, my butt.
7/1/2014 11:40:23 AM
iceman says:
he got off lucky, driver lived, almost a terrible accident
7/1/2014 11:29:20 AM
satyrikon says:
I'll be honest I'm a little disappointed with the fine. My opinion would have been at least triple that value. I've driving these highways for the last 17 years and have witness some insane driving, largely in part of 18 wheelers. I wish they would start making examples out of people and hand down more severe fines.
7/1/2014 9:44:39 AM
livewire says:
Fine is pretty cheap for a getting a license out of a cracker jack box. Should have been a least double to get the word out.
7/1/2014 8:53:08 AM
Curious says:
What a joke. He could have killed someone. They should have thrown the book at him.
7/1/2014 7:55:07 AM
Marak says:
2500.00 $ huh... I know it's at the max range of the available fines and he will loose 6 points as well, but in cases like this your drivers license should be torn into itty-bitty pieces and never see the light of day again, especially for a "professional driver!!! Driving is a PRIVILEGE not a right!!!

Laws should be updated for cases like this. There should also be added factors when you cause an accident like this case. He'd probably get the same penalty for killing someone in this instance, which is not right.
6/30/2014 6:37:32 PM
virtualrealityczech says:
Seems kinda light.
6/30/2014 5:41:56 PM
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