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Friday October 31 2014
9:08 PM EDT
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2014-06-30 at 17:01

OPP to boaters: Use common sense

OPP acting Sgt. David Moscell talks boating safety on board a police boat.
Kathleen Charlebois,
OPP acting Sgt. David Moscell talks boating safety on board a police boat.
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By Kathleen Charlebois, for

THUNDER BAY – Ontario’s police force is urging boaters to use common sense on the water over the long weekend.

OPP acting Sgt. David Moscall said Monday that the detachment will be launching one of their boats off the harbour in preparation for the Canada Day celebrations.

However, Moscall added that boating incidents are not restricted to just long weekends.

“Any time you’re on the water you have to be safe, you have to use good common sense and you have to have your proper equipment,” he said.

There have already been three drowning fatalities so far this year despite the late start to the boating season, Moscall said.

There are a number of factors that get people into trouble out on the water, including overcrowding, not having enough life jackets on board, drinking and boating, and bad weather.

Moscall said he wants people to have a safe and enjoyable time on their boats and to contact the OPP if they have any concerns.

“We hope to see everyone on the water this summer,” he says.

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faster says:
It still amazes me why the use of PFD's has not become mandatory for all boaters. Argue as you may but they have become lighter, better fitting then those in the past and more comfortable. I dont care how great a swimmer you are, when you get knocked out swimming wont help you, but your PFD will still keep you heads up.
6/30/2014 7:49:35 PM
Tbaybmkr says:
What long weekend? The one coming in August?
7/1/2014 1:39:36 PM
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