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Hospital’s new 10-minute parking aims to end patient drop-off issues

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THUNDER BAY -- The region’s hospital has finally solved its patient drop-off problem.

The road in front of the main entrance of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has always been a fire lane, up until now. 

Patients and their family members are now able to park for up to 10 minutes in the assisted pick-up and drop-off lane.  Executive Director of Capital Planning and Operations, Anne-Marie Heron, says they had to work with the architect and submit the plan to both the city and the fire department.

Heron adds that so far it's had a positive impact on patients and their families.

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YellowSnow13 says:
I guess that just started today. Last week they were parking there a lot longer. Some were not even in their cars. Good luck with that.
7/16/2014 4:57:48 PM
betterbob says:
Why would they be in their cars?

I picked up a friend and was told, by the nurse who called me, to park there (when it was a fire lane), go get my friend and bring him down to the car myself. There was no one to wheel him out for me while I waited in the car.
7/16/2014 9:29:29 PM
serena says:
Obviously you have never had to pick up someone from day surgery. They ask you to park your car at the front, put your flashers on, go inside and ask that the patient be brought down. Sometimes it takes longer than 10 minutes.
7/16/2014 10:09:02 PM
Dudebro says:
Funny how the fire lanes are pretty much written in blood with no consideration for change possible until it affects a large organization like the hospital. Then somehow magically, the law is able to be changed??
7/16/2014 4:48:55 PM
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