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Monday March 30 2015
1:56 AM EDT
2014-07-25 at NOON

Fort William First Nation hopes new subdivision helps address housing needs

By Jamie Smith,

Fort William First Nation hopes a new development will help members stay in their homes longer and address the community’s housing shortage.

Council still needs to meet with members to approve the 20-unit subdivision on Little Lake Road.

Chief Georjann Morriseau said the homes would be designed to withstand the elements, last longer and be less susceptible to mould. Fort William, like many First Nation communities, needs housing.

"We have so many families that are in overcrowded situations. We have homeless members, we have young single members that don't have adequate housing," she said.

There would also be an education piece to the overall housing strategy to help maintain homes in the community. Elders with accessibility issues could get renovations done, people living off-reserve could come home and new funding models for people with low-income would also be addressed.

Morriseau is hoping to see 10 units built this year but first she said the community needs to sit down and discuss the strategy.

"I think it's something that we have to do and really be serious about it in the beginning," she said.


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JJO1972 says:
Good for you! We need more like minded leaders in today's world.
7/27/2014 9:00:27 PM
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