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Wednesday May 27 2015
1:52 PM EDT
2014-07-31 at 10:02

Johnson files

By Leith Dunick,

Tamara Johnson has entered Thunder Bay’s at-large city councilor race.

Johnson, whose controversial stance of First Nation business practices led the Ontario Conservatives to rescind her candidacy in the recent provincial election, then drew fire as the Libertarian Party candidate in Thunder Bay-Superior North for a full-page advertisement in the local daily newspaper that led First Nations groups to picket the paper’s office.

Johnson finished fifth in her riding, garnering 3.3 per cent of the vote. 

Johnson is the 13th candidate to file in the at-large race. Other candidates include Naomi Abotossaway, Iain Angus, Diane Armstrong, Andrew Brigham, Vanessa Catalan, Kimberly Coreau, Larry Hebert, Christopher Holland, Robin Rickards, Aldo Ruberto, Wolfgang Schoor and Barry Streib. 

Henry Wojak is expected later Thursday to become the fourth mayoral candidate to file, joining incumbent Keith Hobbs, former mayor Ken Boshcoff and Douglas MacKay.


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Dan dan says:
Amazing how many people say that they would be happy to have a candidate that "speaks her mind". Is this because she has no concept of diplomacy? Politicians that "speak their mind" don't last long because they rub people the wrong way. In politics, this is the last kind of personality you want to have.
8/5/2014 12:36:43 PM
Lykarock says:
I'm sorry to disagree with you squirrel, She didn't sound conservative to me. She ran as a Libertarian after she was ousted from the PC party for voicing her beliefs. We have a very diverse voting public in the City and she has jaded many with her remarks and opinions. Perhaps you should read the Libertarian platform and then decide if you share her viewpoint. ( no social support system, or healthcare) etc.etc. and for eastender, just because she puts her cards on the table doesn't mean she has an idea how to play..
8/3/2014 5:35:29 AM
Secret Squirrel says:
I will be happy to give her my vote because I think she has a lot to give back to us.

She believes in a conservative approach and an equal playing field. How can anybody be against that?
8/2/2014 7:22:47 PM
lykarock says:
Baseball season is upon us. Ran as PC candidate, got removed, Strike One, ran as Liberterian ( read their platform sometime to see what her value system seems to be), lost; strike two. Attempt a run for City Council after failing the other two times. Is strike three close by, finally? I think once some people get into the limelight they cannot function once its lost so they will try anything to keep themselves in front of the crowd. I think it is admirable for those who choose to run to try to better the City. Those who run just to be in the public eye are a waste of time, in my humble opinion.
8/2/2014 6:08:23 AM
Eastender says:
If only your opinion were as humble as you claim it to be!
8/2/2014 11:19:53 PM
mystified says:
Come on people! Stick with the current gang in power. You all love what they are doing with your tax dollars. They are building you a nice park down at the marina. They are going to build you a nice new event centre. They are paving all the streets for you. They stopped rural property owners from selling building lots. They might just build you a bridge across the Kam so you can get cheap gas and butts. I hope I didn't type to fast for some of you...take your time read it slowly and remember all the good things you never complain about from the current council.
8/1/2014 9:08:03 PM
over60 says:
The council needs new people and fresh ideas to deal with the problems in Thunder Bay. The waterfront is quite lovely, to sit or to walk but I do find the open alcohol consumption and the fact that people are storing their booze in the shrubs along the walkway, just a little disgusting. Been down to the waterfront a couple days in a row now and both times you can sit and watch people openly drinking their booze. I thought that was illegal; if not, well I might just have a cooler or two myself:) If Tamara can help with the problems - great, if other councillors want to help tackle the problems - perfect. Just get it fixed.
8/1/2014 5:45:41 PM
udecide says:
' TIREDOF IT and JOEY J ", I would much rather a person who is not afraid to speak the truth than people who are afraid to do so, and let others walk all over us.
8/1/2014 1:00:16 PM
tiredofit says:
I'm not opposed to it either, but like I said in my previous statement, she has already tainted relationships with the good people of FWFN and if she's elected it will only get worse, that's a given.

Theres a difference between speaking the truth (which she clearly exaggerated, hence the reason the PC's dropped her like a hot potato) and someone who clearly raises issues that are based on cold hard facts. Again, I have a lot of friends on both sides of the Kam river, many of who were deeply offended by her stance on FWFN and all of the FN's.

The so called "hand outs" she speaks of were all given to them in good faith by the "White-man" and we have to abide by those treaties. The Feds already do a good job and screwing it up as is. She clearly failed to do any real research on most, if not all of her claims. And yes, I do know a fair bit about the treaties, I've gone through them (as a non-FN) it's my duty to try and understand it all. Everyone should.
8/1/2014 7:15:28 PM
Jack Frost says:
Tamara is a welcome fresh breath of air !!

You got my vote Tamara...
8/1/2014 10:29:00 AM
King Farouk says:
not getting my vote.
8/1/2014 9:21:11 AM
tiredofit says:
Last time we elected a "mouth" like hers we got sued by the city manager because he was wrongfully accused and fired. I can see the same thing happening again with someone like her in a position of power. We already know her stance on First Nations and that will only further the problems we are experiencing (and repairing thanks to our current Mayor).

Sorry, not getting my vote.
7/31/2014 8:02:04 PM
Joey_J says:
Completely agree. Need to hope that the voters remember the last time we elected a Loose Cannon Council, sweeping out the incumbents - hurricane like disaster for the city in which we needed to bring a bunch of them back to try and clean up and set us back 15 years.
8/1/2014 8:21:28 AM
Shane Caker says:
You know when someone gets lots of support on this site, it spells doom for the candidate. I won't be voting for her but I kinda hopes she gets in. Just to watch the charades.
7/31/2014 7:40:21 PM
SomeGuy says:
You don't have my wont and never will. I hope this brings to light your narrow minded views to even more people.
7/31/2014 3:10:09 PM
Shkotay says:
I have to wonder about the "Agrees" on this page as well.

I just noticed if you refresh the browser you can "agree" as much as you want, and perhaps inflate your comment WAY past where it would be if one was not allowed to do that.

Admins, can you see about correcting that? It gives a warped perception to those who are going to use this trick.
7/31/2014 2:18:05 PM
Enquirer says:
Shkotay, I had brought this issue to Leith's attention in an earlier story (sorry I do not have the link currently) and he had mentioned to me that the administrators for TBNewswatch were looking into revamping the comments system to discourage multiple accounts and vote padding.

I had heard the possibility of using the Disqus system, which would require registration and would allow for only 1 comment vote per IP and cookie. While not fool proof, this would add a significant amount of time to abusers of the current system. Instead of 5 minutes to upvote your comment 100 times, you are looking at exponentially more time with having to use a variety of work arounds.

When/if this is going to be implemented is beyond me. Leith, if you read this, or any other admin, can you comment on the progress of this?
7/31/2014 4:06:40 PM
dan dan says:
Absolutely not! There's no way we should be registering with some third-party US site to be able to comment on our local news. You may not care about your security and privacy, but most do.
7/31/2014 5:32:03 PM
Enquirer says:
Sorry to break this to you, dan dan, but if your concern is around being tracked by a US company, you already are on TBNewswatch.

Go look up the source code on here. I'll wait. Okay, got it? Great. Notice anything in particular? Do you notice how many times the world "Google" appears?

That is due to the fact that even TBNewswatch utilizes Google APIs, which yes unfortunately, sends statistics back to Google, a third party US company.

Heck, even the New Relic tracking system TBNewswatch uses to assess web performance is an American company which is assessing every thing you do on this site right now!

By even being on here, dan dan, you do not value your privacy. Kind of an oxymoron coming on a social media website to post about how you value privacy, no?
8/1/2014 10:21:27 AM
Dan dan says:
All that is currently being tracked is anonymous data to a dynamic IP address. It is in no way personal. Forcing users to sign up with an American company using real names and IP addresses would be a much greater breach of privacy. Such data can be turned over to the US government as per the Patriot Act. There is no reason for any Canadian company to be subjecting its users to this.
8/5/2014 12:43:51 PM
TBAY Opinion says:
Facebook access would work.

Disqus would be Troll Wars 24 x 7.
7/31/2014 9:42:57 PM
Leith Dunick says:
It likely won't be third-party, but it will require registration and confirmation, which means using an actual email address. We'll also be more aggressive checking for users trying to use multiple accounts. The agree feature will be fixed. Comments will continue to need to be approved before they're posted. There's no way we're allowing it to happen the other way around. We'd be inundated with racism and slander. It's why DISQUS probably isn't an option. Facebook has its pluses, but negatives too -- including the fact that not all of you have accounts, or are willing to sign up.
8/1/2014 1:32:33 AM
Enquirer says:
Hey Leith, thank you for the reply.

Just to clarify, what exactly is going to to be implemented on the 'agree' button to fix the current issue? Time delay? One vote per IP? Use of cookie to restrict a computer to one vote? All of the above?

In terms of being more aggressive, what does that entail?

Might I also request potential voter registration on the online polls? E.g. If a person is logged in, they will only receive one vote per account, otherwise you are unable to cast a vote. It would keep things fair.

Just curious from a webmaster's standpoint as to what is going to change under the hood.

8/1/2014 10:12:38 AM
Leith Dunick says:
I'm not a computer guy, so I'm not sure. But I know it's being discussed by the folks who are working on the site revamp.

All I can say is I've brought your concerns to the table and have been promised they will be fixed when we roll out the changes (and I'm not sure what the timeline is).
8/1/2014 11:54:40 AM
Eastender says:
I really dont think that multiple agrees are a problem. Anyone with any common sense can see that if you agree with yourself or any other comment a hundred times, you are only getting a false perception of reality. I and most commenters, I believe, are interested in seeing how many people are agreeing with our comments, and are not out to create false impressions. Yes you are going go get those who will agree a half dozen times or so. However the number of comments for and against a particular issue are more indicative, than the number of agrees. Lets not do anything that would degrade the quality of this site, and discourage comments. Good or bad, it is valuable to have a finger on the pulse of this town.
8/1/2014 12:22:38 PM
Enquirer says:
Unfortunately, the quality of the commenting system currently in place has been degraded far beyond acceptable levels.

There is obviously an issue from, ahem, repeat offenders here who register multiple accounts. Similarly, I find it hilarious when, ahem, these people click agree to their own post multiple times where it results in 100+ agrees for their post with the highest agreed upon dissenting post getting 5-10 agrees.

There is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from registering an account then clicking the agree button. A mere one time registration will not inhibit anyone who really wishes to 'agree' with someone from doing so.

I have seen far more people calling for a comment system reform than those who claim the current system is fine as it is. I will of course receive a bunch of replies to this from the usual suspects with multiple accounts telling me I am crazy/wrong.

Change is a good thing! Embrace it! If you want an non-skewed indication of agreement, this is the ticket!
8/1/2014 1:05:31 PM
Enquirer says:
Well, I will say I very much appreciate the assurances that changes are coming. Thanks for bringing those concerns forward to those on the programming side.

I understand the logistics that goes into a total website overhaul, so I know this will be a work in progress for a bit of time yet.

Here's to a soon-to-be better TBNewswatch!
8/1/2014 12:37:37 PM
Eastender says:
I'm no computer geek either, so I'm not familiar with programs that monitor sites like this one. But I really dont think that there is abuse happening to any great extent. I would certainly welcome tighter controls on the ability to restrict people from agreeing more than once, or having more than one account. But I kind of dont think that may be possibble without discouraging commenters to post, or witjout compromising anonymity. After all it is the anonymity that inspires people to speak their mind without backlash.
I have the feeling it is the people who are unhappy with the posts who would like to change the system, kinda like the republicans in the US who would like to restrict the lower income poor people from access to the polls.
8/1/2014 6:00:29 PM
Enquirer says:
That's the stuff! A comparison of a small news outlet's commenting system to voter suppression by a major political party in the US. Keep baiting with that low income statement; that surely helps swing public opinion on your side. Let me try: It is like the communists who want loosened rules!

That said, one does not need to be a 'computer geek' to understand the basic fundamentals of the issue here. You have repeat offenders that seemingly ruin an honour system of commenting. It has been demonstrated this system is not working, thus, move toward a new system to stop the abuse.

Nearly every major news website has overhauled their commenting system years ago. Why are you scared of change?

I myself have empirical data from my own websites to show that commenter registration has a non statistically significant impact on the frequency of comments from valid users.

You want to see my data? Get 'Ray' to show me his data first instead of defending the silence, and then I'll show you mine.
8/2/2014 2:36:17 AM
Jack Frost says:
Reply to Leith Dunick:

While your retooling the comments section, why not also include a red Disagree thumbs down along side a green Agree thumbs up as well ?!

It would be very interesting to see the bold contrasting comparative results side by side...
8/1/2014 10:42:15 AM
crazyforweed says:
It would be nice to have some fresh faces on council ,if tamara make's it well obviously she has supporters , but no one will know until that time comes!
7/31/2014 2:13:49 PM
Shkotay says:
The woman was shown to be BLATANTLY wrong in her positions on aboriginal people, and on how the tax laws worked nationally or provincially. Her wording on these issues included for her all aboriginal people as a whole, applying negative traits to us all, and yet denied being racist. She apparently doesnt even know what that word means.

Several direct, sourced refutations were sent to her FB page, which she promptly removed in order to keep her positions looking correct. In fact she had to do this more and more (not including the threats and crass commentary people also sent. She liked to also call intelligent rebuttals "bullying" as well) as her campaign went on.

She showed little else on anything constituting a real platform for any other relevant issues when she ran as a Libertarian.

Anyone who says she is a strong voice for truth should REALLY get their head checked.

She doesnt not speak the truth, she doesnt know the issues.

Do you if you support that?

Think, will you?
7/31/2014 1:42:40 PM
jamisuplate says:
People are always quick to say that Tamara is spouting the "truth" about issues when in fact it is only her opinion. There is a huge difference between opinion and truth. She is quick to offer opinions on complex matters she has no idea or concept about. She spews negativity about First Nation people, leaders and communities instead of offering solid, viable solutions unveiling her naivete, ignorance and inexperience to all. Unfortunately, she has become a a public figure, a leader to some, and a social media hound who uses the medium to stir controversy instead of using it to seek solutions and build bridges. Undoubtedly, her followers will come out of the weeds to support for her because they believe her opinion is truth when in fact its nothing but self-serving, bitter rhetoric that pulls the whole city back into prehistoric times.
7/31/2014 1:41:26 PM
sawmillsteve says:
You have my vote Tamara...its about time somebody who is not scared to say how things are really happening is on council. Start to defeat the "old boys club" that exists on council and put this city back where it should be.
7/31/2014 1:16:43 PM
youngintbay says:
You have my vote. Keep having that strong voice and never back down.
7/31/2014 12:54:35 PM
freepostg says:
Take note of how few votes she will actually garner. The result may be very embarrassing for her.
7/31/2014 12:54:04 PM
j_northey says:
After her blow up at the end of the election with that big ad making it clear what her #1 stance is it is safe to say I'll be voting for anyone else on the ballot. Last thing this city needs is a person whose #1 position is to cause trouble with First Nations.
7/31/2014 12:53:56 PM
paperplanes says:
Good luck to all the candidates. As for the one candidate, she obviously based her opinions on false facts in her last election. Which makes me think she may not be very knowledgeable at all to help run a city and may be in it for the dollar.
7/31/2014 12:43:48 PM
signman says:
It is a breath of fresh air to have new candidates running. With the news of Tamara Johnson declaing her candidacy and most likely Henry Wojak this afternoon it will make for a very interesing election.

As I mentioned Mr. Wojak supports having a plebiscite on the Event Centre and it is my understanding that Tamara Johnson also would support the public having a direct vote on this issue as she apparently does not support building a new Event Centre at this time. Looking forward to her comments.

7/31/2014 12:04:39 PM
fastball says:
One of them has badgered and bullied his way into a trespass notice in the very place he wants to work - and the other has been branded as....delicately put, somewhat socially and culturally intolerant to a great many residents.
While not totally without his own faults, Mr. Hobbs has had the political acumen and courage to invite all the parties to get together and address some very important issues facing this community. Yes, it takes two to tango - but someone has to take the first step and ask you to dance.
And once again, Ray - there's more than ONE issue facing this community. Maybe we could get a read on what they propose on the dozens of other issues facing this city before blindly endorsing a candidate just because they agree with you on one.
8/1/2014 9:19:18 AM
dillon says:
It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad. This is what I get for teasing my family in Toronto about their mayor.

After her ridiculous performances at the LU debate and the interview on CBC, how can people still feel she'd be a good candidate? She is willfully and proudly uninformed about the issue she is most vocal about! Whether you agree with them or not, there are smart, informed people at all points on the political spectrum. She is neither. She has no view of the world or this city outside of what she sees in her own, narrow little tunnel.
7/31/2014 12:00:35 PM
CM Punk says:
Tamara is the only one who is not afraid to raise what the real issues are.
Too many on council either are too scared because of the wwe backlash or are simply yes men who toe the lines because its easier.

Looking at the list of at large, I really hope we see some new faces so people need to get out and vote.
Kenny has my vote for mayor because Hobbs is just a disaster.
Tamara has my vote too.

Just sick and tired of the secret council meetings, crazy spending and lawsuits we are facing. New faces, new ideas and new approach to responsible spending is needed or else this city will left in the dust.

7/31/2014 11:57:35 AM
eventscentre says:
Finally....someone who speaks the truth. Good luck Tamara!!!
7/31/2014 11:49:22 AM
cazam says:
She has my vote. I don't mind someone who is not afraid to go out on limb and make people think.
7/31/2014 11:47:14 AM
thepoorman says:
7/31/2014 11:40:30 AM
olive garden says:
YEP you have my vote too, its about time somone with a voice.
7/31/2014 11:36:42 AM
dockboy says:
I for one am tired of this society of having to be "politically correct". Nice to hear someone brave enough to tell like it is.
7/31/2014 11:34:03 AM
OilSandsMan says:
A vote for Tamara is a vote for change ! A change to fairness, accountability and equality ! She is honest and gutsy ! Something our current councilors are lacking. She has my vote and support...GUARANTEED !
7/31/2014 11:34:02 AM
rocky racoon says:
Unfortunately we couldn't vote for Tamara in the provincial election because we're not in her riding. Now that she's running for an at large seat she'll have mine and my wife's votes. Best of luck to her. Council and city administration need a good kick in the butt. Tamara is the only one who will fight for taxpayers instead of looking for ways to rake them over the coals.
7/31/2014 11:32:29 AM
Shane Caker says:
My guess is that she was running out of everyone else's riding too?
7/31/2014 7:33:59 PM
Kam River says:
All the best Tamara, nice to see a women running with a independent point of view and someone understand the value of the dollar.
7/31/2014 11:30:48 AM
fairlane says:
I know there's been a lot of emotion and passion from people on her last campaign.

But, when it came down to the crunch she barely had two words to say at the debate. She's all full of brivado on her Facebook site but when faced with real world questions she comes up thin. Is this what we want in council? A blow hard who can call people issues, but doesn't have a well thought out plan to fix things.

Be careful what you wish for. Remember the council we had a few years ago. There was so much bickering nothing got done. We don't need another Orville.
7/31/2014 11:28:33 AM
Royalflush says:
Beter that nothing gets done than the wrong things get done, like this present council. I still find it hard to believe that not a single councillor had strong opposition to the allotting of funds to do all tne consulting and approval of the location of this boondoggle welfare hockey rink. Boggles the mind!
8/1/2014 8:41:36 AM
signman says:
With the prospect of Henry Wojak running for Mayor I wish him all the best. I have known him for the last year or so and I believe he will work hard for all taxpayers. He is the only mayoral candidate that believes the taxpayers should have a vote on the controversial Event Centre.
7/31/2014 11:05:55 AM
smartguy83 says:
Well there goes any credibility you may have.
7/31/2014 12:41:28 PM
fastball says:
But what's his opinion on the HUNDREDS of other issues facing this city - not only now, but in the future? Thunder Bay has more issues going on than the stupid event centre.
One-issue candidates are bad enough - but a voter who can't see their way beyond a single issue is probably even worse.
7/31/2014 12:56:24 PM
Joey_J says:
Will Henry be able to file his papers on his own or is their still an order keeping him off the paper? Will you file his papers for him? How about filing your papers to see if you speak for the majority as you claim?
7/31/2014 12:56:45 PM
countrygirl18 says:
You go Tamara!! I am a tax payer and you have my vote. Maybe you will be able to clean up this city finally and make it safe to walk the streets again.
7/31/2014 11:05:55 AM
wasaya says:
Good Luck Tamara, you'll need it....You won't get my vote.
7/31/2014 11:03:35 AM
Archer says:
Good luck Tamara. A strong, brave voice will be welcome.
7/31/2014 10:42:07 AM
dan dan says:
When one enrolls in an election in which one does not have a hope of getting any votes, this is clear narcissism.
7/31/2014 10:32:50 AM
grs says:
15 more minutes of fame?

Seriously though, I'd like to see her platform. I suspect that she is only a one trick pony and expects to solve all First Nation issues from an at-large councillor's position in Thunder Bay.

Oh yeah, her 'equality for all' vague position too, forgot about that...

Prove me wrong Tamara. What other issues do you have an opinion on and will address as a councillor?
7/31/2014 10:27:39 AM
Comments unavailable says:
All the best Tamara and good luck! You have my vote and I am looking forward to placing your sign on my front lawn. You represent and stand for exactly what I am looking a resident, as a home owner and as a tax payer in this city!

When your campaign gets up and running I would like to volunteer and work for you to assist in anyway I can to get this done come October!
7/31/2014 10:27:15 AM
notorious says:
All that said under an anonymous post.
7/31/2014 1:35:06 PM
AndersonSilvasLeg says:
Aren't a big majority of these monickers pretty anonymous to begin with? Don't think Comments unavailable is that much different in what they speak and/or speak about.
7/31/2014 2:13:58 PM
comments unavailable says:
Likewise "notorious"

On October 27th (only 88 days away) my vote will not be anonymous!
7/31/2014 4:47:55 PM
Who-cares says:
Good Luck Tamara. You have my vote.
7/31/2014 10:07:51 AM
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fastball says:
Maybe before people start blindly throwing their vote to just anyone - people might start asking a few questions. Like maybe what their position is on certain civic issues? What is their vision for the city? What are their priorities? Yes, she's made her view clear on certain topics (enough to get her booted from provincial consideration) - but what's her opinion on that issue got to do with running the city?
Some of us have been around long enough to tell the difference between chocolate sauce and...well, you know - and can tell when someone really hasn't a realistic clue about anything and is merely trying cash in on a little bit of notoriety.
7/31/2014 11:02:58 AM
Eastender says:
Fastball, I think you are well aquainted with that...well, you know, stuff, because you sure have spread enough of it over the past while.
With Hobbs, you got pie crust, you know, the flakey kind. At least Tamara puts her cards on tne table, and theres no surprises.
7/31/2014 5:27:02 PM
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