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Timko throws hat into at-large race

By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

Long-time former city councillor Lawrence Timko is once again seeking an at-large seat in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

Timko, first elected in 1977 in McKellar Ward, spent 29 years at the council table before he was ousted in 2006.

He ran again in 2010, finishing sixth in the at-large race with 12,650 votes, just 746 shy of fifth-place finisher Aldo Ruberto.

TB Newswatch has also learned that former Ontario Heritage Party candidate Paul Sloan intends to file to run in Red River Ward, which would make it a four-horse race.

Incumbent Brian MacKinnon and challengers James Marsh and David George Noonan have already filed to run.

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bojangles says:
Lots of complaints and no good ideas.
8/5/2014 2:02:07 PM
hotchoc says:
We have 22 comments on this article.

We have comments about politicians all of the time. Almost always bashing them.

We criticize almost everything on this site to those who support green energy to those who will not be happy until every drop of oil is sucked out of the earth.

I do understand with crimes that sometimes comments are limited but when Tamara Johnson put out her stuff, all kinds of comments flowed from that.

So why then are there no comments allowed over Chief Morriseau's comments about the new disclosure requirements for first nations.

I have to say I am quite disappointed over that.

Sure, there might be some postings that are over the top. Don't print them. Others like me might wish to discuss the issue or is there a fear about an actual discussion about the issue.

8/4/2014 4:38:50 PM
JoeBush says:
Thank you for the compliment Jack Frost.

However, I must decline your recommendation. I have neither the ego nor desire to engage in politics at any level. As much as we'd like to see change/progress from City council, it will be a difficult task to accomplish unless we remove those who's self interest are their primary objective.

Cronyism and "good old boys" attitude are still pervasive in this town. As they say "It's not what you know. It's who you know." Sadly, that axiom rings true in Thunder Bay. Many of council's decisions are swayed by constructions companies, developers and other high profile interest groups. The decisions made and direction taken depends on what company has the most influential councilor(s) in their pocket. When you see councilors pushing hard for a development or lifting of restrictions, take a look at their constituency. Chances are, there's a company/business seeking a leg up. Regular folks (voters) don't have much influence as individuals.
8/4/2014 1:34:27 PM
nvjgu says:
Status Que.
8/4/2014 1:03:12 PM
fastball says:
It's "status QUO" - just for clarity's sake.
8/4/2014 11:26:03 PM
TBDR says:
Timko, Boshcoff etc... this feels like Back to the Future... or the Twilight Zone. or maybe both.
8/4/2014 12:16:29 PM
snotzky says:
Same old tired people, ideas, vision. Thunder Bay needs to progress with some new ideas,otherwise, our young will continue to leave here in droves. Telemaketing and minimum wage jobs are not the answer. Timko's had several kicks at the cat as alderman, and the city is in sad shape. Lawrence, time to enjoy your retirement and let young new ideas come forward.
8/4/2014 8:47:00 AM
Jack Frost says:
Thunder Bay could and would benefit and move forward with a guy like wise "JoeBush" on council...

You got my vote JoeBush...
8/3/2014 10:24:19 PM
maggie7 says:
Lots of comments on the up and coming election. Good to see.

Red River Area: Time to get some new blood in there for sure.I will reserve judgment on what McKinnon did or didn't do. Probably just in it for another Pension.

Timko I have no qualms one way or the other.

Boshcoff I am voting for him. Unfortunately the votes forthe three way race for Mayor will be split.
8/3/2014 5:29:44 PM
JoeBush says:
As with all generations, there's a changing of the guard. Not all council members need to be young. A good mix of local demographics would likely give us a reasonable council. Including at least one First Nations representative and more would be better. Maybe a seasoned referee would be a good fit as well?

From what I've seen of our city council over the years is stagnation, indecision and occasionally a bit of deceit. In addition to that, I don't necessarily see fair distribution of development and tax payer's dollars. The north side has been bleeding the rest of the city dry. If it wasn't for the new court house, the south side would have virtually nothing of consequence to show vs. what's been happening in the waterfront area.

And now they want to put the event center over there? Innova Park is the most sensible place to put it for a number of reasons. Central location and ample parking for instance. In this case there appears to be more than just City interest at play...
8/3/2014 9:50:04 AM
joey joe joe jr. shabadoo says:
regardless of whom gets in next election, be it young or old, there will ALWAYS be negative nillies knocking down their ideas.

8/3/2014 3:28:29 AM
Eastender says:
What exactly is a negative nilly?
8/3/2014 11:38:24 PM
Eastender says:
I for one, do not worship at the altar of youth. I am prepared to listen to younger peoples ideas, but not to embrace them as the answer to all that needs to be done. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to making impotant political decisions, that will impact society financially and socially. I would rather walk down a well worn path, than machete my way through a jungle to find myself at the edge of a cliff, with headhunters hot on my trail. How about you?
8/2/2014 11:35:17 PM
tsb says:
Please retire.
8/2/2014 10:19:02 PM
EJ says:
Comments seeking new ideas or a different perspective on the how to move the city forward are valid but a career experienced old guy who has never been on council might fill the void for ideas as well as a young person. You guys have lots of ideas - it's putting them into action is why you need the right councillor
8/2/2014 9:59:41 PM
Secret Squirrel says:
Im voting for total change. given the opportunity I will not vote for any single incumbent. Henry gets my vote, the at large councillors that are not in favour of the events center will as well. I'll be sure to vote for Tamara Johnson too!
8/2/2014 6:58:00 PM
JoeBush says:
If old ex-politicians really want to do something good for the city, in most cases, they should not run themselves. They'd do the city better by recommending/supporting a new face with fresh ideas, honesty and excellent work ethic. However, that combination is pretty scarce these days. It seems that anyone interested in political positions are primarily motivated by self interest and occasionally use city council positions as their first step into a career of politics. Not necessarily bad if they bring something to the table. However, many do not.

Worst yet, are the deceitful/shady few who make backroom deals that effect many without their consent nor knowledge. The wind park for instance. That council dug the City into a hole and should be ashamed of themselves. What the h*ll were they thinking anyway????

8/2/2014 6:20:41 PM
REG says:
Please enough of the retreads running for office. We need new people with new ideas. The city is in this condition because of the old guys making bad decisions. We have to move on from the retreads.
8/2/2014 1:34:52 PM
Joey_J says:
Will TB NewsSource be preparing any election material, maybe candidate profiles, where they stand on particular issues, and hopefully late September/Early October? Maybe something that arrives along with the weekly paper?
8/2/2014 1:11:24 PM
CM Punk says:
JonThunder, you bring up a good point but then there are those who do not want younger people to run because they don't have the know how to run this city.
To me, the clowns that are already in this circus are losing control so younger and new cannot do any worse then it already is.

EastEnder brings up a good point with regards to taxes but not just taxes, hydro and water bills continue to go up and I use the same amount pretty much every pay period.

No wonder more and more meals are served at the shelter and people are homeless.
Just my two cents in this regard as well.
Timko, you are older then time and you will not get my vote. I am sorry.

Time for some new NWO blood to march into city hall and make some real justifiable noise and answer the real issues that plague this town.
8/2/2014 1:03:49 PM
JoeBush says:
Running for council.....again! Why? Sometimes it seems that some prehistoric ex-politicians can't seem to retire gracefully. As mentioned, he spent 29 years spinning his wheels accomplishing nothing more than massaging his ego.

And therein likely lies the problem. Excessive ego and unwavering hunger for attention is like more of a factor in his running than bringing anything of substance to city council. However, I'm fairly certain that's what drives most of them......
8/2/2014 1:00:11 PM
fastball says:
Well, what would really help is if people quit putting an X down beside the old familiar names - and starting paying actual attention to the campaigns of the few new names that bother to run for office.
We need less of this pie-in-the-sky rhetoric like "I'm going to be tough on crime. I'm going to cut taxes" BS. We need some new thinking - an ability to see how other cities do things and adapt successful models to work in our town.
Let some new people onto council - let them sit down and learn the job and learn the realities of running the city. Taxes are high, yes. Are they being spent efficiently? What is their vision for the city 5-10 years down the line?
Too many single-issue candidates appealing to single-issue voters - we need more people that see the TOTAL picture...not just a little snapshot.
8/5/2014 9:59:01 AM
Eastender says:
It is great that we have so many new candidates running, even to see an old warhorse back in the ring. But they have got to get their message out there, and let us know where they stand on the important issues of this city. I cant vote for you if you dont let me know what your priorities are, and what you think you can contribute. The important thing for me and many others is the continuing increases in property taxes, and what can be done to abate the tidal wave of increases that will surely come should this event centre be built. Also the issue of splitting this city further into two distinct areas, by proposing that any event centre be built in theold Port Arthur District. We need unification not division. Not the only issue, but one important to me and a majority of the folks in the city. Though some may disagree.
8/2/2014 12:05:25 PM
fastball says:
There's nobody under the age of 50 that thinks putting an event centre in the downtown north side is "dividing" the city. Did you think putting the new courthouse in the south side was "dividing" the city? What about City Hall...shouldn't that be somewhere "central"?
Face it - this town is a collection of 4 or 5 neighbourhoods loosely connected by streets filled with fast-food restaurants, car lots, big-box stores and mini-malls.
8/3/2014 11:09:07 AM
jonthunder says:
Thunder Bay could use more younger candidates to bring more balance to the table.
8/2/2014 10:34:42 AM
Molly says:
"29Years on Council" Yet no mention of a single accomplishment.
Longevity by itself is not a measure of effectiveness .

Sorry but really tired of this group Kenny included who think it's their right to feed constantly from the Public Trough .
People critical of the City's condition might consider that the root of the problem lays with these Councillors who spent near 30 years making decisions that are now surfacing as problems.
8/2/2014 10:10:06 AM
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