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‘Unfortunate’ remarks

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch.com

Paul Estrin was a hard worker for the Green Party and a good president, recalls MP Bruce Hyer.

The president stepped down this week after showing support for Israel, which contradicts the party's resolution calling for "engaged neutrality."

Hyer, deputy leader for the Green Party and the MP for the Thunder Bay - Superior North riding, said the party doesn't whip anyone, but Estrin identified himself as the president in his blog post titled "Why Gaza makes me sad."

"That was inappropriate because it was really quite different than the position that was taken by the party as a whole," Hyer said.

But Hyer stressed that Estrin stepped down on his own. No one threw him under the bus.

"It was unfortunate and I think he realized that he did the wrong thing and I certainly disagreed with what he did. I wouldn't have asked him to resign," he said. 

There's blame on both sides of the conflict, but Israel needs to be brought to heel, Hyer said.

He plans on taking the Conservative government to task for its unwavering support of Israel when the House of Commons resumes in September.

"Their response has not been measured and equal or even what's necessary to protect their own security," Hyer said.

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JoeBush says:
I would suspect that Mr. Hyer likely has more inside information on what's happening in Gaza than anyone commenting here, unless of course, they've been experiencing the conflict in Gaza/Israel first hand. We should not be too presumptuous regarding who's the victim/perpetrator in this conflict. Much of the news we receive is definitely biased in favour our our favourites. Accordingly, I doubt that many, if any of us are in any position to decide one way or the other regarding true responsibility for this conflict.

As stated, the Palestinians have had an axe to grind since the end of WW11 when the middle east was carved up and the state of Israel planted right in the midst of their homeland.

How would you feel if invaders decided to put the state of Israel right here in our back yard? Then have the Israelis cut us off from traveling, earning a living and imposing abject poverty on us? People generally fight for a reason. Not taking sides, just exposing some historical facts.
8/11/2014 4:17:31 PM
spazz says:
Despite the fact that a lot of people on this site don't seem to even read the articles before commenting here is a lot of info for anyone interested:


To me "engaged neutrality" would infer the Green Party wants Canada to work towards peace in the region without taking sides. Get out the tar and feathers!

8/8/2014 10:58:05 AM
freepostg says:
Mr. Hyer has sadly shown his true colours. He is a dissappointment and should retire from politics as opposed to continually embarrassing himself. Watchful and Baor make very important and valid points. People like Bruce Hyer are scary and should never be put in any type political office.
8/8/2014 8:37:05 AM
Jack Frost says:
Perhaps Hyer needs to be brought to heel and muzzled !!
8/8/2014 4:43:00 AM
chbaker says:
Hey Boar:

I think it's Palestine that is defending itself from possibly the most brutal land theft and military occupations in human history.

What Israel is doing to the people of Gaza and the West bank is no less than genocide.
A modern day holocaust.
8/8/2014 1:10:01 AM
tbay87 says:
More like unfortunate policy for the party. While Israel clearly goes too far at times, Canada should absolutely NOT be neutral in this conflict. Israel is a close ally and democratic state with values similar to our own who show great restraint dealing with Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization that would wipe Israel off the map if it had the technology.

It amazes me that a left-wing party (who I expect to be in favor of human rights and against religious extremists) would want to be neutral in a conflict where one side effectively wants to complete what Hitler started (well if they were to admit the Holocaust actually happened), while the other writes laws supporting freedom of religion.
8/8/2014 12:03:11 AM
tsb says:
Gaza has almost been wiped off the map... What Israel is doing is like the police blowing up a bank while civilians are inside, because it was being robbed at the time.
8/9/2014 9:05:46 AM
watchful says:
Well Mr. Hyer, might I suggest you just keep your small-minded business out of world politics. Who are you to tell Israel how they should protect their country and people from not Palestine but from terrorists. Do you not know that Hamas are terrorist whose only agenda is to kill every man, woman and child in Israel. And that also includes all that do not believe in their beliefs which means Canadians, Americans. I am saddened by all the deaths, but when terrorists hide behind their own people to fire bombs and use children as shields, I will stand proudly behind my Prime Minister and give support. Stick to local issues, it will be such a strain on you.
8/7/2014 6:56:31 PM
udecide says:
Bruce WHO......lol
8/7/2014 3:49:27 PM
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