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VoterLookup gives public chance to check registration status

MPAC reps were promoting the VoterLookup.ca website at Intercity Shopping Centre Friday.
Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch.com
MPAC reps were promoting the VoterLookup.ca website at Intercity Shopping Centre Friday.
By Jodi Lundmark, tbnewswatch.com

Voter registration for this fall’s municipal election is just a click away.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation has launched VoterLookup.ca, a website where voters can check to see if they are registered for the Oct. 27 election.

The site is new this year and MPAC representatives were at Intercity Shopping Centre near the food court Friday to inform citizens of the site and how it works.

“It will go a long way to ensuring the list we provide to the municipality are complete and accurate,” said Laura Voltti, municipal relations representative for MPAC.

Voltti said the site will also help avoid the issue of people coming out to vote only to find out they aren’t registered.

It will also hopefully aid in increasing voter turnout.

“It goes hand-in-hand with creating the awareness this election is coming and it’s important to exercise that right,” said Voltti.

The VoterLookup.ca booth will be at the mall until 7 p.m. Friday and will return on Aug. 21 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Registered candidates for the city of Thunder Bay 2014 election as of Aug. 15:

Ken Boshcoff
Keith Hobbs
Douglas David MacKay
Henry Wojak

At large:
O. (Olga) Naomi Abotossaway
Iain Angus
Diane Armstrong
Andrew Brigham
Terri-Lynne Carter
Vanessa Catalan
Kimberly Coreau
Larry Hebert
Christopher Eric Holland
Tamara Johnson
Robin Rickards
Aldo Ruberto
Wolfgang Schoor
Barry Streib
Lawrence Timko

Current River:
Claudio Monteleone
Dick Waddington
Andy Wolff

Logan Ollivier

Douglas Powell
Paul Pugh

Geoff Abthorpe
Austin Haner
Linda Rydholm

Shelby Ch’ng
David Polhill

Red River:
James Dean Marsh
Brian McKinnon
David George Noonan
Paul Sloan

John P. Radl
Frank Scarcello
Joe Virdiramo

English Public – school board:
Marg Arnone
Winona Collier
Pat Johansen
Ron Oikonen
Jack Playford
George Saarinen

English Separate – school board:
Michael Benninger
Don Cattani
Bob Hupka
Tony Romeo
French Public – school board:
Anne-Marie Gelineault 

French Separate – school board:           
Claudette Gleeson
Mariette Langevin
Alain Lauzon
Lina Mayer

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BuddhaMum says:
I really hope the local news outlets will take an active role in communicating the information about each candidate. I would LOVE to see a daily profile outlining each platform and plans for the future of Thunder Bay. Heck, if I don't see it happen I'll do it myself via facebook. Part of the reason people don't vote is because they don't know who to vote for!
8/18/2014 1:18:14 PM
Leith Dunick says:
We will be doing profiles on every candidate (as long as they make themselves available). We're also discussing video profiles for each candidate too. But we won't be doing anything until after Sept. 12, when the nomination period closes.
8/18/2014 2:32:31 PM
AndersonSilvasLeg says:
Who are these people and what the frank do they stand for?

I'm probably dense (i can admit that) but I can't say I've even heard a platform from a good lot of these people.
8/18/2014 11:02:08 AM
Royalflush says:
To all those running in this falls elections. Get your message out there, let us know who you are, and what your priorities and principles may be. Also, what is your background, and accomplishments, and what you think qualifies you for the job you seek.
We cant vote for you if we dont know you!
8/18/2014 8:19:59 AM
tsb says:
The website does not allow residents who live in rental units on main streets in the downtown cores or social housing developments to be added to the preliminary list.
8/15/2014 6:26:16 PM
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