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2014-08-16 at 5:51PM

'Once out, stay out:' Fire Chief says of importance of not re-entering a burning building

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY – It is never safe to go back into a burning building.

That’s the warning Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is issuing to city residents, in wake of a fatal fire in Ottawa earlier this week, where a 57-year-old woman was killed after going back into her burning townhome in an attempt to save her dog.

“Once out, stay out. Never re-enter a burning building,” Fire Chief John Hay is quoted in a statement that was issued Friday.

“This recent tragedy serves to emphasize the importance of staying outside once you have safely escaped a burning building.”

Fire crews are also asking residents to have home fire escape plans, in case of an emergency. They say everyone should know two ways out of each room and that exits should be kept unobstructed and easy to use.

They also advise having a person responsible for ensuring those vulnerable and needing assistance get out safely.

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