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Foulds, Waddington add names to Current River race

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- Andrew Foulds will be seeking his third term at city hall, as he becomes the latest incumbent to announce his re-election bid.

The Current River ward councillor announced on Sunday he plans to file his registration papers Monday afternoon, looking to maintain the seat he has held since 2006.

Foulds most recently ran in the spring provincial election as the NDP candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North, finishing second to Liberal Michael Gravelle after receiving nearly 30 per cent of the vote.

His opposition will include his predecessor.

Dick Waddington, who served as the Current River ward councillor from 1980 until 2000 before regaining the seat from 2003 to 2006, has filed his paperwork to once again run in the ward.

Waddington was defeated by Foulds in the 2006 election, who has held that position ever since.

Foulds and Waddington join Andy Wolff and Claudio Monteleone as declared candidates vying to represent Current River.

Meanwhile, the Neebing race has added two contenders challenging Coun. Linda Rydholm.

Both Austin Haner and Geoff Abthorpe have registered in the ward, each looking to wrestle away the seat that Rydholm has held since being elected in 2003. 

The bid for the five at-large seats is now up to 15 candidates, with Terri-Lynne Carter being the latest to throw her hat in the ring earlier this week.

With Foulds entering the race, that leaves Northwood Coun. Mark Bentz, McIntyre Coun. Trevor Giertuga and at-large Coun. Rebecca Johnson as the three lone incumbents yet to declare their intentions. At-large Coun. Ken Boshcoff is challenging for the mayor's chair.

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caesarjbasquitti says:
Integrity ?

The system lacks integrity ! The City as a democratic vote cannot vote for the ward seats, and the ward seats number 7 and they outweigh the power of the other at large candidates.

This is just one point that shows how the system lacks credibility, accountability, common sense, and integrity.

If you want to keep the same ward to at large system, then logically all the ward Councillors would only get one vote as they only represent 1/7 of the city. You would put terms on the ward councilors so they would allow new names into the system. You SHOULD NOT allow a ward councilor to chair a city wide committee; they don't have the voter support for this.

The wages paid for the councilor and their traveling costs should be the first to adjusted, and curtailed.
8/19/2014 10:03:36 PM
toonarmy1970 says:
we seriously need some new blood on the new council.coucillors who want to listen to the public not have their own agenda like the current council have it seems.
8/19/2014 11:03:42 AM
Royalflush says:
Aldo Ruberto has got to go.
8/19/2014 1:32:37 AM
Ozone says:
I agree with Meta. Vote them all out. Too many long standing pork barrel politicians on council and our mayor? Biggest disappointment yet! the crime mayor. What a joke!

We have a council and administration that does not listen , respect or care about the people they elected! Only building palaces , wasting money and hiding the truth!

Clean house in October!
8/18/2014 8:48:57 PM
Dan Dan says:
What we need is a pre-election publication detailing each candidate's stance on the various issues.

For the Events Centre? YES <---- Gets a vote from me!
8/18/2014 6:05:09 PM
meta says:
Clean the whole mess out this election!

Take ten minutes and review the past four year's messes (marina, bike lanes, wind farm, budgets, cloised door meetings, event centre fiasco, loans to private business, tax increases, east end floods) and half truths fed to the Thunder Bay electorite by these clowns!

Best vote is for none of the existing. Vote all new faces in!
8/18/2014 4:05:16 PM
fastball says:
Without throwing something radical into your whole argument...you know, like common sense and logic...who are these "new faces"?
Do we know any of their positions or plans? Would they carry the city forward into the next decade? Would they be good representatives?
Or would you vote for an absolute moron - just because they were a "new face"?
8/19/2014 8:52:36 AM
signman says:
The public continues to be ignored by the mayor, council and administration. The city's debt is to rise another $15 million by the end of the year to about $184 million while the city is crumbling at the seams and taxes are unaffordable to many.

The Chamber of Commerce has been warning the city about this mismanagement but the city pays no attention.

Hope we don't become another Detroit.

8/18/2014 3:14:50 PM
Joey_J says:
Cannot help but notice you never respond to any questions posed to you. This leads me to believe that the Signguy claiming to speak for the majority only likes to hear from one voice: his own.

Test your theory that you represent the concerned Tzxpayers and put your name on the ballot. My prediction is that you would receive a thrashing worse than any the Twins put on the East Kildonan Millionaires.
8/19/2014 11:55:30 AM
Bob Roberts says:
Foulds is a socialist NDP, he has never met a tax dollar he couldn't spend. Wake up people this is the NDP way Tax and Spend. There is no public accountability for spending your Tax dollars wisely since you voted for them and put them in office. Everyone of them has some sort of political agenda. Thunder Bay city council is really Clown School 101. Bring on the "event center", is anyone talking reduction of taxes, cutback on services, hard choices need to be made. Do we need city workers cutting grass at City owned golf courses, city hall is fat and bloated and in need of some real fat trimming at all levels. It should be tight fiscal control, not spend and waste the taxpayers money. Oh wait thats too simple of a view. How many more candidates are going to fall out of the wood work to run for office. Time for sweeping changes.
8/18/2014 3:03:39 PM
Glyder says:
I can't wait to see TWJ's platform. I mean, I pretty much already know what it is (just goto her FB page and you'll get a great idea where her priorities lay).

Even if, by some remote, insane chance, she gets in, with the way she talks and behaves, her morals and line of thinking, does she even believe even 1 Councillor will EVER align him/herself to her?

All of you who feel she is going to "shake up Thunder Bay" and put the "Thunder" back in the Bay are sorely being mislead. Go check out the Seduction of Tamara Ward Johnson. Just google it.
8/18/2014 12:08:32 PM
Joey_J says:
The only platform that I would feel confident in Ms Johnson presenting is her platform shoes. Otherwise, she has nothing to say I care to hear.
8/18/2014 2:06:25 PM
ring of fire dude says:
Where's Evelyn Dodds when you need her ?
8/18/2014 11:16:34 AM
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bushbunny says:
what this city desperately needs is a two term limit!!some of these candidates have been in office for 20 years watching all the good jobs disappear while bringing in nothing! death never takes a holiday so to say you brought medical jobs here is rubbish. I can`t even get a doctor.over taxed and underpaid is the future with these people.this was once a great city to raise a family in.once upon a time!
8/18/2014 9:58:40 AM
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keiths31 says:
I don't agree with that statement totally. We can't limit our political leaders in federal or provincial roles, so why in municipal? What I would suggest though, if we continue to use our current number of ward and at-large positions is this.

Ward councilors can serve two terms as a ward councilor, then if they choose to continue they must run at-large. This will enable new candidates a chance to enter politics must easier.
8/18/2014 11:31:25 AM
Crinkles says:
City council should be a unpaid position. This would ensure only people with the best intentions would run. Keeping those with personal agendas at home and out of council.

Also id like to nominate S.Duncan for Councilor at Large.
8/18/2014 8:53:41 AM
anvil of crom says:
not a good idea...there has to be some compensation to put milk and bread on the table.
A councilor cant rely on going to parties thrown by contractors to feed themselves, though some seem to go anyways.
8/18/2014 10:11:58 AM
the rink rizz says:
Is your head in the clouds? Poor or unpaid politicians only increases personal agendas in council. The demographics for those who could run would be wealthy retired old men, not the keen hard working family man or woman that has a good set of morals, who can speak to the future of this City. Increase the pay of councilors, and draw out the best of caliber citizens.
8/18/2014 10:24:47 AM
Crinkles says:
You must be the leader of the Socialist Party of Thunder Bay.



We need to talk to TLC, so they can do a TV show. Extreme Makeover "City Council" edition
8/18/2014 11:16:30 AM
the rink rizz says:
Sounds like you are a failing capitalist:

Lesson 101: Takes money to make money.

Do you hire an engineer to build your road, or let your buddy do it with his backhoe?
8/18/2014 12:21:43 PM
Crinkles says:
we should have a study done first before we let you start building roads.

maybe you should fill some of the city pot holes with all your mumbojumbo youre talking about.

how about we use some of that renew thunder bay funding to fix some holes.
8/18/2014 1:10:45 PM
the rink rizz says:
I think it's time we stop Milling around and focus on the key issues at hand. The right people in management will ensure resources our put to use in a productive and cost effective manner.
8/18/2014 3:13:51 PM
Crinkles says:
Council will have to do something before all the MILLS are forced to close due to high taxes.
8/18/2014 4:29:43 PM
anvil of crom says:
werd up, couldn't have said it better...
8/18/2014 9:32:14 PM
tiredofit says:
Duncan has multiple personalities, which one do you want in office?
8/19/2014 9:19:02 AM
ranma says:
The current council has done nothing to help this city. We seriously need new blood, and not the same old guard that has taken this city down the toilet.
8/18/2014 8:53:15 AM
prismacolor says:
This is said before every election. Some councils are better than others sure, but it's ultimately a thankless job.
8/18/2014 5:26:46 PM
tiredofit says:
it's nice to see lots of fresh faces. Especially the young ones like Austin Haner. Personally I think we should implement term limits and even an age limit, if we really want to see this town retain the young, only elect people under the age of 40, it's their future.
8/18/2014 8:32:11 AM
Shane Caker says:
Why anyone would want to be a politician is beyond me.
8/17/2014 7:25:40 PM
Mrbusinessman says:
Perhaps former council members such as Mr. Waddington, and Mr timko who are trying to stage comebacks should consider the idea of staying on the sidelines to allow new younger people the chance to run. These gentlemen along with some others such as Mr. Boshcoff, Ms. Rydholm, Mr. Hebert and Mr. Angus have spent many years on council and are virtual shoe ins to win on name alone. The down side is they've become stale with what many younger people see as old school ideas and attitudes.
In our small community many very qualified candidates go unnoticed because their names aren't as well know as the old guard. Perhaps Mr. Waddington & Mr timko could endorse a younger candidates, mentor & promote them helping to bring in new young members for council.
8/17/2014 6:34:40 PM
fastball says:
It's the VOTER that puts these people in office.
It's the VOTER that usually puts a check-mark beside the name that's the most familiar to them - and won't bother watching candidates' debates or reading up on each candidate's position on issues.
Yes, the perennial veteran candidates maybe should gracefully back away - but on the other hand, they're getting VOTED into office by the people...not merely strolling into an empty office at City Hall.
8/18/2014 8:53:59 AM
Joey_J says:
I don't know if I would call Boshcoff a "shoe in" Hopefully people remember the lack of progress made with him as mayor along with these cronies rejoining the race. Council meetings tended to be over quickly and Mr Timko, Vanderwees and co. were at the DaVinci bar prior to 10 on most occasions.

Thanks for seeking re-election Mr Foulds. Was getting concerned that we would need to encourage Shuniah or Nipigon/Red Rock to annex Current River with only the challengers to your seat on the ballot
8/18/2014 9:01:46 AM
nvjgu says:
We need to get rid of the old school. There just not doing the job.
8/17/2014 6:30:20 PM
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