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Bentz to seek fourth term in Northwood

By Leith Dunick, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- And then there were two.

With Coun. Mark Bentz filing Thursday to run again in Northwood, at-large Coun. Rebecca Johnson and McIntyre Coun. Trevor Giertuga are the only remaining incumbents yet to declare their intentions for the Oct. 27 municipal election.

Bentz will be seeking a fourth term in Northwood, a seat he first won in 2003 after Bill Mauro decided to run provincially.

Teacher Wesley Ramage informed media on Friday he intends to put his name forward to run in McIntyre ward, where hopeful Logan Ollivier is the lone candidate to put his name forward at this point.

Nominations close in three weeks.

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caesarjbasquitti says:
I recommend the restaurant Bight to visitors; for upscale eating...that is a red herring.

This new development is a sell out of the parkland tourist setting, designed by a Vancouver Company with employees who also worked for a Skateboard Company out of Toronto; does that make logical sense now ?

As SOME people had suggested we should have worked with the former parkland setting and expanded down the way...not redo it...in such a cluttered fashion.

Wait until they build the market place centre where the parking lot is now in front of the train station, you want to see 'a critical mess'...?

Planning that is good, but not the best. The same type of planning for the Skating/Arena and Convention Hall across the street.

1. Congested location?
2. No room for expansion?
3. We really don't need to rebuild the Gardens.
4. Too much pressure on tax base?
5. Better other choices to be made like buying some new rides for Chipewa Park?
6. Congested parking?
7. Better locations?
8/26/2014 1:01:27 PM
caesarjbasquitti says:
Ward councilors and logical consistency ? If a ward councilor is only elected by 1/7 of the city, why should their vote be equal to that of an at-large councilor; this is irrational.

2. Some ward councilors get in without one vote, if no one runs in that particular ward.

3. The large boat pier is a priority, part of stage 5, and I believe they are out of funding.

4. Location ? Skateboard Park, great idea for a community parks area.

5. The train station had a restaurant with a much better view of the Lake. Also an ice cream shop, etc. This was given to the Commercial developer as part of a 99 year lease.

The media should be more critical of the voting, the ideas, the conflicts of interest, the parties involved ?

You can keep the ward system however the voting power is out of touch with who actually can vote for them.

You do realize that the people of this city CANNOT vote for the 7 wards, and they form the majority power base.

Thunder Bay ?
Lakehead ?
The Lakehead ?

8/25/2014 8:13:57 PM
fastball says:
What is irrational is counting the number of votes garnered by a candidate - and by applying some calculations, assign a percentage of voting ability based on votes received. That's irrational taken to a new level. The federal MP for a sparsely populated riding in P.E.I. has the same single vote in the House of Commons as a member from a riding in the GTA.
You're telling us the the Bight Restaurant doesn't have a superlative view of the lake? And that the lack of ICE-CREAM SHOP onsite is the fulcrum upon which your support for the waterfront teeters? You have been down there lately, haven't you - and seen the ice-cream truck that patrols the area?
And trust me, once the places gets fleshed out a bit more, you can't tell me that the train station won't get a refit to house a few more tenants. And yes, maybe even a new ice-cream shop.
8/26/2014 9:22:29 AM
Joey_J says:
I'm partial to Thunder of Bay but that's just me apparently...
8/26/2014 1:15:14 PM
Northfirst says:
Change, you want change? Change can be good if voters know what and who they're voting for. The last time 'change' for change sake we got the 2000 Council. Remember that one?

And there are pros and cons to both ward and at large systems, maybe that's why our mixed system works.
8/24/2014 10:34:04 PM
caesarjbasquitti says:

1. Votes to win in a ward is between 2 to 3,000, at large or mayoralty candidates who receive between 15,000 and 25,000 votes. Yet they all get one vote on the council. Seems unfair to me.

2. One major reasons to have a ward system is that it allows unknown names to have a chance at winning. Well after being in office 2 or 3 terms, name recognition is on there side. Some suggest a term limit for ward councilors.

4. Why should a ward councilor be allowed to represent a city wide committee. If they do work and vote on city wide issues then the city should elect them. If you are on council, do you represent the ward, the city, or both ?

5. The waterfront was a parkland setting whose major appeal was as a tourist attraction site, now it has become something Toronto would design, with everything in it. One councilor spoke of creating a 'critical mass' Seems more like a critical mess.

A ward councilor is elected by 1/6 the city. All six should get one vote ?
8/24/2014 6:39:44 PM
eastender says:
The ward system has got to go. There is no way a councillor elected by only 1/7th of the population should have jurisdiction over events that affect the entire city.
8/24/2014 8:56:27 PM
SomeGuy says:
Ok Dr. Democracy you keep taking your funny pills.
8/25/2014 8:23:44 AM
fastball says:
1. No unfairness there at all. They're voted in by the ward they represent, yet they sit on city council and vote on city issues. Seems like it's pretty similar to, say....every election in Canada. Candidates get voted by people in their ridings, yet they vote on provincial/national issues as members of their party. Not a giant concept to wrap your head around.
2. Who gets voted in is up to the electorate. If the same guys get in...well, blame the voter.
4. He's a CITY councilor - not just a ward councilor. Should the alderman from Westfort only deal with Westfort issues, and excuse himself from all other duties? Good deal for him, then.
5. You're entitled to your opinion on the waterfront. Because I think the waterfront is better served with a restaurant, marina splashpad, scenic walkways, skatepad, living spaces and perhaps even an event centre....as opposed to a pile of rocks and a marina for boaters only.
And your last line on this post makes as much sense as your previous one.
8/25/2014 2:10:35 PM
captain says:
I have been told that a fourth candidate will be running in northwood. If the rumour is true that is where my vote is going to go.

We need someone who will fight for everyone and won't be afraid to stand up to administration.

It is certainly time for a change in Northwood
8/24/2014 12:24:40 PM
caesarjbasquitti says:
Flaws of the ward system ?

1. The majority of councilors are not elected by the majority of the voting public.

2. The ward councilor position allows new candidates to become elected at a smaller community level, however after one term the ward councilor benefits from name recognition.

3. Why ? Why is a ward councilor for one ward being given the chair position for the waterfront that is in another ward and affects THE CITY ? (HALF-TRUTH LOGIC)

4. Waterfront ? Last phase involves a BIG BOOT PIER. (WE ARE OUT OF MONEY) First phase involves a skateboard park. (for a tourist parkland setting ?)

5. The majority of the voting power on council, belongs to the ward councilors who are elected each by only 1/7 of the city. To correct that all ward councilors should get one vote total on council.

Thunder Bay, will become the half-truth capital of the world; research in 1987 detected this negative side to human truths and logic.
8/24/2014 4:37:02 AM
fastball says:
Let's go down the list, shall we?

1. Of course, the councilors are elected by the majority of the voters in the wards in which they've run. How else would they get voted into office?
2. Name recognition happens to ALL candidates. If they get voted into office on name recognition alone - that's the fault of the electorate, not the councilor.
3. It is possible for a ward councilor to chair a group that deals with CITY business - regardless of location. Their duties do not, nor should not, be strictly confined to their wards. That's just silly.
4. What's the relevance of this point to the ward system? The Marina/Waterfront project is far more than merely a "tourist" attraction. It's a social, cultural, business and residential centre - not just a place to take pictures of the Sleeping Giant.
5. They do get one vote. How many votes do you think each councilor gets - more than one?

Your last point is just so far out in left field - it's left the park, quite frankly.
8/24/2014 2:42:49 PM
musicferret says:
I'm voting for Shelby as well. She is intelligent, young, experienced in business, and has great new ideas. I know she may still support the events centre (which I most certainly do not), but now one is perfect. ;-)
8/23/2014 5:04:10 PM
fastball says:
After all, there is more than one issue facing this city. The event centre is merely just one of them. I'd prefer to hear the candidates' views on ALL of the major issues and how they would further this city in the coming decade....and NOT base my vote on their stance on one issue. There may be some brilliant young candidates out there - and to discount them out of hand because of their stand one one issue is doing them and this city a huge disservice.
8/24/2014 9:01:11 AM
Rock49 says:
I think that some of you posters want new people to run, not just to get fresh faces, but to support your narrow points of view. Would you be happy if 30 new people ran, and their platforms were to progress with the marina and events centre?
8/23/2014 4:52:02 PM
Eastender says:
Sorry Bentz, but you dont tell us what to do, we tell you what to do.
Seeing as how you dont understand that concept, you dont deserve to sit on council! I hope the wise people of Northwood do not vote for you this time.
8/23/2014 2:02:43 PM
SomeGuy says:
I really hope Shelby Ch'ng wins Northwood. After a dozen years it's time for someone younger to bring a new perspective to council.
8/23/2014 12:42:44 PM
progress now says:
From my perspective, she is pretty much status quo. I don't anticipate change with her.

And I agree, we need change...
8/23/2014 7:04:22 PM
nvjgu says:
I would run but can't afford it. If I did run and win, there would be house cleaning the first day in office. There's too many people working for the city, most don't do much all day. We need to get some regular people in there that are in the trenches, not these career politicians that don't know what it's like. to make min wage or even 20hr.
8/23/2014 12:39:53 PM
Anvil of Crom says:
That angle is done, its was Hobbs's firebrand way of calling the electorate to arms. He won, and how much did or can he do , as one elected voice??

Its City Admin, they are the problme, and they are Teflon. Logical argument of cost over-runs, and pricey pie in the sky projects slide off their "agenda" and plans made in conjuction with consultants.
Consultants given a set of outcomes by party A ( the one that hire them) come to the conclusion party A wanted.. in the first place.
Then these goldbricker projects turn Admin into "apologists". Ie: the consultants told us, we didn't make this up!
The last guy that tried to crack city hall was orville santa, he went all out, and it was half baked mushroom cloud disaster..
What to do ??
I am lost, I don't know, seems a large scale revolt is all that will get city admin to listen.
8/24/2014 10:39:53 PM
Ozone says:
Time to replace Mr Bentz in Northwood and the rest of the council clowns.

In my opinion, all the issues and untold facts about the marina debacle reside with Mark and his chairing of the marina committee!

All the money for half the project. But they were still on budget!
8/23/2014 9:13:49 AM
Mrbusinessman says:
A fourth term! There needs to be term limits placed on council seats. I truly believe having having aldermen serving a 4th or 5th or longer terms does nothing to benefit the city, instead it restricts the ability of new people from entering & winning a seat, as the incumbents are often difficult to defeat and win based on name recognition alone?
8/23/2014 8:27:17 AM
signman says:
Mark Bentz, like the rest on counci (except Larry Hebert and Linda Rydholm) voted no to holding a plebiscite on the proposed Event Centre.

Bentz, as head of the Waterfront committee is deadly afraid to let all the public have a say on this huge expenditure as a direct vote by the people could set the record straight on this unafffordable and costly Event Centre.

The public will have their chance on Oct. 27th to voice their opinion and send a stong message to city hall.
8/23/2014 7:19:29 AM
fastball says:
Or maybe he was just merely opposed to a plebiscite at the time?
Just because you happen to be opposed to something on some level doesn't mean you're "afraid" of it.
8/24/2014 8:55:56 AM
Joey_J says:
And you are deathly afraid to test your theory that you speak for the majority...

Either file your papers to run for mayor or Councillor at Large or stop insisting you speak for the majority
8/26/2014 11:58:11 AM
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