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War of words

By Matt Vis, tbnewswatch.com

THUNDER BAY -- Bombardier is accusing national union representatives of spreading false information three days prior to when members of Unifor Local 1075 cast secret ballots on the company’s final offer, potentially ending the nearly six-week long work stoppage at the city plant.

Bombardier spokeswoman Stephanie Ash issued a statement Saturday evening saying communication from the union indicating nearly 500 workers would be denied the current defined pension plan is “100 per cent untrue.”

She adds that all 900 striking employees, who work on subway and streetcars for the Toronto Transit Commission as well as trains for the GO commuter service, will maintain their defined pension plan.

A copy of Bombardier’s offer was obtained by Dougall Media earlier this week.

Pensions are identified as Item 2 of the proposal and it is stated that “all employees hired pre May 31, 2014 are enrolled in the present Defined Benefit plan.”

Under the offer all workers hired after May 31, 2014 would be enrolled in a defined contribution plan with both the company and employee each contributing three per cent of the employee’s base salary towards their pension.

However, Item 3 of the proposal identifies benefits and states all employees hired after Dec. 31, 2010 are ineligible for benefits at early retirement before age 65 and would receive a lump sum payment of $350 one week after ratification.

Workers hired after May 31, 2014 would be ineligible for benefits at early retirement.

A media release issued by a third-party marketing firm Friday claimed all workers hired after Dec. 31, 2010 would be denied the current defined pension plan and retiree benefits.

Ash said copies of the contract offer have been sent to all Unifor Local 1075 members.

Local Unifor 1075 member T-Jay Hook responded to the statement and said the original release was just an error by the national communications department. He said all members are fully aware of the details of the company's offer.

He added that Bombardier blew the mistake out of proportion.

"It's unfortunate Ms. Ash and the company continue to try and spark conflict and create division where none exists," he wrote.

He clarified that 500 workers at the plant would be impacted by the early retirement clause in the offer.

The company last week was granted permission by the provincial Ministry of Labour to hold the supervised vote this coming Tuesday.

Earlier this week Bob Orr, assistant to the Unifor national president, said the move was an attempt by the company to circumvent union leadership.

The offer that will be voted upon was proposed by Bombardier during a meeting on Aug. 16. The union was offered 48 hours to review the deal but instead promptly rejected it.

Unifor Local 1075 president Dominic Pasqualino said a deal that still included concessions to the pension plans and retirement benefit packages could not be accepted.

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surveysays says:
Sadly i think those with a level head have realized where this is headed and have already started to look for or found other employment, and wont be present to vote. The remaining die-hard union brothers and sisters, will vote based on their emotions and anger towards company and vote against the deal.

i cant see the company allowing workers to dictate what they can and cant pay.

At least housing prices will drop and used vehicles prices will follow once they shut it down

8/25/2014 3:00:21 PM
bttnk says:
Take the deal folks. It doesn't effect any of your pensions and new hires will get a pension plan that will give them on average $250,000 upon retirement after a 25 year career. That is a very good start to retirement!

Your union is fighting for something which no longer exists in the free market because it is prohibitive to profitability.
8/25/2014 1:42:02 PM
blueox says:
I need to know how you got this $250,000
my pension is 3 1/2 times better and I don't even come close, I've put in the Maximum allowed for over 35 years...why are you telling folks this, what are you seeking to gain? Do you work for Bombardier in management or something, they never came out with a number like yours...
Financial accountants have said to retire comfortability you need to have a least $500,000. I guess you want to put more pressure on the government to take care of these workers in 30 years, and bombardier could care less for them. Union is fighting for something that does exist, Bombardier tried in Quebec and lost, Still Exists.
8/26/2014 12:52:24 AM
Tbsn says:
I work at bombardier. I will be voting yes tomorrow. I don't care about future employees and I sure as hell am not going to be around to retire from this company. I really don't feel like losing my job to a 10 year old Mexican kid.
8/25/2014 1:38:40 PM
Unions_Are says:
Truly Brother, the unions are proud that we gave you the right to vote whichever way you want, and they're grateful for your vote when the original contract was not accepted. Remember when you took the oath, the local welcomed you, a new employee and brother/sister with open arms, you were not turned away or locked out, a future employee you no longer are. You are a trained, educated professional paid for that knowledge, you work and get paid for the loyalty you show to the company who see you day after day, year after year and know to keep that talent, loyalty and good moral they are to respect you. As Mr. Kevin O'Leary always says "if your not making me money, your dead to me"
The Union has done their job, if you Truly work for Bombardier. Unity Bro/Sis.
8/25/2014 2:58:45 PM
oscarmyerweiner says:
I do believe the contract is almost there. A little more bargaining and a deal can be reach that's fair for both the company and the union. It's unfortunate that the company never called another meeting or was ever willing to negotiate. It's pretty hard to come to an agreement when your the only one their.
8/25/2014 12:26:04 PM
GijoGiovanni says:
Hello? Sorry I new to this, I'm a businessman. I come to this country for a life I don't have in old country...it's nice to see people make good for family it is more than people have back home but that is why I am here. why so much hate to make better life. What is this strike for dio porco we get beat if the same at home. good luck to both peoples.
8/25/2014 12:20:55 PM
FormerLatter says:
Hope the vote is fair, and harassment is kept to a minimum tomorrow.
The union should try negotiating with Bombardier as a opposed to intimidation of their members, and school-aged sulking and blame gaming. Grow up and enter the 21st century business world. . . there is no such thing as defined benefit for anyone anymore.
Negotiate the percentage of the defined contribution a bit higher, individuals manage their finances like everyone else.
Unifor, you are jeopardizing thousands of others' livelihood here in Thunder Bay with closed-minded stubbornness.
Unions are socialist institutions, do not forget our community. It seems all we see on the forums is "stay strong brothers"...what about strong community? what about maintaining jobs in Thunder Bay? what of the thousands of support jobs that could be lost? Is prolonging this strike socially responsible. I vote to end the strike tomorrow!
8/25/2014 11:34:39 AM
Unions_Are says:
Brothers and Sisters, when we comment we do it with respect for EVERYONE, Union, Non-Union and the Community. Intimidation is also to force by a superior display of wealth(hire PR Professionals, fear of closure, making the courts go their way(high paid lawyers), vote this way OR ELSE, forcing union members to vote when they've already mandated their representatives to act for them, etc.,etc,.
We do not understand how you brothers and sisters are harassing anyone or deserve to be called names. The Community of Unions, Associations ie. RN's, Doctors, Police Officers, Firemen, Mechanical, Electrical and Construction Trades, Forestry, Seafarer's and Civil Servants and many, many more have all been in your situation. The Day is near, do not be intimidated to vote only one way, vote your way FOR The COMMUNITY.
8/25/2014 1:19:18 PM
Dirt says:
News flash to Blueox Fedup27 is allows to speak his mind and didn't say anything that 100 other people haven't said in all the previous comments from all the other story's on this strike. What's the matter does the truth hurt or are you just Jeleous he can speak his mind freely without having an exec tell him what to say
8/25/2014 9:55:40 AM
Unions_Are says:
Brothers and Sisters, when it comes to speaking your mind, the truth always helps, but the few fueled by hatred, greed, jealously those minds are just not too educated, and sadly it shows in their comments, we 900 on the line and not are proud to see that you are being respectful for the rights of our brothers and sisters, This is not news, except for the few...
8/25/2014 10:35:15 AM
blueox says:
By all means, speak your mind that's what we thousands of union and non union and like myself retiree's bled and fought for, what this situation warrants is not Hatred, Name calling, Derogatory comments that were made by this person and a very few other people. Calling people jealous, who have it better than others well that's only one opinion I see here. Regarding that statement from your friend, take it from someone who knows more, I've been on a picket line and to those picketers it's sacred ground, to say he'll cross it will a smile, well I'm only trying to protect him, he's bound to get hurt.
Ohh I just saw his last comment, that's a little better, I'm glad this retired union-man can still teach the younger gen. I've train a lot of apprentices and Executives.
8/25/2014 11:04:00 AM
blackbird says:
News Flash to Dirt, scroll up, way up to hotchoc's comment about it not being fair that a comment favoring another commenter had over 1000 letters...This is Jealousy, that's a word you don't understand and can't spell, typical example of a few people, I've searched back to all TBT news reports, there's not 100 people commenting against Unions, it's the same few commenting over and over...maybe mathematics also wasn't your favorite subject in pre-school.
8/25/2014 11:32:14 AM
fedup27 says:
Open your eyes, if you don't want to go back to work, there are plenty of people in Thunder Bay that will step up to the plate to do the work. It's one of the few good paying jobs you don't have to be university educated for. Your union spreads propaganda and you are too naive to see through it. "oops, it was an error from the national communications office", the only error was that they got caught doing it.
8/25/2014 9:36:07 AM
Arch Stanton says:
Quote: "Moving companies are going to do well once the exodus of equipment to Montreal begins."

Not quite - try Mexico.
8/25/2014 9:35:04 AM
Bob Roberts says:
Wow again lots of opinions both ways. First UNIFOR should have been upfront with the members on the proposed contact. There was no need to put a SPIN on it to favour Strike action. This was a battle UNIFOR has choosen for the future of national UNIFOR and not the local UNIFOR due paying members. Its interesting all the UNION comments on how bad the Plant operates its business. Maybe UNIFOR should work with the company to improve the financials and operational efficencies. For the record Post retirement benefits for majority of all companies, are either going to be lost or end up 50-50 shared cost. Government Federal and Provincial as well as most private sectors are moving this way. Its a fact jack. I'd be more concerned that the Plant stays operating in TBay and that good paying jobs are not lost to another facility. Maybe UNIFOR will start up a national group benefits plan for members post retirement with a few options 80-20, 75-25 or 50-50, now thats a benefit and novel idea.
8/25/2014 9:06:30 AM
1234 says:
hey Reality man don't know where you got 7 supervisors in maintenance it's 3 which puts it where you you think it should be. If you have that fact wrong how many others are wong in your rant. Look at the amount of Directors there are in the plant and managers Their wages are alot higher than any supervisor,and their numbers have increased alot. Plus they get very nice bonuses every year .....
8/25/2014 8:57:57 AM
DaMan says:
Well then.. looks like we might see yet another abandoned building in Thunder Bay due to the ignorance of "old school" union mentality.
Good job!!
8/25/2014 8:01:01 AM
oscarmyerweiner says:
Well here we go again with this negativity towards the union. I wonder if these are posts from management trying to fire us up?
8/25/2014 7:58:07 AM
tudor says:
union_are--if anyone has been a bully, it has been your union leader. He has threatened elected officials. He has suggested things that are not true.--read pension here---. You can keep strong right to the unemployment line if you so choose.

Others may feel that a pay cheque is better than walking the line. And they can worry about benefits when they retire, when they retire. I understand we all want them. But why does the company pay for your glasses after you retire. Can anyone explain that to me in the private sector. I would like to know.

My own opinion is that they should go back to work. The union should learn from this and stop being the guinea pigs for the auto plant UNIFOR is trying to organize down east. I realize that some union people are not smart enough to see when they are being used. Hopefully the majority will refuse to be the sacrificial lambs and will go back to work and let the auto plant efforts sink or swim on their own.
8/24/2014 11:24:57 PM
blueox says:
tudor, respectfully the only reason I'm commenting is to keep my mind off other issues.
This issue I became interested in because I've been there, done it and now living it. I'm not going to say your wrong but here's the truth.
The Union Representative is the member's voice, he's not threaten anyone but to give Our elected officials his/their displeasure, just like Everyone does when the fuel, tax goes up, makes sense?
I'm being paid two pensions, one our union has been on since 1972, the company cried the blues, we're in bankruptcy and need help. The union accepted the concessions and one was closing the 1972 pension and starting this Target Plan which Bombardier is throwing down the unions throat. It's not a good pension for the new employee's and in that plan our company not the union made it 8% each. 3% is not much to live on, I KNow this I'm there, these other commenters are not. After the accepted concessions while still in bankruptcy the exec's received 6 mil.bonus
8/25/2014 1:53:43 PM
blueox says:
Further to my reply to Tudor.
We're in the 21st Century someone says. Little does this person know that in 2012(the 21st century) Bombardier did the exact same bullying to @ 300 union workers in Quebec, Bombardier had parts being made in Mexico and Thunder Bay, and threaten closing the plant and moving their or here. The Union went on Strike @ 5 weeks, when Bombardier's final offer was made and voted down they did not move, this is Fear-mongering from commenters Who Don't Know. Arbitrator was called in (all part of the negotiating process) the company conceited and the union went back to work, and Bombardier is Competitive and Profitable. You know making uneducated comments about they're not deserving, why are they getting paid more than me, stop being guinea pigs, stop being sacrificial lambs.
Another misguided statement Unifor is a group of auto, industrial, media, manufacturing, catering, casino and many more individuals from all over Canada.
8/25/2014 2:21:00 PM
Baor says:
What a snorefest this has become. Just like every other strike. Stay out long enough and the plant will just close....permanently. Then who will you blame?
8/24/2014 11:02:44 PM
Anvil of Crom says:
How bout this...

How bout just letting the members vote??
why the heck not??

no speculation, let the members exercise THEIR RIGHTS!
8/24/2014 10:21:01 PM
blueox says:
TBT, I believe "Fedup27" should be banned from commenting any further and his recent ignorant comment inappropriate...Those workers on the picket line deserve a apology. When it comes to commenting on a story, there should be consideration both ways. What are you making this into a "WAR OF WORDS"
8/24/2014 9:03:41 PM
blackbird says:
When it comes to comments made by "Fedup27" it's about Hatred, Bashing and Fear-Mongering
and not about making any reasonable sense, and I just watched his Agree # jump up 40 Times in 2 minutes then stop. He's the only one in agreement of his ignorance.
Brothers and Sisters vote with your conscience and not because you've been threatened.
8/24/2014 10:51:49 PM
Unions_Are says:
Brothers & Sisters, when it comes to voting please disregard the bad unimportant comments of a few, when you go to vote you do it without being threaten to go their way "OR ESLE". What is important is that you remain strong and supportive, united and unwavering, the union way and not divided like the few.
And also refrain from lowering yourselves to the same level of a few by making unflattering comments. Solidarity Brothers & Sisters.
8/24/2014 8:13:27 PM
fedup27 says:
How about this for a cost saving measure? Get rid of the union! The union wastes so much money of Bombardier because they wine and moan that a manager did their job and then they have to go through the grievance process instead of sucking it up and realizing they should have done their job right in the first place.
This will also give the workers a raise (approximately 1%), while saving time resulting in more productivity, and more profit to be able to expand operations and create more jobs.
Vote Yes guys, because if you don't, I'm going to apply for your job and cross that line EVERY SINGLE DAY with a smile on my face and money in my pocket.
8/24/2014 6:18:00 PM
TBTNFL says:
Ignorant comment of the day here folks. List five ways the union wastes money and I'll give you 200 ways the company wastes money. This strike has nothing to do with us doing our job right or wrong. You wouldn't last a day in this plant in the union let alone without it. Keep dreaming kid.
8/24/2014 8:18:41 PM
blueox says:
You bet, I've already flag it as inappropriate, do the same. It makes you want to reach out and...sorry lost control, need a beer.
8/24/2014 8:29:17 PM
Oliver Paipoonge Resident says:
You know what Sonny, the Union better vote for the contract, because this retired union worker will be at that picket line EVERY SINGLE DAY just waiting to greet you, you could keep the money, you'll need it.
8/24/2014 9:18:13 PM
hotchoc says:
Can TBT explain why one poster is allowed to exceed the character limit with a really long posting while all the rest of us are only provided limited commentary.

If this is someone who works there, then identify that.

Very unfair
8/24/2014 5:40:52 PM
Leith Dunick says:
Not sure,it's a glitch. I can't post more than 1,000 characters and I have the keys to the place. That said, it was a fair comment and on topic, so I OK'd it.

You're only limited to 1,000 characters per post. You certainly can post more than once if you have more to say.
8/24/2014 8:13:40 PM
blackbird says:
I see no problem with the 1000 word glitch, and cannot understand why someone would, what's really the issue is how can someone be able to like their own comment ie. fedup. one minute there's 2 likes then in 5 minutes there's 22, then nothing.
8/24/2014 8:25:02 PM
conker2014 says:
Leith, they have used a script or bot to hack the code of the message board and modify the set parameters giving them the ability to post what they want and however they want.

This is not the first and I am sure it is not the last breach in your security that has allowed people to mess with your website. People have used bots to spam your polls. The spam bot will use a random number generator to add 0-3 votes on a poll for every one vote against the spammers set opinion.

Time to invest in some better security and perhaps website design.

Even though the person commenting is on topic they did break the rules and they did hack your website. This should be reason enough to remove the comment.
8/24/2014 10:16:33 PM
moi says:

..."it's a glitch".
Good to know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right Leith?
I'm sure most posters will remember your reply to hotchoc, next time we have a.. "fair comment and on topic,." and find our comment running past the 1000 character limit.
A Glitch? Really?..
8/25/2014 9:14:48 AM
blueox says:
Who Cares...and if it's unfair Join a Union
8/24/2014 8:36:15 PM
Royalflush says:
The way I see it, the union has Bombardier over a barrel, even though the company may be bluffing that that is not so. They have a contract to produce so many subway cars. No workers no production. No subway cars. Mr. Ford will not be happy for the delays? So the company needs for this strike to be over and quick. They have actually placed themselves in a compromising position. Forcing a strike halfway through the completion of a contract I guess they thought the union would cave by now. I'm guessing the company will back down tail between their legs, just to get this strike over with. Maybe no bonuses this xmas. Maybe some lateral promotions to their parts plant in Mexico.

I could be wrong.
8/24/2014 3:30:33 PM
JustMO says:
All you so called bargaining committee people...Pasqualino, Hook and who ever the rest of the so called guys are making decisions with these workers lives...I hope to all can sleep at night when this goes from bad to a hell of a lot worse...You ppl make me ILL!!!
8/24/2014 3:05:05 PM
TBTNFL says:
And the company inst to blame for any of this? Tell me more about those poor executives attempting to take away benefits while they get a raise and a bonus exceeded base workers salary. Uneducated people like you make me ill.
8/24/2014 8:14:00 PM
JustMO says:
CLearly you are quite a bit more uneducated than others...I did not say I did not blame the company but I also blame the union,they didnt need a strike in the first place, they needed a power trip and now they are so in over their heads they arent sure which way is out... Maybe educate yourself on the reality here!
8/24/2014 11:16:47 PM
Dirt says:
Why would the company not want to ensure that the employees have the actual facts when they go to vote. Typical union tactics by the executive. We'll se how the vote goes Tuesday. You may have to start stocking up on the burn barrels and old pallets cause with both sides being strong headed hell may freeze and defrost before this is over.
8/24/2014 2:43:18 PM
oscarmyerweiner says:
I'm sure they can do better, Next!
8/24/2014 1:43:00 PM
realityman40 says:
would like to respond to Fred Bauer’s editorial in August 23, 2014. I would to make it clear that I have an enormous amount of respect for Mr. Bauer. He is very good at what he does in fact he graduated with the highest mark in his class many years ago. I agree that Bombardier needs to make more profit. Where we differ is where these cost saving are going to come from. The company is insisting it comes from the backs of the workers. I feel that working with the union the company can eliminate so many wasteful practices that there would enough saving to both increase the company profits and to continue to fund our modest pension.
Let me state that I had first started working in this plant in 1976. My grandmother worked in this plant, my father also worked here from 1951 and retired in 1989 after 38 years of service. I proud to say that my daughter has started working here since February 2014. I love working here. Over the course of the 5 different decades working in the plant I have worked as a finisher, N.C operator, quality control inspector, resistance welder and machinist. I was a leadhand and presently have worked in a union position for over 6 years. During these 6 years of working in the union I have earned the reputation as a peacemaker. I have had excellent relationship with many of my coworkers both from management and the union. Three years ago the union worked with the company to implement a 7 day work week. It was quite disruptive to many workers lives but the company was convinced it was necessary to cut costs. Many hours were spent both by the company and the union finalize that agreement. The new work hours were put in place for 18 months until Aaron Rivers came to town and decided it was unproductive. I feel managed correctly, it could eliminate the need for overtime in this plant. Mr. Bauer can tell you about the enormous overtime costs Bombardier pays out every year.
In the last three years Bombardier has changed many of it’s ways of doing business. A new computer inventory system has been giving the workers much grief. Hours are spent every day doing a manual inventory count every day, yet the line is plagued with parts that are chronically late. Many parts that come to our factory from China and Mexico are defective or late. Many hours are spent repairing or finding the missing parts. Yet more and more parts are coming Mexico and China. How is this cost effective?
Bombardier has been running the plant for over twenty years yet the hours per car have never been as low as they were before Bombardier has taken over. I feel that the main reason for this failure is because Bombardier insists that it follows their own plan and not using the experience on the shop floor. This is not just a Thunder Bay problem it is a Bombardier problem. The same problems exist the La Pocatiere plant in Quebec as well as the aerospace plant in Toronto. It does not surprise to me that C series plan is drastically behind schedule.
The solution to the problem is as follows
1) Select and empower good union Chargehands. The average chargehand will guide ten workers and still do their own production work.
2) Eliminate many supervisor jobs. If one chargehand can take care of ten workers and still do his regular production work, I think it would be reasonable for one supervisor to take care of ten chargehands considering that they don’t do any production work. For our 900 employees that would be only nine supervisors. Presently the maintenance department has seven Company supervisors for less than 30 workers.
3) The company has stated that the change to the worker’s benefits would result in a one time cost saving of $200,000. Presently the company is suppling work clothing for each member. We are presently getting five shirts and three pairs of pants each year. We would gladly give up the clothing for better healthcare. It does do the company any good to have workers well dressed but not able to move freely because of a lack of physiotherapy.
4) In this round of negotiations the union offered to allow the mechanic classification to assist a millwright when not doing mechanical work. The company refused this proposal. They presently pay a tow truck to haul the forklift trucks to the dealer to do simple repairs or fix flat tires. This causes additional expenses as well as delays.
5) All purchases are done through Intercity Industrial Supply. I know of a vendor who was trying to sell his product to Bombardier. He offered to give it to them for free to see how they liked the product. He was told he needed to give it Intercity Industrial Supply. How can you be competitive if you don’t shop around?
6) The company has forced the union into several arbitrations in the past 2 years. Each time the union had tried to come to an agreement before the arbitrations took place. The company had lost every arbitration after they had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees.
7) Just look at how much the company has been spending on this strike:
a) Temporary fencing for the perimeter of the property. This fencing was ordered
well before the strike and installed 2 days before the deadline.
b) Personal security guards for Ms. Ash, Aaron Rivers, and George Gasbarrino.
c) Extra security cameras installed before the strike.
d) An enormous amount of security at the plant
e) Bussing of employees (now discontinued)
f) Legal fees for protocols and injunction
g) Loss of production
h) Cost of “replacement” workers
i) Cost of delivering the company proposal package by taxi to each member (some members live in the country). Plus the full page advertisement in Saturday’s paper
The list of potential saving for the company is endless if we work together.
I would ask that all the members vote NO so the company will take a serious look at working with the union rather than against it. If Bombardier fails to work with its employees it will fail
8/24/2014 1:13:00 PM
Unions_Are says:
Wow...that's over 1000 words, how did that happen? Power to the Union, man...the almighty is with you.
8/24/2014 5:18:48 PM
bttnk says:
@realityman40 - Decent post, but none of what you have suggested will go anywhere near close enough to solving the profitability issue with the Thunder Bay plant. Benefits for retired workers and their families can cost the company in excess of $250,000 per retired employee! As life expectancy increases, that amount will increase. Put that into perspective when you have hundreds of retirees. It adds up fast and no amount of minor labour shuffling is going to erase that huge liability.
8/25/2014 9:12:55 AM
Cletus Van Damme says:
Moving companies are going to do well once the exodus of equipment to Montreal begins.
8/24/2014 12:59:50 PM
nvjgu says:
I don't know why the pension is such an issue. Is almost as if they think there going to be working there for the rest of there lives. If you don't have 20 year's in there, it's just a temp job,
8/24/2014 12:23:59 PM
outside Looking In says:
In the saturday August 25th edition of the Chronicle Journal the full page add from Bombardier says that the present Defined Benefit Pension is fully paid for 100% by the company. There is no cost to the employee. Is this correct? I know of no other company that provides this, not even the public service pensions that are supposed to be so good. most pensions are a split cost between company and employee. If UNIFOR is fighting for this free employee pension then maybe you should look around at other places and what is happening. It is a fight I dont think they will win.
8/24/2014 12:12:35 PM
TBTNFL says:
Employees are paid a reduced wage in lieu of these benefits. If you take these benefits away you are reducing wages.
8/24/2014 8:06:28 PM
Handlewithcare says:
Ask yourself this, if you were out of work and needed a job and this plan was already in place....would that prevent you from applying? I think not. If you say no, you are lying to yourself. This is 2014.....not 1960 anymore, this is the way big industry is, there's no going back. Think about your vote, worry about number one because rest assured, no one else will. Hold out and this place will get dismantled. Self entitlement aside, employers do not own you anything.
8/24/2014 11:37:23 AM
TBTNFL says:
This is the same ignorant corporate attitude that has put this country in the position it is in. You want to talk about self entitlement? Tell me more about how the average worker is self entitled while management receives raises and benefits far exceeding any base worker.
8/24/2014 8:04:29 PM
conker2014 says:
What a LIE, management has taken a wage freeze across the entire transportation division. That is 0% raise and 0 COLA. While the average worker will get $0.76/hr COLA raise. That is 4% for some workers.

Also management does not have better benefits, nobody has the benefits that these works have. I have heard that they get unlimited chiro, unlimited dental, unlimited vision,...... etc... NOT EVEN GOVERNMENT HAS THOSE KIND OF BENEFITS!

Finally why would the younger works want to take the $350 cash for no early retirement benefits? They are going to get laid off when the Rocket is done anyways. That plant will loss almost 50% of the labour and management when that contract is over.
8/24/2014 9:54:50 PM
donnybrook says:
Regardless if you agree with his/her comment or not, its the way it is. You can either come to that realization or you can get left behind and have no job. Wake up or keep holding on to the past.
8/25/2014 9:44:01 AM
EJ says:
At present the Bombardier employees do not pay into the pension plan or for the benefits plan. That was a contributing factor in the GM bankruptcy. If GM wasn't too big to fail then Bombardier needs to address their long term viability. Compromise is need here.
8/24/2014 11:22:26 AM
TBTNFL says:
Our pension is 92% funded as of right now. GM's pensions were underfunded. The pension is not breaking the company the incompetence of management is breaking the company.
8/24/2014 8:01:21 PM
smartguy83 says:
The point is they can not continue to fund it going forward if they want to succeed.
8/25/2014 9:27:37 AM
trevor99 says:
no, your union lied. to get the strike mandate they told you your pension was at risk. It is not. You will keep your pension, a pension you do not contribute one dime too. Not one cent. Please tell that to every other worker with a pension.

What is changing is your benefits. If you are hired after the 2010 date and you retire before you are 65, you will no longer keep your benefits until you are 65.

so UNIFOR, increase dues $5 0r 10 a worker and start looking at providing this coverage to your members when they retire from 60-65 and get back to work.

the misinformation you have given your own members should cause all of you to step down.

your campaign against the elected officials smacks of desperation.

your union blew this from the beginning. if you vote to stay on strike, you will suffer the consequences, not the company. They will survive, they will build mass transit cars.

just not here.

wake up and smell the coffee before you have no job. who will you blame then
8/24/2014 10:35:44 AM
westfortterri says:
It is interesting that the Unifor is telling its people not to vote or to vote no. Each has lost apprx 5000 dollars now. The slight changes and caps in the benefit plan only add up to a few hundred dollars. The pension changes don't affect present workers and the post retirement benefits affect people who were hired after 2010. You can buy your own benefits if you can afford early retirement. The core group of union supporters, the 300 who voted for the strike will continue to follow blindly. It is up to the other 600 to save the day. Think for yourselves people.
8/24/2014 10:25:06 AM
TBTNFL says:
I'm not sure how much you think we make but I have not lost 5000.
8/24/2014 7:58:47 PM
working_man says:
Sad to see hard working people "fighting the fight" for future employees with the real potential for devastating personal financial hardship staring them right in the face.
8/24/2014 10:24:53 AM
moonpie says:
Well, if nothing else this strike has taken some of the media attention away from the bridge.
8/24/2014 10:09:18 AM
TBAY Opinion says:
I have no clue as to how the Membership will vote. EVen the members don't know how this will turn out.
8/24/2014 8:29:13 AM
orca says:
It's not the 1st time they've lied.
8/24/2014 1:04:23 AM
thook says:
Employees hired after December 31st 2010, will receive a one time $350 payment and will not be eligible for benefits on retirement. Not until they are 65 will they get anything, and that will be from the government. Its unfortunate that the company does not care about their employees at such a fragile point in their lives.
8/23/2014 9:59:46 PM
tic says:
So please Stephanie tell me why I won't get the same pension you are talking about then?
8/23/2014 9:59:27 PM
nvjgu says:
How about Bombardier leave town. No sence working there anymore.
8/23/2014 9:52:58 PM
tsx says:
what a punch of garbage the company is offering the employees, all the membership wants is to keep what they already have, not to go backwards.
8/23/2014 9:42:47 PM
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