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2010-05-06 at 17:37

TTC approves 186 more subway cars

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It's a done deal for the latest subway contract for Bombardier.

On Thursday the Toronto Transit Commission approved an order for 186 additional subway cars to be built at the Thunder Bay railcar plant.

Thunder Bay Television first reported Wednesday that the $400-million contract will provide about 14 months of additional work for hundreds of employees at the local plant. The contract is an extension of the original TTC order for 234 cars, which local officials fought for and won in 2006 when the plant was in danger of closing due to a lack of orders.

The plant spent several years developing the prototype six-car set, and the first shipment of the new Rocket subway cars is scheduled for delivery in August.

This new order will keep the line running until the end of 2013.

Bombardier spokesperson Marc-André Lefebvre said the company is pleased with how its negotiations with the TTC have gone.

The extension boosts the total value of the subway contract to just over $1 billion.

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We've improved our comment system.
tannharr says:
here's your higher paying jobs everyone, to go with the 200-400 lower paying jobs at the call centre. See, nothing more to complain about!
5/6/2010 6:12:05 PM
TBDR says:
tannharr you must live in la-la land or something. Every time I see you post its always about how great a city we are. We're ranked just above Windsor! They are one of Ontario's most impoverished cities, with the highest unemployment rate of any of the cities surveyed. 200 jobs isn't going to save the city. The Bombardier (and its predocessors) have been "going out of business" since they stopped building the hawker hurricanes there. They have had as many as a few thousand workers and as few as a couple hundred. Its all cyclical and won't stay at a high level for more than a few years. What we need to do is lure in sustainable growth in key sectors such as medicine, light industrial, and other niche areas. This is something our current council hasn't had the ability to do. Even the research centres we did gain, came because of the hospital and medical school, not city policy.
5/6/2010 8:29:27 PM
tudor says:
TBDR - I don't get it. where do you think these big jobs come from. And what city council do you think can create manufacturing facilities with high paying jobs.

You want sustainable growth in the health field jobs, that has been happening thanks to the province.

Big jobs at Bombardier, that is happening to because the province keeps giving the TTC money to do it.

The article above said local officials fought for and won this contract in 2006. HOGWASH.

Without the gov't pushing mass transit in Toronto, there was no contract to bid on. What Bombardier needs to do to survive long term is win contracts from other places. This helps them do that, but this is still great news.

The money keeps pouring in and some in this backwater abode can keep whinning about how Toronto ignores us, how we are so neglected up here, but if my math is correct, that is almost
1.5 Billion ( yes you read right ), in contracts for Bombardier from the TTC, that would not be possible without the province stepping up to the plate. Not sure if the FEDs are in on this one as they passed on the last one, but this if more great news.

I'll take them, I am sure the workers will take them, plus the 200 call jobs. Seems like a banner day for T.Bay.

keep it going folks. the new way of life it t.bay is growing, slowly, but it is happening. we cried about it for decades and it seems like it is beginning to take shape. It is announcments like this that keep kids living here.
5/7/2010 1:05:41 AM
tbay1983 says:

you don't know what your talking about. city council has played a major role in a lot of the research jobs in Thunder Bay. Council provided the Molecular Medicine Research Centre MMRC with significant startup capital. MMRC is now the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute which has created over 50 high paying jobs so far and still growing It has also started to attract private biotech companies to tbay. without council's vision/policy to be able to support the initial project this opportunity may not have got off the ground. as for the hospital and medical school creating the research opportunities, i would hope that is the case. they are the scientists, professors, phDs, MDs etc. who have the brain power. how can city policy create research opportunities? it is city policy that has supported these opportunities and so far so good.
5/7/2010 7:43:53 AM
thook says:
the picture is of a street car, not a subway car.
5/7/2010 9:23:10 AM
panzerIV says:
Add this to the street car contract they just recently landed. The bombardier plant has good work till close to 2020. The retooling which will happen after this contract is completed will allow the facility to work on the streetcars and then other major projects. Thunder Bay has been working on contracts from across the world including korea. With the possibility of hydrail starting across the world the local bombardier plant could benefit substancially since hydrogen is supposed to become a 1 trillion dollar industry.
5/7/2010 2:02:44 PM
collie says:

ALL fine and dandy for those who work there but how many NEW jobs did all this create????
Insider news flash 25 NEW employees not call backs. SO where is the NEW JOBS????
5/10/2010 2:37:02 PM
passlake says:
so true collie.. but at least 25 people are getting their jobs back.. 25 less people wondering how to make ends meet.. new jobs will come, in time..
5/10/2010 8:00:04 PM
d669 says:
so COLLIE because you didn't get a job here that means this is not good news.

wow, i knew some people were dumb i just didn't realize how much

if this keeps 50 people working a year, two or three longer, that is 50 jobs

if it calls back 25 people to work there, that is 25 jobs

it is just like at a saw mill. if the order is coming to an end, and a company orders more word, that is more work and more employment and more income for those who work there.

that means GOOD NEWS

nah, you are right.

cancel the order
get the cars from somewhere else
we don't want them here

you maybe want to re-think your position a little?
5/11/2010 8:50:09 AM
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