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2013-12-19 at 10:07

Superior North EMS will not set up temporary base in Fort William First Nation

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Officials with Superior North EMS have confirmed they do not plan to establish a temporary ambulance base on the Fort William First Nation.

Since the James Street Swing Bridge fire cut off the primary route to the First Nation on Oct. 29, emergency services have been accessing the First Nation community via Highway 61.

That has increased response times by between five and six minutes. 

Superior North EMS Chief Norm Gale points out that less than five per cent of the calls they respond to in that community are classified as time-sensitive.

Discussions between the First Nation and EMS are ongoing and Gale says they will continue to monitor developments. 

(Thunder Bay  Television)

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sickandtired says:
You can't look at data from previous years and say that "only five per cent were time sensitive" to make decisions for the future. You could get 100 new calls that are all time sensitive, since the human condition and emergencies are very unpredictable. I think this is the biggest joke I've ever seen! Is this how this manager plans services for all of us? If he has thirty broken bones this week, he's not expecting any heart attacks next week? Oh brother ...........
12/19/2013 5:34:50 PM
ranma says:
Wow common sense has prevailed in this situation. It would be yet another waste of taxpayers dollars if they were to setup a temporary base. I am surprised the local police haven't decided to setup a base there, as the NAN police do not work 24-7.
12/19/2013 6:07:01 PM
woof!! says:
I agree with this decision. Gale has also said they only respond to 100 calls/year out there which makes only 5 calls a year time sensitive.
12/19/2013 6:09:09 PM
ruralmedic says:
A 5 minute increase is understandably concerning, but that's the reality of the entire district after 7PM.. 6:59 and the paramedics are responding in 90 seconds. 7:01 and they have 8 minutes to be mobile (its usually less). Just think of how a resident of kakabeka, marathon, Longlac or nipigon feels..
12/19/2013 9:06:39 PM
livewire says:
Ask the Federal Government to Fund a permanent one, they have lots of money to waste so throw some to the Fort William First Nation and make it a positive project
12/20/2013 9:47:25 AM
greendreamer says:
I agree with ruralmedic. That response time is only in perfect weather conditions...lets throw in some ice and snow and minus 30...response times increase even more. Wonder how many rural/district residents realize paramedics have such delayed response times?
12/20/2013 2:00:41 PM
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