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2014-05-26 at 13:50

Keeping connected

By The Canadian Press
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OTTAWA - The directive to 'please turn off your portable electronic devices' is becoming a thing of the past for Canadian air travellers.

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt says regulations are being changed to permit the use of video games, tablets, computers and cameras at any time during a flight, including during takeoff and landing.

Travellers using electronic devices will, however, still have to make sure their devices aren't transmitting a signal.

Raitt says the move is intended to strike a better balance between safety and passenger comfort.

Under the regulation exemption, airlines will also have to show that their aircraft are not affected by the devices and that passengers can still be made aware of crew instructions during emergencies.

Last year, the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority lifted its ban on the use of portable electronic devices under safe flying conditions.

Shortly afterward, all major U.S. airlines began allowing "gate-to-gate" use of devices and the European Aviation Safety Agency quickly followed suit.


The Canadian Press
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Mazda323 says:
Am I the only one who finds it sad that some people can't bear to be without their devices for even ten minutes?
5/26/2014 2:33:39 PM
a5220765 says:
How are they going to confirm whether or not the device is transmitting.
5/26/2014 4:36:43 PM
Dudebro says:
The way the rules keep changing all the time for what you can and can't do with electronic devices on planes is ridiculous.
It's been all over the board for years. One time you can, then suddenly they say you can't. Figure it out people. No ones dying and planes aren't falling out of the sky because little Johnny left his iPod turned on.
How many people "mistakingly" leave their phones fully on during landing and takeoff and planes aren't crashing and blowing up. Sheesh!
5/26/2014 5:12:31 PM
djs says:
"Raitt says the move is intended to strike a better balance between safety and passenger comfort." I was a lot more comfortable flying before they changed the rules...hopefully, people at least learn where the mute button is on their devices.
5/26/2014 6:36:00 PM
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