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2012-04-24 at 8:52AM

LETTER: Strathcona makes excellent event centre site

By Steve Safronuk

To the editor:

Our city coucil originally said they would build the new arena only if they got money from the government. Now it sounds like it is just going to happen. Or is this just another ploy to stir up issues to keep people off other issues that are more important?

But where should it be located? The Marina, Innova Park, by the airport? Lets follow the money. Who owns these areas? Are they going to come out with some big money from this deal? You better believe they will! Now we have a problem with golf courses. They
don't make money. It's as simple as that. So how about we take Strathcona Golf course and turn that area into the new arena?

Stay with me now! Think about it. There should be plenty of room for parking. There is access to the highway, Hodder Ave, Lakeshore Drive, Arundel Street, so access to it should be fairly simple. I'm thinking there is enough room for this new building and
you could have the staff riding a Zamboni instead of riding lawnmower.

For those that don't like this idea because they like golf; there are two other city locations for golf. Will those other locations start making money? I don't know? But the city isn't losing money on a third golf course. I'm under the impression this cannot be
done at Chapples Golf course because of legal issues. Just avoid the lawsuit and do it at Strathcona.

If the current golfer's can't keep the three courses going then there has to be a change. Doing it at Municipal Golf course isn't good because the taxes will probably hurt the city. That course is not in the city. So the city doesn't collect.

Now, the city doesn't have to buy more land. They use the land they own. The site is away from the city core so crime should not be as rampant as it would be if located at the Marina. One would think that using city owned property would mean the cost of this arena would be that much cheaper since they don't have to buy land. My question now is who from our elected officials is going to look into this and see if this is even possible?

Steve Safronuk,
Thunder Bay


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