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2012-05-26 at 23:14

LETTER: Bridge replacement a must

By Lorna Renrut
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To the editor:

I believe repairs to the James Street Swing Bridge to Fort William First Nation are ongoing. How old does it have to be, or when does crisis have to occur, before a brand new bridge is constructed. It's long overdue.

Lorna Renrut,
Thunder Bay

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beached says:
This one is free and there is another one down the road. It has been deemed safe by countless engineers who face unemployment and jail if they are wrong/lie. The money would be taking from something else in order to replace a safe bridge.
5/26/2012 11:51:12 PM
panzerIV says:
The bridge can still safely handle trains so the bridge is safe. The wings on which people drive on is another issue. They could probably be put to a rebuild but its not a top priority for CN. If anything happens they will pay for the lawsuit and close the wings. There is another way to get around the bridge but its a little out of the way.
5/27/2012 3:43:06 AM
wayne says:
That is up to CN rail. It's their bridge and if they deem it safe for rail traffic and close it to all other traffic, that is their decision.
5/28/2012 2:26:27 AM
satyrikon says:
Unfortunately, the reality is that CN doesn't have to fix the bridge for passenger vehicles / pedestrians. They can shut that bridge for public anytime they want. Leaving you with having to go all the way around, people use the excuse of emergency vehicles needing to get there, guess what.. they'll have to go around too. It's safe for what little train traffic CN has through Thunder Bay, its safe for cars, it's safe enough for people who look before they step on something...or smart enough not to go on it if theres a new issue on the section they're using. Building a new bridge should be the bands responsibility, along with the cities.
Pretty simple really..
-if its going to damage your vehicle on it, change you driving habits over top of it, or don't go on it... spend 5 min and go around.
-If your afraid to walk on it becuase of it's condition..don't.
Wouldn't be cost effective for CN to construct a new bridge for their use, since the main line is north at armstrong.
5/28/2012 7:48:39 AM
worker1 says:
I say Close the bridge completely, drive around.
5/29/2012 5:19:07 PM
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